My Week: Still Recovering

When I shot myself in the leg, I had every hope that my malaise would be miraculously cured. To be sure, I felt better that afternoon and most of Monday but then I started on the downhill slide. And I, like Twinkle, started shedding. Seems every time I touched my hair, one or two strands drifted to the floor. Thankfully, none went in my food. That’s gone on all week. This morning when I took my shower, I had several in my hand after I’d done my towel drying. Tomorrow, I’m gonna shoot myself for sure.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sunday afternoon, I had my visit with DD. Her big news is that she is moving to another job within the company. She has been extremely busy in her current role and was anticipating even more hours when her co-worker goes on maternity leave but it looks like she’ll get a reprieve. The new position will allow for more creativity, too. I’m excited for her.

Their big moving day will be April 15. That’s also the day of the get-together to tell one of my dear friends goodbye before she and her husband move to Hawaii. I’ve known her since I was 14 and I (along with many other people) will miss her terribly. That’s life, though. It’s a series of changes. The only predictable thing about it is that it’s unpredictable.

One of the ladies from church called and asked me to be on the nominating committee. I couldn’t think of a good reason not to say yes so I said I would. I guess a flat “no” would have worked but somebody has to do it. It’s a thankless job and I dread it but I’ll put on my big girl panties and forge ahead. I told my sister I could grin and bare it and they’d throw me out. I don’t think I want to give anyone a big thrill—er, heart attack.

Tuesday was a really down day. I was literally dragging. I didn’t even try to do much. I did do my “story of my life” post.

By Wednesday, I was beginning to get a little energy back. I chucked some things into the VitaMix container, put the lid on and flipped the switch. The blades barely moved. It went, “UH” and stopped. I turned it off and went to check the breaker box. Nothing had tripped. I tried the Cuisinart that was plugged into the same set of outlets. Nothing. Oh, dear. A bad outlet. To make sure, I took the VitaMix and plugged it in somewhere else. Nothing. Then I tried the Cuisinart in another outlet. Nothing. Give me a break!! Two appliances died at the same time??

I went to the bathroom and got my hair dryer, plugged it into the original outlet and it worked. So…I had a dead VitaMix and a dead Cuisinart.

My experience with VitaMix has been very good so I went online and got the information I needed to call them. The rep came on the line after a recording or two. When she asked me how she could help I told her I was heartbroken—that my VitaMix had died. No problem. She got my information, looked up my account and said she would put a FedEx return label with instructions in the mail that day. I am to pack the base and container (no lid or tamper) securely in a sturdy box and send them back. It will be repaired within two days and returned to me. That took care of the VitaMix.

I went online and found that the model Cuisinart I have has gone up $20 since I bought it. eBay had two bases that would be much more affordable but one couldn’t be returned and the other had a 14 day return policy. Then—I realized I hadn’t had the top all the way on when I tried it. I put it all together, plugged it in and flipped the switch. It worked! Well, hallelujah for that!!

My neighbor had been calling now and then while she was gone and I’d asked her to keep her eyes open for some Champagne mangos. She’d said she was going to bring home some tomatoes, too. I’d been trying to get Champagne mangos at my local Wally World but have had no luck. One of the people I talked to explained there is a “tier” system for ordering and only those things the Powers That Be deem will sell are available to them. Well, that’s a kick in the teeth! Anyway, it was my neighbor to the rescue. She brought me 11 mangos.

Champagne Mangos

I took one by to Genese today after church. They need a few more days so we both have something to look forward to.

It surely was nice to see my cousin/neighbor back safe and sound. She’d been gone twice as long as she’d planned. Besides the mangos, I got five nice vine-ripened tomatoes, a half dozen oranges and four big grapefruit. The oranges are history. Three made a 16 ozzie glass full to the brim two days in a row.

Thursday, I went to town and stopped by the cemetery on the way. I’ve been visiting Mother’s grave every now and then and forget to report. This time, I took some pictures of it for proof.

I carry my little “point and shoot” camera in my purse. It gives a good idea of the need for mowing. I don’t know who it is that takes care of that but it hasn’t been done for some time, obviously. The whole place is shaggy except for a few plots that have been mowed by the deceaseds’ families. (Is deceaseds a word?) I hope Mother’s arrangement doesn’t get destroyed when the mowers take over.

Mother's Grave

Had I not been out of bananas, I would have put off my town trip but I was past being out. I’d been out for two whole days. As a matter of course, I asked about Champagne mangos and got the answer I expected. Nope. Well, I have some for a few days. Maybe by the time I run low, I’ll find some somewhere.

Friday, I got some things done I’d been putting off. The FedEx label from VM was in the mailbox as promised.

This morning, I got up when the clock said 5:22, TT (that’s Tommie Time). I was at the church a few minutes early. I could even wear dress shoes today.

The bulletin had “TBA” in the slots for the opening & closing hymns and the sermon. I’m SO GLAD I don’t do the bulletin any more. It used to bug the livin’ daylights out of me when I couldn’t get the info. The pianist and I got the hymn numbers on the fly and the service proceeded.

After it was over, the four of five committee members met to decide when to have the first meeting. After some discussion, the consensus of opinion was that a week from tomorrow would be good.

As I said before, I took Genese her treat after church. On my way out of the nursing home, I stopped to talk to one of the staff. He told me one of the nurses at the hospital had “been let go” as had a dietary person. More and more, I feel I got out of there just in time. Praise the Lord.

My strawberry plants have been blooming for several days. Late last summer, I was occupied with work and didn’t get the plants that grew on the runners reset so they are growing everywhere. I don’t have many but what I do have are covered with blooms. I took this picture at almost dark and it was the best of several.

Strawberry Blossoms

Tomorrow I have my work cut out for me. I’ve played with packing the VitaMix but I’ll really have to get it done. When I called FedEx, the woman told me to package it securely and set it outside before 8 a.m. (7 a.m. TT) Monday. I’ll be glad when it can be on its way. The sooner it is, the sooner I get it back.

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