My Week: Pre-Christmas (mostly)

Sunday, I busied myself getting ready to go to DS2’s home. My daughter-in-law had made arrangements for my 10 year old granddaughter to be cared for except for the 19th and 20th. When she called to ask me to come stay with her for a couple of days, I agreed. I was assured the young lady was capable of taking care of herself. That’s more than I can say for myself at times.

DD had forgotten about my imminent employment and called for a conversation. I was in the middle of loading the car so we only talked for about 15 minutes. That took care of the most important elements. Since then, we have been in touch via email.

It felt like I should be about two inches taller when I got to my destination. I’d been stretching to keep behind the visor in the car so the sun wouldn’t blind me. DS2 informed me that I looked more like I’d shrunk. That may well be. After all, I’m old enough to be his mother.

My granddaughter was thrilled to see me and gave me a picture frame that she and her mother had made me. When I got home, I printed off our last picture together and put it in the frame.

Granny Sue and Katlyn

I slept in her bed that night and the next and she slept with her mother.

The first day went well. We had a Project to do. There was a gingerbread house kit to put together and she appointed me the applier of the icing and herself the decorator. That took a good chunk of time.

I told her about some gingerbread house competitions that were on Food Network in the past and she called her mother at work to find out if they had the channel. Mom said to search for it so she did and found a Guy Fieri program. He was making ice cream sandwiches from cookies and slices of ice cream. She got all inspired so we hunted up six cookies and she got out their favorite flavors of ice cream. She was concerned that there were only enough cookies for three sandwiches but I assured her I wouldn’t eat them, anyway.

Thoroughly licking her fingers, she made the sandwiches and we wrapped them in foil. Marking them with an “M”, a “D” and a “K”, they were duly stowed in the freezer. She talked to her mother a few more times and would admonish her not to look in the freezer when she got home.

She’d been junking it up all morning in spite of my trying to get her to eat decent food so I was surprised when she agreed to a salad for lunch. She had two helpings.

We watched a couple of Christmas-y competitions (one giant gingerbread house one and one of decorating windows with edible components) on Hulu and she predicted the winner both times.

In the afternoon, we went out in the sunshine so she could jump on the trampoline while I watched her doing death-defying stunts (at least, they would have been for me).

When Mom got home, she was again warned not to look in the freezer. The gingerbread house was admired (even though it was obvious it wasn’t structurally sound) and left on a table in the middle of the floor for Dad to see.

Then Dad got home and he admired the house, too, but admitted that he saw it was leaning toward the front. I think all the decorations had weighed it down. He was given the same warning Mom had been given numerous times.

We got the sandwiches out and my granddaughter excitedly gave them to the parents. They all devoured them and expressed amazement that she’d made them herself.

Time for supper came and she wanted a baked potato and a salad “like Granny Sue made”. All it was, was romaine, Peru sweet onion, black salt and lemon juice. Her mom told her we could put in tomato, broccoli and cucumber but I guess she takes after her Granny Sue. She wanted it like what she had at lunch. I’m not fond of the “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of salads, either.

Since I wouldn’t be there the next night, we went ahead and had our gift exchange. I’d asked for money so the check I got was very welcome. I gave my granddaughter a couple of books she wanted plus a promise of another that hasn’t been published yet. She was delighted!

The next morning, she showed me how far she’d gotten in one of the books the night before and it wasn’t long before she finished it.


She called her mother complaining of a headache (no wonder) and it went downhill from there.

I had no success at all getting her to eat some good food. She had potato chips for breakfast along with a couple of root beer freeze pops. She drooped around all day and ate still more junk. When her mother got home, I tattled on her. It wasn’t long before she appeared with an apple in her hand.

The car was pretty well loaded so I continued on to DS1’s house where I would spend that night. It’s the first time I ever saw their house not decorated. My daughter-in-law usually decorates everything but she said working two jobs had worn her out and she was too tired to do it. I can imagine.

They gave me a half lub of Teavana Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom tea and the Perfectea maker to go with it. That’s a handsome gift. I opened the gifts that had come to the house and found a hot water bottle and a heating pad from merm plus the 2012 women’s devotional book, Renew from my sister. She always has at least one day’s contribution and sometimes more. My other North Carolina sister will have one next year.

The big news at DS2’s household is that they have Internet access again. He had a good time (we both did) surfing with Roku. It’s neat but not something I feel I really have to have.

Bedtime was pretty early since DS2 had to get up at 3 the next morning. I woke while he was getting ready and we visited a little. After he left, I was able to get back to sleep and slept for maybe three more hours.

I wanted to add something to my already extensive list and couldn’t find it anywhere (I still can’t). I set about recreating it.

My DIL left for work. My granddaughter told me good morning and went back to bed. I ate breakfast, loaded up and left.

I went to the university supermarket and stopped by Wally World on the way home. There were quite a few things that I failed to get because of my missing list. I have lived and done well since.

DS2 had cut some hangers for me to use for anchors for the arrangement I got for Mother’s grave. It had been raining but it stopped long enough for me to fasten it to the ground and get some pictures.


Long View


It was prayer meeting night but by the time I got home, unloaded and put the essentials away plus ate, I was too tired to even go next door to get a package that had come for me.

I’ve spent a lot of the rest of the week recovering. I didn’t feel like exercising until Friday and then I only had one session and not two. At church, I messed up on practically every Christmas carol.

Last night, I went to a gathering my neighbor/cousin has every Christmas Eve for family. There were probably 25 or so people there. It was nice but I was glad to get home at 11 o’clock.

This morning, we exchanged gifts (they gave me a large mini greenhouse that stands taller than me) and I opened yet another gift from DD and merm. It’s a set of towels. I’ve already washed and dried them so they are ready to use. There’s still more to come. I don’t know when I’ve been so gifted!

A big surprise this afternoon was a phone call from the granddaughter of my sister in the Great Northwest. She was with my sister and she would write what I told her on the white board and then tell me what my sister said. A nice bit of news is that the computer is set up so the caregivers can print off emails to give her.

Not long after we hung up, DD called and we talked just over an hour.

It’s been a pleasant, quiet Christmas. Twinkle has been using all sorts of energy chasing the toy I got her for Christmas. She took at least a three hour nap this afternoon. I still have to strain my water kefir and get the raisins into it for the next stage. After that, I’m going to bed, folks.

The next weekly post will be on New Years Eve, God willing and the creeks don’t rise. It’s strange to think of 2012 but 2011 was, too, and now we’re used to it.

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  1. Lila December 26, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    The arrangement is the prettiest one yet! Thank you for doing that. And incidentally, your other North Carolina sister’s contribution to the devotional book is for August 23 of 2012 – the book you already have.

    • Tommie December 26, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

      The picture in the car didn’t do it justice. I had meant to do it long ago but never thought of it when I was where I could. You’re welcome!

      I sure thought it was 2013. I’ll have a double blessing this time! I haven’t peeked yet to see when either one of them is.

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