My Week: Happy 17th Birthday!

Sunday, there was no visit with DD. She had flown the coop. To be more specific, she had sailed away. She, merm and merm’s parents (DD’s in-laws) left on a cruise to Alaska. For me and my house, I would prefer going to the tropics if I were to cruise but I doubt that time will ever come. If it never does, I will have lived and done well, anyway. There have been a few pictures posted on Facebook and none of them look particularly cold but there were no mangos growing on trees or coconut palms, either. And certainly no durian.

I was still recovering from the previous week and didn’t get a whole lot done. It’s too hot to do much, anyway. I really really need to put my sensor where it will get an accurate reading here at home. In the valley, it got up to 105 degrees in the mid-afternoon. That’s too hot to do much of anything except to veg out. True, I have air conditioning but I’m trying to keep my power bill under control. My in-the-sun sensor registered something like 117 and I know that isn’t right.

Monday, I started getting ready to go help celebrate my granddaughter’s 17th birthday. I fixed some food with the assumption that we would be eating her birthday meal at home. They had taken her to a concert that day and I figured there wouldn’t be a whole lot of money left after that. The plan for Tuesday (The Birthday) was for them to rest up from their long trip and late night. That wasn’t going to happen. My DIL had to work and DS1 and my granddaughter went with her.

The car loaded and everything squared away for my trip, I took left home about 2 o’clock, Tommie Time. My a/c in the car is iffy at best but it came on and kept me cool all the way to Walmart. The suggestion for a gift was an iTunes card so I did what little shopping I needed to and took off again.

Pulling out of the parking lot and onto the highway, I flipped the a/c on. Nothing happened. Oh, boy. It wasn’t as hot as it had been the day before but it was still in the high 90s. I ended up having to use my 4-55 a/c and my back was wet when I pulled up to the church where I was to pick DS1 up and take him to the house.

I had to have been dehydrated with all that persweating (as my mother-in-law would have said) but I still needed to use the facilities as soon as I got there. DS1 told me to drive since he says I leave nail marks on the dash when he’s behind the wheel. We got a couple of miles down the road when he remembered he didn’t have his keys to the house. We turned around and went back. While I was waiting for him to locate said keys, I flipped the a/c on and voilà! cool air!! Our trip to the house was in comfort.

While we waited for the others to get home, we busied ourselves playing with computers. DS1 has wanted for years to have Ubuntu as his operating system so he proceeded to install it on his netbook. After a couple of false starts, he pretty much got ‘er done. By that time, the girls were home.

It was decided we’d go out to eat so there went the food I’d prepared. That was okay. DS1 could have it for his lunch. We went to a Mexican restaurant and had a nice meal. I took some pictures of the diners.

Here’s the Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

and again with her mother showing off her pearly whites.


DS1 was right beside me and I should have switched the mode to macro but I didn’t.


And here’s his classic pose:

The Pose

I think it pleased the waiter that he got in the picture, too.

DS1 told me not to tell what he ordered so I won’t say he got two complete meals. However, he took half of his order home for his lunch the next day. I guess I ate almost as much as he did.

Back at the house, we computerized some more until bedtime. We elected not to go see the fireworks which was okay with me. I found out later one of my former schoolmates collapsed and died there. So sad.

The alarm went off ‘way before the crack of dawn. He was to be at work at 4 a.m. EDT—that’s 3 a.m. Tommie Time. My DIL took him to work and I never knew when she came back home. I was out like a light. I stayed that way until around 8 o’clock. Talk about sleeping in!

The cats and I were the only creatures stirring. I had my devotions, breakfast, showered, dressed, packed and loaded the car. I’d told my granddaughter ‘bye the night before because I knew I probably wouldn’t see her before I left.

My first stop was the university supermarket. Several weeks ago, Living Social ran a special deal that had $30 worth of groceries for $15. I snapped up three of them and enough people went through my link that I got one of them free. That was $90 worth of groceries for $30. Can’t beat that with a stick. I got to the checkout and after everything was rung up, I presented my vouchers. Uh-oh! I could use them all on one trip but they had to be totaled individually. There was a line behind me and I really felt bad when I turned and told them it could take awhile.

