My Week: Seed the Clouds

The 12 Days of Rain ended a week ago and we haven’t had anything measurable since. The weeds were getting high but the Squatter got some ambition from somewhere and mowed a couple of days ago. I have quit trying to figure out his logic. Instead of either getting up early before it gets hot or waiting until the afternoon sun has eased off a bit, he was out pushing the mower in the middle of the day. At least the weeds won’t be as apt to seed my garden now.

Last Sunday, DD and merm were on their way back from their camping trip when she called me from the ferry. Our conversation was necessarily short. She’s getting in more hours than usual and she’s getting paid for them. Hourly does have its perks over salary. We know. We’ve both been there and done that.

Four days this week, I have Debrox-ed my ears. That was suggested by my PCP when I was having ear pain. Yesterday was my last day to do it. I’d lie down on the bed on my side and put the drops in. I would watch the timer because the foam in my ear with the other ear buried in the pillow rendered me just about completely deaf. After a few minutes was up, I’d put a tissue over that ear and turn over to repeat the process on the other ear. Then, I had to go into the bathroom to rinse my ears out with the ear syringe. I should have the cleanest ears in this part of the country.

This week has been just peachy. Literally. Every day I’ve peeled and eaten and peeled and put in the fridge to make sorbet the next day. I found it freezes much more quickly if I do it that way. I made the last batch yesterday. The peaches are gone. My sister was hoping I’d find more before the season is over but my feeling about it is I’ve been there and done that, too. I do enjoy peaches but there are lots of other yummy fruits to enjoy, as well.

For several weeks (maybe months), I didn’t eat salads. I just plain didn’t want them. I’ve gotten back into eating them with the advent of homegrown tomatoes. Three days, I’ve even had cucumber. I’ve been putting homemade Italian dressing on them but the last two, I’ve dressed with lime juice. I’d forgotten just how good that can be! Next time I go to the store, I’ll have to remember to get some more limes.

Every day I made sorbet, I’d take the last bit that was too much for the containers but not enough to fill another one and go out to enjoy watching the hummingbirds while sitting in my chair on the deck. I’ve watched the little fellers (and gals) enough to find they have their own personalities. There are three that remind me of Gideon’s Army. One is very timid and will dart away if I move a hair. It’s the one that would have gone home at the first. Then another will sit on the perch and drink his (her?) fill. It would have knelt to drink deeply at the water’s edge. The third takes a sip then pops up, airborne, to see what’s going on. That happens over and over until it’s done. It would be one of the ones who lapped from their hands while looking around.

There are several other hummers but I haven’t “learned” them yet. I was concerned that the tornado a year ago last April blew them all away because there were so few left. Maybe the ones I don’t know are offspring. I do hope they’ll stick around and spread the word that there’s always food to be had here.

Church this morning was a DVD. It was a good presentation about Healthy Christians. The upshot of it was that we have too many distractions and are “weary in well-doing”. To illustrate the point, the speaker had a cell phone PLUS a Blackberry. Now, to me, that’s information overload. I guess the video was old enough that the phone couldn’t receive emails or the Blackberry wasn’t for calling. Anyway, he got the point across.

The weather has been so strange. My cousin/neighbor has been staying close to her job and where she is some 30 miles away they’ve had torrents of rain and strong winds. Nothing here. The wind had blown so much stuff into the pool, she came and got the pump from the cistern to finish draining it so she could clean it out. I’ve been watering stuff by hand with rainwater from containers but she called tonight and said she’ll bring the pump back tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Women’s Ministry will get together at a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant had contributed to God in Shoes so this will be a “thank you” for their donation. I hear they have really good freshly made guacamole so guess who is going to get some?

Rain has been predicted for several days this past week. I was just checking WeatherBug and, starting Monday night, it’s forecast for four days following that. We’ll hide and watch and see what happens. I do hope we get some rain. My poor tomatoes have blighted from the 12 days of almost continuous rain so they couldn’t get hurt any worse than they already are. I plan to save seed from the one vine that seems to be blight resistant.

When I was a lot younger than I am now, I remember planes going up to “seed” the clouds. I don’t know that I’d want that now. So much we humans have done has affected the weather patterns. Mother Nature has been messed with too much. I can’t help but wonder what is around the next corner.

4 Responses to My Week: Seed the Clouds

  1. Lila Morgan July 28, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    Hope you get your rain soon enough to save everything that’s left in the boxes – and anywhere else, for that matter.

    • Tommie July 28, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

      I hope so, too. Pray for rain! And, if you’re up to it, do a rain dance.

  2. Mary Jane July 29, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    Son Tim used to do a snow dance, but I’ll forego that one and hope and pray (no dance) for rain for all of us who need it.

    I love your hummingbird story!

    • Tommie July 29, 2012 at 10:07 am #

      Thanks and thanks!

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