My Week: Not Quite Winter Again

I’ve been able to get out in the sun just about every day this week. Most of the days have had T-shirt and shorts weather up until yesterday but, after the rain of the night before, the temperatures took a downward turn. They didn’t exactly plunge but I was back in my sweats yesterday and the time I’ve been home today. This morning, I emailed my sister that the temp in the kitchen was 60. She emailed back, “Turn some heat on, girl!” I had the Dr. Heater on but it needed help so I broke down and switched the thermostat from “cool” to “heat”. I told her I pushed it up to 68. She said, “Hope you didn’t faint from the heat!” I’ve been putting the heating pad merm gave me for Christmas to good use, too.

Sunday, I did the usual Sunday things which means not much. DD and I had our weekly conversation and the upshot was she is dreading the move. Well, maybe not dreading it but certainly not anticipating it with great joy. They’ve managed to sell some of their furniture and that was a relief. She’d posted it on Craigslist and it went pretty quickly. Pixel had signed the arms of the couch and love seat—probably the chair, too. The closeup pictures showed the long scratches but the buyer still wanted it. Maybe he/she has a cat, too, and would just as soon have pre-damaged furniture. It is nice, though, and the buyer got it for a fraction of the price DD and merm paid for it.

The car stayed parked all week long. I didn’t go anywhere. I’d gotten everything I needed when I went to town a week ago last Thursday. If I don’t need to go, I don’t go. With gas prices ‘way up there, I’m not encouraged to support the oil companies. My neighbor stretched my orange supply by giving me more of the luscious fruit.

I’d been leaving my neighbor alone because I knew she was exhausted when she got back from Florida. I figured she would get in touch with me if she wanted to visit. There was a private message on Facebook yesterday morning so I went over. We talked for close to an hour, I guess. It was nice to get caught up. Her construction partner’s older brother has been hospitalized and had surgery. Today is his 84th birthday and they’d planned a big celebration. I don’t know if they went ahead with what they could at the hospital or if they’ll wait until he gets out.

Then she gave me the news about their Garage Guest. After he quit his job, he was called back for another position. He was to go in for five days of training but he caught on so quickly, he only had to train for two. He’s back on nights now so I’ll try not to disturb him too much, even though he was told I could go in any time I wanted. His weekly chore here is to keep both lawns mowed. He wanted to know if he’d get paid. Well! He occupies their garage (his own choice), eats their food and uses their electricity. If anyone pays, I think it should be him.

Poor Twinkle kept meowing at me yesterday. I knew she had enough food but I went to check, anyway. That’s when I discovered her water bowl was empty. It was not only empty, it was dry as dust. Bless her heart! She was probably a bit dehydrated. When I put the bowl down, she cautiously sniffed it (there’s enough chlorine in the tap water here to burn the hairs out of my nose) and then got down to doing some serious drinking. I’ll have to do better in the future.

This morning was Communion and it was nicely done. I took part with a friend who is also one of the deaconesses.

I had a surprise when I got home. I wasn’t paying attention when I climbed the steps up to the deck. There was a box in front of the door and, at first glance, I thought it said “Vitacost”. Well, I knew I hadn’t ordered anything. I took a good look and it said “VitaMix”! According to the FedEx site, it was supposed to be here Monday!! Two days early! I haven’t used it yet but I plugged it up and listened to the working motor. They replaced the blade assembly on my container, too. WOOHOO! Now that I could have a green smoothie, I’m out of romaine!

Tomorrow is the first nominating committee meeting. I doubt it will last long because we can’t start nominating people yet. It’s sort of a preliminary to the real thing. Lists were passed out today for people to indicate what they would be willing to do so I’m sure we’ll go over the ones that were completed.

The Pig will be open its regular hours so I’ll get some things I need—like a “C” cell battery for my clock. Also some greens so I can green smoothie-ize. I need to look up the specials for this week, too.

I’ve been corresponding with one of my Facebook friends tonight. She’s been catching me up on the goings on at the hospital. A total of four people no longer work at the hospital/nursing home. Over the whole system, 22% of the management positions were eliminated and 3.5% at the staffing level. Some were voluntary separations, some were probationary separations and some were “involuntary”. I’d take that last one to mean people were fired. Terminated. Let go. I feel like I dodged a bullet. God certainly worked things out for me to leave when I did. Of that I’m certain.

Well, that’s been my week. I’m glad I spent it at home and not wondering when the other shoe was going to drop.

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