The Raw Vegan, Part CXXXII: From the Oldest to the Youngest

I had to put the insane “raw food” idea out of my head. I was going crazy thinking about it. DD had been away from home too long but there was no talking her into coming back. She was Miss Independence and visits were all I could hope to have from years before on out. I could only hope she would come to her senses before she did permanent damage to her health.

September and DS1’s birthday #39 came and went and it was on to October. My granddaughter’s second birthday was coming up. Would I be there? Of course! and with the camera at the ready. Her birthday fell on Sabbath and she was dressed for the special occasion.

The birthday girl

You are my sunshine...

Later on, we went to the Imagination Station for her birthday celebration. My daughter-in-law had reserved the shelter for the afternoon. Even though it wasn’t terribly cool, there was a breeze blowing. For some unknown reason, the shelter concentrated whatever wind currents there were which made it into a wind tunnel. Being naturally cold natured, I just about froze even though I was dressed warmly. At least the icing on the cake didn’t melt.

A Nemo cake

The playground wasn’t too far away but we had other things to do.

This says it all.

She found the cake fascinating for a little while.

Can I touch it?

Then there were the presents. I think Mom and Dad were as interested as the Birthday Girl was.

Look at all those presents!

Those things may have occupied her briefly but the playground drew her attention away.

Looking longingly at the playground.

Finally! The celebration was over and she could get to what was really, truly important. Playing!!

Having fun on the slide.

The special occasion was just a memory and I was burping fake hot dogs and birthday cake. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much but I couldn’t seem to keep from it. It was addicting. I didn’t realize it then but it was. Overeating was such an easy thing to do and eating sensibly was so hard.

Raw food kept niggling at my brain. I wished I’d never heard of such a concept. I didn’t know whether to blame it on DD’s time in California or her home in New York. In either case, in my opinion, she was going down a dangerous path and I was powerless to stop her.

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  1. Lila December 7, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    Such cute pictures, and such a precious memory! Your granddaughter gets even prettier as the years go by.

    • Tommie December 7, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

      I agree with everything you said!

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