The Raw Vegan: Part CXXVIII: November 2002

Time was marching on. The birthdays were behind us and the holiday season stretched ahead. DS1 and my DIL asked me to stay with my granddaughter while they went to the company holiday “do”. She was at that age that we could have lots of fun together so it wasn’t a hardship to say yes.

My DIL had mixed up some pizza dough earlier. We divided it and set about creating hers and hers pizzas. This was during a vegan season in all of our lives so using real mozzarella was out of the question. There was some kind of plastic cheese, instead. Try as we might, we couldn’t get it to melt.

Rustic Pizzas

My granddaughter was proud as punch that she had made her own pizza so I had her stand next to it for a portrait.

The proud baker

She wanted to take a picture of me. I handed the camera over and posed.

If it sold by the lub...

My mother was distressed that her mere slip of a girl had grown into such a large woman. She had a saying, “If that was a hog, it would fetch a fancy price.” She could have meant it to be me.

Not to be outdone, my granddaughter had to copy my pose.

Copying my pose

As you can see, it looks better on her. And we were having a much better time than the parents were. We got to play with dough and eat the results. I don’t think she finished hers but I did mine justice. As usual. There was no way I would starve.

The next day, I had to leave so I could be at work on Monday. I couldn’t be that close to my other family and not stop. When I pulled up to the house, I found that DS2 and my other granddaughter were waiting for me.

Looking for Granny Sue

She looked so cute in her outfit but it didn’t last long. As it so often happens, everything had to be changed from the skin out. She had such pretty teeth!

Look at those teeth!

Playing nicely.

How a child (or anyone else) can sit on their haunches like this is beyond me. She had it down to a science.

How can she sit that way?

Tearing myself away wasn’t easy but the call of the hospital was insistent. I had more than an hour to drive which would stretch out longer because of the stops I would make along the way. I had to get going.

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