My Week: A Little Here, A Little There

Sunday started off as Sundays usually do. Shortly after I got out of bed, I washed my hands thoroughly and prepared for my weekly B-12 shot. It isn’t something I enjoy doing but, if I don’t steel myself and take care of it, the result isn’t one I want to live with. It isn’t painful. It’s just not my favorite thing to do. As I told my former PCP, I wouldn’t make a good junkie.

After I did all the essential things, DD called. I figured I had time for a short conversation and still grab a bite to eat before I had to shower and leave for the nominating committee meeting. DD was deep in the throes of packing to move. Better her than me.

I hadn’t calculated the time very well because after we hung up, I didn’t have time for food. My banana supply was gone or I could have taken a couple with me. I figured I’d live.

The meeting that was supposed to last “maybe an hour” stretched to almost two. I’d thought I might run by to see Genese but I still had to stop by the supermarket and get a few things I needed and then I was going to come home and EAT even if it was rather late.

Once I was safely inside, I left off putting things away until I could scarf down some food. I had a lovely juicy grapefruit straight from Florida and that held me over until I could fix the last two mangos.

The Last Two Mangos

I finished eating about 7 p.m. Rejuvenated, I put the groceries away.

The weather has turned even cooler. I’ve had to turn the heat back on several days. One morning, it was down to 32. Guess I got spoiled by the solar heat we’d been experiencing. The sun still shone, though, and I was able to get out in it bundled up like an Eskimo. I haven’t been visited lately by the Garage Guest. He’s been ordered to leave me alone.

Tuesday night, I did another Story of My Life post. It was about the cruise DD and I went on. It won’t be long now!

Thursday came and I got a phone call. Well, actually, I got two. The first one was from one of my friends asking me to guess where she was. That was easy. The last time I’d talked to her, I asked her when she would be going to Costco and told her about Champagne mangos. I said, “You are at Costco and they have Champagne mangos.” I was right on both counts. I ended up having her get me two six packs plus a box of who-knows-what-kind of mangos. I’ve found that Haden aka Tommy Atkins share the same PLU number with Kent. Anyway, they should be good coming from Costco. Avocados and a pineapple completed my telephone shopping. Then, when she got home, she discovered her husband had put back one of my six packs of Champagne because he thought the box of mangos replaced them. Oh, well. I’ll get more later.

Then my cousin/neighbor called me to let me know what was going on. GG had quit his job. Again. He was working for a temp agency and had misunderstood how he was to get paid. He swore they lied to him but I figure he heard an amount and that stuck in his head as his wage. Anyway, he came home, got Pooky and left again. He was gone until sometime last night because his truck was back this morning. The garage door was closed. I had no reason to go out there so, as far as I was concerned, he was undisturbed. What will happen on that front is anyone’s guess.

The construction partner’s brother had to go to a rehab facility to get strong enough to walk again and he wasn’t at all happy. She was on her way to go see what could be done to calm him down. I still don’t know if he had his 84th birthday party.

Yesterday, I prepared food for today and tomorrow. I’d put garbanzos to soak Thursday night and I started them cooking in the morning. I made tahini (I’d made it once before but I’d used it all) and then turned part of the garbanzos into hummus. One container of it went with me today for the fellowship meal and the other will go tomorrow to a last get-together before my dear friend I’ve known since I was 14 moves to Hawaii.

My friend’s daughter, her husband and their baby were at church today. That little boy is just too cute! He had on little brown overalls and looked like an animated doll.

After the fellowship meal, the Women’s Ministry group met to discuss the God In Shoes program that we’ll be having in June. It will be quite a project but it has the potential of doing a lot of good. It’s nice that I can participate in such things. Before, I would have had to work or try to get off. Now, I have a lot more flexibility.

There was a little hummus and some chips left so I took them over to Genese. We visited for most of two hours and could have talked longer. Get the two of us together and we don’t have any lapses in the conversation.

Seems I’m always hungry after a fellowship meal so I ate when I got home. Not good. I’ll probably gain a lub from my gorging.

DietBet has been campaigning for me to participate again and I probably should. They have a public challenge starting every Tuesday.

My granddaughter (DS1’s daughter) had some disturbing news. One of her friends from her high school drowned this afternoon. She said everyone is taking it very hard. That’s understandable. One of my classmates was killed in a motorcycle accident during the school year so I can relate. She asked me to pray for everyone concerned—especially his family. She said she knew I didn’t know him but it would help. I told her I didn’t have to know him, that she knew him and God knew him.

I’m starting to yawn. I got up a little after 5:30 Tommie Time (Genese likes that) this morning and will have to do the same tomorrow. Guess I should think about hitting the hay.

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  1. Genese April 15, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    Was it really 2 hours??? WOW!

    • Tommie April 16, 2012 at 9:03 am #

      Not quite but almost! Time flies!!

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