The cashier canceled the order and rang them up as three separate ones. She was good at it, I must say. She kept her eye on it and when it got just over $30, she’d stop and apply the voucher. Then she had to log it. That happened three different times. I had to pay $2.51 for one order, $1.08 for another, and the last was the biggie—$13.31. So…I got $106.90 in groceries and altogether they cost me $46.90.

The a/c had worked from DS1’s house there and I was praying it would work to Walmart. It did! I about froze my tuckus but I was afraid to mess with the controls.

I got what I needed there and used coupons and price match to save some $25. I’m getting good at this! There aren’t a lot of coupons for most of the things I use but there are more and more online and I’ve found I can print two to three coupons to a sheet of paper.

The a/c refused to work from Walmart home but that’s only 11 miles or so. I’d been cool the bulk of the day so I couldn’t gripe much.

Since then, I sent a private message to one of my Facebook friends who is a Honda person and pretty knowledgeable about mechanical things. I told him I’d been quoted $700 to fix my a/c and told him what it’s doing. Here’s his answer:

My master mechanic at my job said that price is crazy but I would go to another shop and get a quote cuz he said its like a 30 minute fix if they have the right tools. I dont have the tool to do it and my shop doesn’t either. So you should go to honda or get a new one at a junkyard would be your best bet.

Guess I’ll be making a phone call sometime soon.

It was hot the rest of the week. I’ve been watering the garden with the hose hooked up to the pump in the cistern and it’s keeping the plants alive but that’s about it. I’m getting enough cherry tomatoes from the volunteer plant for salads but none of my slicing tomatoes are ripening very well now. They may have gotten cooked from the super hot weather we’ve had. There was one light rain though a chance of storms has been in the forecast almost every day.

I was at the church in plenty of time this morning. Part of the credit goes to not wearing pantyhose any more.

The service was good. The pastor had the sermon and he was painfully honest about how we should be conducting ourselves and he was spot on.

After church, I stayed for a little while and ate some yummy watermelon.

Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow and setup is going to be at 6 a.m. to beat the heat. I let them know I’ll be there but not that early. I may have to play the songs for them to sing and I have no idea what they are. I hope they can manage something else. We’ll see.

Just after sundown, I went out and watered my poor plants. My container eggplant isn’t doing well at all. It’s probably root bound. Everything else is struggling. We need rain so badly. Usually, the grass doesn’t get dry and crunchy until sometime in August but it was that way last month. It’s getting scary dry. I hope the forecast is right and we get some rain next week. I have no idea how much water is in the cistern but I’m trying to conserve it as much as possible and still keep things going.

I had some brewer’s yeast/garlic tablets I bought for Twinkle but they give her diarrhea. I took them out and gave them to the Garage Guest for Pooky. He gave me some words of wisdom about the care and feeding of animals.

It’s been a pleasant Sabbath. Another one will come in at sundown on Friday. There’s lots to do between now and then but in the meantime, I think I’ll just enjoy the quiet.

4 Responses to My Week: Happy 17th Birthday!

  1. Genese July 8, 2012 at 12:00 am #

    Granddaughter has become a lovely young woman.

    Nearly 44% savings with those vouchers! WOW! that’s quite a feat around here. Seeing people on TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ amaze me. They spend 20 – 40 hours a week obtaining, clipping and sorting coupons. Then they shop and come away with 90-100% savings. Some even have cash back. I can’t imagine doing anything like that.

    I miss VBS. Hope you have a great time this week.

    • Tommie July 8, 2012 at 7:44 am #

      That picture isn’t the best I’ve seen. I’ll have to post a really good one sometime that will do her justice.

      I’ve been getting coupons for Earthbound organics but they’re hard to find around here. I think some people print off one of whatever they find online but some sites allow two to three printings before it says the printing limits have been reached. I have other things to do rather than make couponing my life. There’s a class in the works that I want to go to, though.

      There are people already at the fairgrounds setting up for this evening. I’m not that ambitious! I hope to see some of “your” kids there!

  2. Lila July 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    Was the long trip you referred to the trip to the concert? Wondering if it might have been in Atlanta, maybe.

    • Tommie July 8, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

      I’m not sure where it was.

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