My Week: A Mixed Bag

Sunday came with all its duties and responsibilities. There was plenty to do but I didn’t do much of it. DD and I visited for a little over a half hour. Besides that, I did my blog post to give away 12 fruit bars and another on G&D Construction’s web site. The latter one took forever, it seemed, because I had to straighten and enhance a lot of the pictures plus resize all of them. It’s done, though, I’m glad to say. Ten projects are up and no telling how many to do. I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll never catch up. That’s fine. I’ll never have to wonder “What next?”

Monday was a rainy day. Well, it was more of a weepy one. The actual rain waited until Tuesday. Tuesday was also DH’s 66th birthday. Odd to think of him as being that old. The last time I saw him, he was 39 years old. Quite a difference. If he’s still in the land of the living, I doubt I’d recognize him if he came up and said “Howdy”. There isn’t a whole lot of danger in my finding out, I’d say.

On Tuesday, I called the produce place to see if there might be a small chance of my getting some 100 count navel oranges. The last time I’d tried was almost six months ago and after that, I’d given up. The woman took my name and number and said they would give me a call on Friday if they got them in. Okay. I was resigned to wait until then to make a trip to town. That afternoon, the phone rang and it was a man from the produce place. He could have the oranges in the next morning. I told him I would be there sometime that day to pick them up.

Wednesday, I did what I had to do here at the house, took a shower, got dressed (aren’t you relieved?) and went to town. The sky was still full of low-lying clouds and it had been raining off and on. When I was driving down the road, I was surprised to see splatters of snow along with the raindrops.

I’d promised to mail one of my forum members all of the water kefir grains I could spare. I mailed her three lubs, priority mail. I’d printed off a picture my friend in prison wanted and typed up a one page letter to go with it. I’d already put it in the mail slot when I turned around and there was his “mom”! She had come to the post office to send a money order to his account. I was planning to buy one to mail later since I didn’t have the address to send it to with me. She let me put it in with hers. We had a long visit, both inside the post office and out in the entrance. My neighbor was at the post office, too, to buy stamps. I guess it must be the place to meet.

I went to Wally World first and saw several people I knew. Looking around the produce section, I spied some Fuyu persimmons. Woohoo!! I’d heard from Dario that his trees hadn’t produced this season so I thought I would be persimmon-less. Then I saw the price. $2.50 each. I picked up two and put one back. That would be an expensive treat but I HAD to have at least one persimmon this year. Checking out, it rang up at $1. As soon as I had paid my bill, I took my cart and asked the greeter to let me park it while I ran back to get something. I picked out 12 more and I was persimmon-less no longer!

Snow was peppering down and the wind was whipping when I went to the car. I was glad for the double canopy on my umbrella. The wind would have probably turned it inside out otherwise.

The produce place was next. The lady took me to the back and cut one of the oranges to make sure it was truly a navel and it was. I paid for my oranges and some bananas and headed home in more snow.

Halfway up the mountain, the landscape was starting to get white. By the time I got home, everything was covered and where the wind had been blowing so hard, the snow was sticking to the trees from the ground up. I wanted to get some pictures but I had everything to unload and I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

An old friend who found me on Facebook posted some pictures and she has given me permission to use a couple of them.

Photo by G. Campbell

Photo by G. Campbell

I’d asked one of my friends from church to pick up some things for me at the university supermarket. She was supposed to bring them to me at prayer meeting. She’d left me a couple of messages on my voice mail and when I called her back, she said as much. I said, “Welllllllllll, I don’t know if I’ll be there.” The temperature was supposed to drop and the roads were wet. She said, “If you aren’t going, I’m not either! I was only going to bring you your things!” So, that was that. I found out later that prayer meeting had been canceled, anyway.

Thursday, the snow was still hanging around but the sun was out. At 29 degrees, I went out on the deck and sunned for 10 minutes. Yesterday, I did the same thing but I didn’t take the timer with me. I was out for more than half an hour. Condensation had built up on the underside of the roof and dripped on my blanket a couple of times. I decided I’d come in the house if it hit my face but it never did.

I spent yesterday afternoon making potato salad and hummus. The salad was to take to the fellowship dinner today. First, the potatoes weren’t done. Then, when I was making the cashew mayo, I could NOT get the flavor right. I added this and that but it had no tang. Then I turned around and spied the lemon juice I’d squeezed and not put in. I added that and it was TOO tangy. So…I had to add more cashews. I ended up with almost a quart of the stuff. I’d been wanting enough to freeze but I hadn’t planned to do it right then. With the ice tray filled, too much in the salad, and some to put in the fridge, it was all put away. This morning, I had to add more potatoes and onion to the original mix to keep it from being goopy.

The pastor was late getting to church (he had an earlier service at another of his churches) so the time was filled in with congregational singing. The regular pianist was away so one of my favorite people played. She messed up on some of the songs and I messed up on some. We were about equal but we both lived through it.

People were surprised that I stayed for lunch. I’d taken a couple of bananas to eat first, then had some of the other food. I ate some corn chowder and happened to think later that it probably had some milk in it. So…I guess I may not have been 100% vegan today. I suppose I’ll live through that, too. There was a parsley/jalapeno mix to go with the chowder and it was GOOD. I don’t know if it had salt, but the ingredients were jalapeno, parsley, olive oil and lime juice. It looked like it was put into a food processor to blend it. Oh, and I introduced a couple of people to my black salt. It definitely lays to rest the belief that “salt is salt”.

Two weeks from today is Christmas Eve. That’s hard to believe but it’s true. The carols aren’t as hard to play as they have been in years past. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not stressed like I was before I retired from the hospital. There’s no way to know but it’s nice not to stumble through them quite so badly.

Tomorrow starts another week. Midnight EST is the deadline to get the entries in for the giveaway. Times a’wastin’! “You have to enter to win it!”

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  1. Mary Jane December 11, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    The pictures are beautiful, but look COLD! (Probably because they are!)

    • Tommie December 11, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

      Yes, it was cold and you can tell by the trees that the wind had been blowing hard.

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