My Week: Developments

Every morning starts out just about the same. After I have my glass of water, I settle in at the computer to generally catch up and have my morning devotions. I’m currently reading Patriarchs and Prophets most days and follow that with a couple of chapters in the Old Testament and a portion of a chapter in the New. I use one of the plans on BibleGateway. Then I study my Sabbath School lesson and follow that with the devotional from the Upper Room. After all that, I read the devotional for the day from the book my sister sends me each Christmas.

What all this is leading up to is what I find most of the time on the Upper Room. There’s space for comments on their recently revamped site and one of the readers posts a daily prayer. He has mastered the art of talking to God as to a friend. One morning, his prayer struck a chord with me. I posted on the next day that I had copied it and would use it here unless he objected. He never acknowledged my post so I took that as an okay to go ahead. Here’s his prayer:

adam of Dublin, OH
Good Morning UR family. The sun and the humidity are up but as the author and the family here readily admit there is already someone or something thing honking at us and the day has just begun. So I kneel and pray Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Your name…. grant me the ability to take the next breath followed by the next step. Let that be my offering of praise. Some mornings I am so burdened by what I think will happen that it is overwhelming but I pause and breathe You in, holding You there for that precious moment before I exhale and it escapes me. So I do it again and again You are there. Providing life and love to my body and soul. My mind begins to clear and my strength begins to rise. I reach for You and You reach back and my soul takes flight. Often unsteady and unsure but I just repeat the process over and over until eventually I get it right for that moment when I truly sense I am up. Maybe not soaring but at least not crashing. Thank You for all the love and tenderness You provide in a world that is often cold and unrelenting. Light and life where there is darkness. A father to the fatherless. A friend to me. Oh how I love You and need You. I know that You love me too. Blessings and prayers to all who visit here. Know he is near and wanting to be closer.

People have encouraged him to put his prayers in a book but I have a feeling he wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. I don’t know and I don’t know him but that’s my opinion. At any rate, I always look for his prayer for the day. Sometimes I get to the site before he does but often, he’s been there and posted his comments to God. I read them as my own prayer. Thank you, adam of Dublin, OH.

DD and I had our Sunday visit. She was hoping merm would build the other grow box for a total of three. DD is pretty handy with doing things like that. I don’t know why she didn’t go ahead and do it herself.

Mid-afternoon, I went to a going away bon voyage or whatever party for my friends who are moving to Hawaii. The crowd and the food were both plentiful.

Genese got some unsettling news on Monday. The therapist who had evaluated her called and said the treatment plan wouldn’t work in her case. I’m praying an alternate treatment will be found.

My garden is growing well. We are in need of rain. The last measurable rainfall was a week ago last Thursday and it was a gully washer. I picked my first tomato yesterday (the heavy rain had split it) and had it on my salad. It’s an heirloom variety, Black Prince, and is wonderfully juicy with a good flavor. I may save some of the seeds. It kind of reminds me of one of the heirloom tomatoes DD got at the Union Square Farmers Market in NYC. Mr. Stripey is blooming!! I haven’t seen any little maters yet but my sister assures me there will be some soon.

Cracked Black Prince

Sliced Black Prince


There was a specially called nominating committee meeting on Tuesday evening. It was supposed to be short. It wasn’t. There was one good thing that came from my trip down the mountain. One of my friends gifted me with some cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from her greenhouse. Good as they are, there’s nothing like a tomato picked out of my own garden.

Wednesday, I asked my neighbor to check my tires because it felt like the right rear was low. It was but she couldn’t find the nozzle to the air compressor that would fit without having to take the wheel cover off. That would have involved more than either of us wanted her to get into. I was going to town, anyway, so I stopped by Bradley Tire and the nice man checked all my tires, aired up the ones that needed it and told me I have good tread on the rear tires. The front ones are almost new. When I left there, I went grocery shopping and got provisions to do me until next time.

Thursday evening was the church business meeting. Two hours had been allotted for it. It only went over by almost 45 minutes.

I’ve been having sharp pain in my left ear and occasionally in my right for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I made myself get in touch with my doctor. He asked the usual questions—could it be a sinus infection? Was my nose stuffy? etc., etc. I told him I didn’t have a stuffy nose. Neither was it runny. He mentioned Zyrtec (which I wouldn’t take anyway). When I told him I hadn’t had my ears irrigated since I was quite young, he advised me to get Debrox. Guess I’ll do that this week. Yesterday afternoon, my ears quit hurting and my nose started running so there must’ve been a blockage somewhere.

Today was Communion. I took part with my friend who is almost family. I’ve known her most of my life and she taught DD in grammar school. It was bittersweet. Next Sabbath will be the last time I see her before she and her husband move to Hawaii. It was their party I went to on Sunday.

The Garage Guest has repeated the pattern once again. He got the same job at the same place, worked long enough to get paid one time and didn’t go back. He’s in the process of trading for a bigger truck that is terribly ugly but he claims it gets better mileage. Pooky still barks at me when her master is around—I think she is under the impression she’s protecting him. Otherwise, she’s quiet.

It’s been in the mid 90s several days this week. While I talk about trying to keep cool, merm is talking about wearing tights to stay warm. No wonder tomatoes don’t do well there!

Well, that was my week. How was yours?

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