My Week: No More Pantyhose

Yes, I’m a day late getting this posted but there’s good reason. I’ve been busier than usual this week and was pretty tired by yesterday afternoon. I lay down for one of my neighbor/cousin’s “power naps” and slept for two hours. I did get up once to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t wake up enough to get up so I went back to bed. When I did get up, I was so groggy there was no way I could blog. I turned in for the night and got up after 6 this morning. So now I begin with an update of the last week…

With temperatures starting out in the mid-90s and climbing ever higher, putting on pantyhose for church was not one of my favorite things. By the time I struggled into them, I was beginning to sweat. Sabbath afternoon (June 23), I posted on Facebook, “WHO invented pantyhose?” One of my friends answered, “A man!” I could believe that. I said I’d go without except my feet stick to the organ pedals—I have never mastered the art of playing them with shoes. The same friend suggested tights or leggings (aren’t leggings footless?) and merm agreed that tights were comfortable and kept her warm. Well, I didn’t need to be kept warm. The weather was doing a good job of that.

Then my niece (DH’s brother’s daughter) chimed in that thigh-highs were an option. I looked on Amazon that night but I didn’t want to go to church in fishnet stockings. Then one of my other friends said I could get them at Walmart. Aha! I was planning to go on Monday so I put them on my list.

Sunday, DD and I had our weekly visit. She’s still working hard but was looking forward to taking a week off starting tomorrow.

Monday, I took my trusty list and went shopping. The thigh-highs were right where they were supposed to be and the price was right—$5 something plus tax for three pairs. I got the rest of the things I needed and came home.

Tuesday, I spent getting done what I could because I was “going forth” (as Mother would have said) the rest of the week.

Wednesday, I showed up about 10 a.m. to help out with getting things ready for God in Shoes. I stickered things and cut pieces of poster board for a height chart (which ended up not being used) and generally did whatever I was told. About noon, I did something I hadn’t done for two years. The others were going out to eat and I joined them. When one of the ladies found out it had been that long she jokingly asked, “Are you SCARED?” I told her I was quaking in my boots. Following our meal, we went back to the building and decided that was about all that could be done that day so we went home.

I’d been seeing on Facebook that a heatwave was headed this way. The plants in my garden had been drooping during the day but they’d perk up as soon as the sun would get over far enough not to hit them. We’ve been so long without rain that I was beginning to get concerned. I’d asked my neighbor/cousin if the pump in the cistern still worked and she promised she’d check it out. She got it going that afternoon and I started watering the garden every afternoon late except one.

Wednesday evening, my hands were aching and I remembered I’d had a flour tortilla at lunch. It could be the cutting could have contributed to the pain, too.

Thursday, I was back in town to help out. I did what I could at the fairgrounds and then went over to the church to help with the food. I hauled some of the food back over to the building and then left for the day. I wasn’t inclined to eat out two days in a row.

The heatwave hit that day and we knew we were in for it on Friday. The building had been cool on Wednesday but it was 80 in there the next day. By late Thursday, the a/c had pooped out. The husband of one of the organizers went to see the mayor. He contacted someone to go see about it and it was fixed and cooling that night. Praise the Lord!

I was back at the fairgrounds before 9 on Friday and stayed until almost 4. The experience will be a different post so I won’t go into it.

We were to have a guest group at church so a fellowship meal was planned. I had in mind what I was going to fix but I was literally wrung out. I just blended up a double batch of Matt’s Dip and cut up veggies to go with it.

Sabbath morning, I put on my thigh-highs. I had to roll them down twice to keep them from coming up to my neck. I figured there would be some getting-used-to-them but they were quite comfortable. My bathroom breaks weren’t the aggravation they had been before. All in all, the thigh-highs are the answer. Next time (which will be months if not years down the road), I’ll get size A instead of size B.

Church was very good. Lunch was abundant and I had some of the best watermelon I’ve eaten this year. There was a meeting in the afternoon that was excellent but that’s for another post, too.

As I said before, my evening was shot by my “nap”. Today has been a do-less day. It’s been up to 85 in the house (106 in the valley) so I haven’t tried to do a whole lot. A different niece on Facebook said I need a/c. I have it but I’m trying not to use it more than I have to. The ceiling fan keeps me quite comfortable.

I’ve watered the garden and refreshed myself with some water kefir. It’s almost time for bed so good night!

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  1. marci July 2, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    I just came across your website through a blog comment you made on a mutual blog…I just began my RAW journey last week, and am transitioning into it slowly, as I would have to throw a lot of food away if I went 100% immediately. I feel the difference, and am looking for support and resources to help me on this journey. Thank you for sharing via the net!

    • Tommie July 2, 2012 at 10:39 am #

      You can join the forum, Marci. There’s lots of both (support and resources).

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