My Week: Road Rage?

The following are excerpts from the journal the HR coordinator gave me as a gift at my retirement party. I’m still not in the habit of writing in it every night but I catch up whenever and wherever I can. Twinkle seems to be used to my being home most of the time. Before, if I were here for very long during the day, she would give me looks out of the corners of her eyes.

You can’t tell me that God isn’t interested in even the most mundane requests. I was having a hard time writing this so I started looking for the little lapboard I’d gotten for Christmas years ago. It was nowhere to be found. I prayed, “Lord, please help me find my THING!” I walked across the room and went right to it. Thank you, Lord!

I slept in this morning and it was so nice. Did the usual. Cooked fava beans, ate, washed dishes after I had my quiet time. Exercised. Went to see my neighbor. She wants me to do a web site for her and her partner’s construction business. I agreed to find out what it would involve. There were a couple of basics that I knew already—buying the domain name and finding a hosting service. Since she was on her way out, we agreed to get together later.

After I got home, I ordered the heater I wanted with the money the friends at the hospital and nursing home gave me. Hope it saves on the electric bill the way it’s supposed to.

The first “work” day in the past 24.5+ years that I haven’t either worked or taken off. When I get paid for it, my PAL (paid annual leave) time will be no more. I’ve spent the day doing what I felt like doing. I felt like making seven thank you notes, cleaning out the fridge, exercising more than usual, calling the electric company to fuss about my bill, ate, washed dishes, dumped two quarts of water kefir grains in the compost bin, had a long visit with DD, talked to my sisters and DS1. That isn’t all I did but all I’m going to write down.

When I was talking to DS1, he said, “I’ll bet retirement is boring.” I said, “Heavens, NO!!” He laughed his hearty laugh.

Today is 10/4. Reminds me of the song, “10-4, Back Door, put the pedal to the metal and let it roar!” Both the boys loved that song. They were young then but they probably still like it.

I had OJ so thick this morning that I had to eat it with a spoon.

Stepped up my exercising by adding 20 minutes with the Wii Fit before I did Walk It Out! (I do wish they would bring out a new version. I’m on my 4th go-round.)

Lunch was the first green smoothie I’ve had for months since my having such @ work was frowned upon. No objections were raised about people eating dead bady parts. I packed up my L’Equip blender and donated it to the yard sale. So nice to be FREE!

Walk(ed) It Out! again after supper, then went to talk to my neighbor about the web site. I need to consult with merm about some things.

For the first time in ages, I was able to go to prayer meeting tonight. My whole day was geared toward that. I left early enough to go to three places to get four things and wound up without one of them.

I’d planned to have half an hour to visit with my friend in the nursing home but was accosted by the old man who sits in front during nice weather. He was perturbed because I didn’t come by to see him when I went to get the mail. I told him I didn’t come by ’cause I wasn’t there. I’m retired. He was most upset.

By the time I got to my friend’s room, it was 6:15 CDT. Her daughter was there so we visited for the few minutes I had left. I heard all about the latest escapade of my friend’s granddaughter.

Even though I was a little late, prayer meeting hadn’t started when I got to the church. I refused to play. I wanted to be part of the congregation for a change. The prayer requests written down on Sabbath were supposed to be there but they were nowhere to be seen.

Don’t know if I was tired from the activities of yesterday but I spent the day not doing much of anything besides eat, wash dishes and exercise.

Conferred with my neighbor and merm about the web site.

Today is merm’s dad’s birthday. Happy birthday!

My neighbor took the day “off” today. She put the screen back in the bathroom window, re-screened my storm door, fixed a leak in a drain pipe under the house and installed the dryer vent. The dryer is FAST now. She found that the exhaust was flat on the ground and the air had nowhere to go.

Went to my neighbor’s this afternoon and, on merm’s recommendations, we purchased the domain for a year as well as signing up with a hosting service. We’d already picked out the theme. WordPress is installed so we’ve made some progress. When I chatted with merm about some of the technical stuff, I was told to “Google” it. “You’ll need to consult google on that question. I can’t step you through the whole process :)” My reply? 😛 (That’s sticking out my tongue.) I have learned a lot by doing it myself, though.

Left for DS1’s after church (I surprised the pastor with a change in the closing song. The one he’d picked out is too hard to play on the organ without practicing. He apologized later.)

When I arrived in GA, we watched an interesting presentation on “The Origin of Origins”. My 16 year old granddaughter went to a lockin at the academy she attends. DIL had to take her so DS1 and I went to a Fall Festival at the church we used to attend on one of the mountains. Saw lots of relatives. There was a stage set up behind the church and a band (three guitars & keyboard) performed lots of gospel music. DS1 was talked into singing a couple of verses of “Amazing Grace”. It was beautiful. All of the music was good. And I don’t think that just because I’m related to one of the fellows who played guitar and two of the vocalists.

There was LOTS of food. I’d had more fava beans than usual so I only had a piece of watermelon.

The ride back was eventful. I’d finally convinced DS1 to slow down. I’m not a good passenger in my own car. When we were merging onto the Interstate, the driver of an 18-wheeler must’ve been hard up for entertainment. He refused to let us onto the far right lane. When DS1 would speed up, he would speed up. When we’d slow, he’d slow. We were forced into the emergency lane. The concrete wall was on one side and the truck on the left. It was harrowing enough without something big looming up in front of us. I couldn’t tell what it was but DS1 said it was a tree. There was nothing he could do but run over it, trunk first. I was freaking out the whole time. Finally, he was able to pull over into the next on-ramp and get away from the truck. We both were hoping no damage had been done to the car.

When we told DIL about the experience, she wanted to know if we got the number of the truck. No. It had all happened so fast, there was no way to do that.

I took up my usual place on the couch and went to sleep, thanking God for protecting us. So ended my week of “vacation”.

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