My Week: Running To and Fro

Maybe this week will be will be quieter but who is to say? I thought the last one would be but here I am, doing the Saturday night update on Sunday.

DD and I had our weekly call both last week and this. She and merm are getting ready to sign a lease on a place closer to merm’s work. DD is starting to go through stuff and pack. Better them than me. I need to go through stuff but pack to move? Only if the Lord told me to.

There were several days last week when I could get out in the sun. The temperatures were warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket and I pushed my sleeves up more than once. One day, the Garage Guest came out to talk to me. Well, it’s more like talk at me because he’s One of Those. Anyway, he started regaling me with his theory of the earth, its weather and various and sundry other things. He said the earth’s weather goes in cycles. The earth will warm up until all the ice melts and a flood destroys everything. I ventured, “Like Noah and the flood?” He scoffed at that and declared that was a myth—there was no way an ark could hold all those animals. I told him that with God it would be possible. No, no. He had it all figured out. There was some kind of vessel but all the animals on it were embryos. And there is a Creator or Creators who made this earth as an experiment and when things get bad enough, They’ll do away with it. Didn’t matter what I said. The Creator(s) aren’t kindly inclined toward us. They are just interested in seeing what will happen. I pray that someday, somehow, he will find that there is a loving caring God in heaven. All this time, Pooky sat on the deck beside me and looked bemused.

On Monday, I’d called my prescription in to the pharmacy in Wally World. As usual, the recording told me that it would have to be approved by the doctor. Okay. I planned to go in to pick it up on Wednesday which would give the exchange plenty of time. Wednesday came and I sallied forth. On the way, I stopped by Mother’s grave and the newest arrangement is still intact. And now the mowing begins.

Then at Walmart, I checked with the pharmacy, there was nothing waiting for me. They’d faxed a notice to the doctor on Monday but there was nothing in return. Well, that was a fine how do you do! I dug my cell phone out of my purse and called the clinic. They denied getting a fax. My doctor wasn’t in so his partner would have to sign off on a new prescription. There was no telling how long that would take. I checked back three times before I gave up and left.

Two hours after I got home, I had a voice mail from the clinic. The prescription had been called in. Great.

Thursday morning, I had a private message from DH’s sister on Facebook. Their oldest brother had died earlier that day. I got busy and let the family on my side know, then DS1 called and said the deceased’s son had called him and asked him to call me. By that time, I knew what the arrangements were—the memorial would be at my BIL’s home church Sabbath afternoon at 3.

DS1 said if I would come to his place, we could ride together in my car. I called the pianist and let her know what was going on. Her parents used to care for my mother-in-law so they’d gotten to know my BIL well. I told her I wouldn’t be at church, that I’d be going to the memorial and I couldn’t do both. She sounded resigned, not happy. I hated to leave her in the lurch but sometimes things can’t be helped.

Friday, I did laundry and got most of my things packed. I knew if we were going to take my car, I’d need to top off the tank. I picked up my prescription and found that it wasn’t for 90 days. Only 30. That costs more. Nothing I can do about it. Filled the tank. Came home. Sabbath morning, I put everything in the car and was on my way.

After I arrived, DS1 took a shower and got dressed. I asked him please to drive so it didn’t scare the waddin’ out of me and he told me I could drive—that my DIL would prefer that, anyway. Okay! I’d take him up on it.

Well, I got to thinking. You know how that is…I hate driving on that stretch of Interstate. It goes through a ridge cut and traffic can be hairy. Then there was the narrow, winding road up the mountain that makes the one down my mountain to church look like a superhighway. When we got out of the house, I handed him the keys.

I must say I didn’t develop the muscles in my braking foot and right arm that holds on to the gosh-a-mighty as much as I did the last time. It helped that the tires on the front were replaced (one of them twice), too. He said it handled like a different car.

Going up said mountain, we got stuck (along with a multitude of other cars) behind an 18 wheeler. Its top speed was 5 mph. I kept looking at the clock, which is set by my time and just knew we were going to be late. The driver finally found a place to pull over and let all of us by. I breathed a sigh of relief.

We pulled up to the church in plenty of time. I wanted to be able to visit a little and I did. The only family member not there yet was DH’s sister. The service was delayed so she wouldn’t miss it. When she, her son and his family arrived, DS1 got up and let her sit beside me.

It was a nice service. The church organist sang and accompanied himself on the piano. My nephew gave a comprehensive eulogy and offered to let anyone speak who wanted to. Two people took him up on it. Then a former pastor took over and had the homily. After that, my nephew played the guitar while his wife, daughter, son and his girlfriend, and another nephew’s daughter sang “I’ll Fly Away”. I hope they put that on youtube because it was really good.

We went into the fellowship hall where we signed the book, visited some more and DS1 ate a cookie. Then we left. I’m glad we went. The widow seemed to be coping well but when the busyness is over, it will be different.

Going back to the house was a more relaxed trip.

We told my DIL about the service, ate supper and ended the evening by watching “A Bear Named Winnie“. I’d like to see it again when I could hear all the dialogue.

Something that irked me while I was there—I was downloading and the speeds got up over 600kB/s. I’m lucky here if I get 165. They’re with a rural telephone cooperative and I have AT&T. What I have is the fastest available to me. Now that isn’t right!

This morning, DS1 was up well before daylight. He had to be at work at 5. My DIL took him and went back to bed when she got home. I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until the sun was streaming in the windows.

Wanting to get some sun, I took my OJ out on the deck and sat down. Glancing around, I saw a strange truck parked in the driveway and three men milling about. One of them looked a lot like DS1 but had the beginnings of a beard and dark hair. Then I recognized one of DS1’s friends. He came over to let me know what was going on. He also asked if my DIL were home. They were there to cut down a tree that was threatening the house and he didn’t want her in the bedroom if it happened to fall the wrong way.

I knocked on the bedroom door and woke her up, explaining what was happening. She got up and came outside. We watched the proceedings and it was better than TV. They all obviously knew what they were doing. She took water to them several times.

After they left, we got back to our usual routines. I got everything packed up and loaded—and I didn’t forget my Cooler Master this time.

There were the usual stops and it was on home.

I had to get something out of the freezer and the GG was getting ready to go to work. He started a lecture on the economy and how much (or little) the dollar is worth AND where all this would lead. Mercifully, neither one of us had time for it to continue long.

I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed. Until next week…

2 Responses to My Week: Running To and Fro

  1. Mary Jane March 19, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Maybe GG is just lonely and needs to talk to somebody! And maybe he is lonely because he talks.

    The road you went on sounds like what I would call a nervous road. Glad DS1 didn’t scare you with his driving this time. Too bad those musicians couldn’t have been at Uncle Max’s memorial to do “I’ll Fly Away.” They must have done it the way it’s supposed to be done.

    • Tommie March 19, 2012 at 10:24 am #

      I’m sure you’re right in both cases about GG. The plant he works in makes air conditioners. My neighbor/cousin cautioned him not to try to tell them how to do it, that they’d been making them for years without him.

      The new and newer tires helped both the driver’s handling of the car and my nerves. And, yes, I think Uncle Max would have approved of the rendition.

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