My Week: On the Road

But not as often as I was supposed to be. Sunday, I’d had my visit with DD and, since I’d gotten all the materials for my SIPs (Sub-Irrigated Planter), I hove to and made them with my neighbor/cousin’s help. I had to get her to drill holes for me. I’d had quite a productive day and was in the middle of eating my last meal when the phone rang. “Aren’t you coming to the nominating committee meeting?” I just about dropped my fork. I’d completely forgotten about it. I said I was in the middle of eating—could they call an alternate? So that’s what happened. Because of my forgetfulness, another unfortunate was being ripped from her comfortable home to fill in for me.

My sister had asked me, the telephone hater, to call our brother-in-law and see how he was doing. My children are the exception when it comes to my ambivalence toward Alexander Graham Bell. I don’t call people to just talk. There has to be a burning reason for me to pick up the phone and call someone. I’d put it off long enough so I picked up the phone and called. One of the caregivers answered. I identified myself and so did she. She has the same name that my sister did. I asked to speak to my BIL. She got the phone to him and we sort of talked. He’s a retired physician and, as such, he’s totally non-compliant when it comes to taking care of himself. I asked, “If you were your patient, what would you tell you?” In a rather weak voice, he said, “You need to eat.” I called the caregiver by name and asked him if she were a good cook. He replied, “She was until she died.” I told him I enjoy the clock he made me and he figured he needed to start woodworking again. In his condition? I certainly hope not but I didn’t say what I thought.

Periodically, my neighbor/cousin has asked me for advice about her construction partner’s brother. I can’t answer all of her questions but I do know something about insurance since I made my living for a good part of my life battling with it. Maybe I was schooled that way for such a time as this.

There was some excitement that I’d love to be able to tell about but I can’t give it away quite yet. I thought I’d be able to but one of the principles wasn’t at church and I hate for her to find out about it this way. So…everyone will have to wait until NEXT week.

I’ve been back and forth with Walmart about Champagne mangos and I thought I’d made some headway getting them but it was not to be. I’m certain one of the people in the office told me that they were in the warehouse and all they needed was the UPC number to order them. Someone else said they WEREN’T in the warehouse. It all boils down to, they can’t get them.

Tuesday afternoon, I got the bright idea of calling the produce place in town and the manager said he’d see if he could get the mangos. I stressed that they are CHAMPAGNE mangos and the company is Ciruli Brothers. I even gave him the web site address— He’d find out and let me know.

I’d reserved a flat of strawberries and promised I’d be there before 4 (3 TT) to pick them up. While I was there, the manager told me again he’d check on Champagne mangos. He had my phone number and he’d call me when he found out.

That evening, he called. I could tell by the sound of his voice that he had good news for me. He could get the mangos!! Woohoo!!! Life was good. They’d be in either Friday or Monday.

Friday came and he called. They were there. I could pick them up at my convenience. I had a boatload of stuff to do but I jumped in the shower, got ready and set out.

My trips to town are meant to get the most out of my gas expenditure. I went to Wally World first and then to the produce place. As soon as I walked in, he headed to the back to get them. When he walked out, beaming, I just shook my head. They were Ataulfo to be sure but not Champagne. I agreed to take them at a lower price but I feel like I was ripped off because they came to $1.25 each and when I’ve gotten them at Walmart before, they’ve never been more than 88 cents each. My neighbor/cousin got them for me in Florida for 79 cents. My contact at on the Champagne mango facebook page is still trying to help me get them into Walmart.

Back home, I sped around and got done what I could and went to bed at a reasonable hour with my clock set for 5:31.

This morning, I prayed my hair would be reasonable so I could get to church on time. I got there at 9:05 and song service is scheduled for 9:15.

When I walked up to the organ, here’s what I saw:

To me from my church family

This one is the long view showing where I spend most of my Sabbath morning. The little box to the right of the music rack is the notorious signal light.

Long view

I found out two of the ladies in the church were instrumental in getting the plant/flowers for me and I do so appreciate it. The flowers will die eventually but the plants should last if I can find my green thumb.

My adopted sister who is moving to Hawaii came up and sat on the organ bench with me while I played the postlude. She and my sister who lived in the Great Northwest were good friends in college. She expressed her sympathy and admired my arrangement.

The friend who went with me to see Genese challenged me to a Wordscraper game. At present, we are playing two but it’s slow going. I’m currently pretty much slaughtering her. She wanted the program I use to find words but it was no longer online. Everywhere I searched, the link was broken. Finally, I contacted the author. He was pleasantly surprised anyone still used it so he put it back up. People who play online word games should check it out. MrWordy is a free download and you can get it here. It works best with the UK word list on Wordscraper. I don’t know if any of the other word games have that option.

After church, the nominating committee members got together and it was decided we would meet tomorrow morning instead of the afternoon. I’ll have to get up before daylight AGAIN so I’d better hang this up and get ready for bed.

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  1. Lila May 5, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    I’m wondering who the adopted sister is – would her name be familiar to me? I presume the flowers were in honor of Anna, and from the church? (That’s a question; the question mark is not a mistake.) Such a thoughtful gesture!

    • Tommie May 5, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

      Yes, her name would be familiar to you and the flowers were in honor of Anna. If you put your pointer over the first picture, it says, “To me from my church family.”

  2. Mary Jane May 6, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    A beautful arrangement! The plant should last for many years.

    • Tommie May 6, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

      I don’t have any good places to put plants in my house that Twinkle can’t get to. I can only hope.

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