My Week: Contemplating Retirement

After I got my post ready to publish when I got set up at home, I decided I would try rocking back on the floor again. My neck was in such a bind that I was ready to try about anything. I sat on the floor but, this time, I clasped my hands behind my knees so my back would be curved and went for it. There was a satisfying “SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!” that led me to believe I’d done all I could to remedy the problem. It still hurt but I expected that. I knew that it would be all better when the muscles could relax. A couple of hours later, it proved to be true.

DS1 had requested some guacamole that I never got around to making the day before. I got that done and stowed in the fridge. Everything was packed and in the car. My granddaughter, DIL and I held hands while my granddaughter had prayer for me for my safe journey home and I set out.

My first stop was at the university market. I figured since I’m eating cooked in the evenings, I might as well buy some raw cashews that weren’t really raw cashews. I walked over to the bulk section, fully expecting to load up a bag with two or three lubs when I saw the price. RAW CASHEW PIECES were $9.89 a lub. As my mother would say, “PLUS TAX.” Let’s see. $9.89 + 79¢ would be $10.68 a lub. Cheaper to buy really raw cashews on subscription from Amazon. AND they’re organic and really raw. That makes them come in at over $1 less.

After I finished there with the lowest total in years, I moseyed on up the road to Wally World. I’ve been joking with the people at the hospital that I was going to get a job there after I retire. I went back to the back to use the restroom and who should be in there but the woman who does the hiring! I told her I’m retiring and she said, “If you ever need something part time, come see me and I’ll fix you up.” I told her I might have to, though I’d rather not. Just out of curiosity, I asked what there might be available. Well, stocking is done on third shift, there’s the service sector and people who go around and gather up things people have left where they don’t belong. Oh, and the ones who run the registers and last but not least, the greeters. If I did the gathering up of stray items, I would get plenty of exercise.

I was on a quest for a toaster oven so I wouldn’t have to heat up my power-hungry one for one or two things. I had found one like my DIL’s and thought I might get it because she likes hers. However, there was a smaller one that has a high rating that I decided I’d rather have. I don’t need a rotisserie which is what the larger one has. It’s also $10 more and I was shopping in Retirement Mode. Well, shucks! The smaller one was out of stock. I figured I didn’t have to get one that day so I came on home.

Later, I started thinking. That’s a dangerous thing for me to do. If I ordered it as the saleslady suggested and had it sent to the store, I would have to make a trip to town to pick it up. That would cost me as much in gas and time as it would to have it shipped to me. So…I sat down and ordered it. It isn’t here yet but it will be fairly soon. I could have paid more and had it expedited but I’m a big girl. I can wait.

Monday, it was back to work. I had to buckle down and Get Things Done. I got used to fielding the usual questions—“Is it true what I’m hearing about you?” Well, that depends on what you heard. “Will you travel?” Yes, I’ll go to town and buy groceries. “What WILL you do with all your time?” I have my blog and my forum. The house needs attention. Later in the week, I found out there’s a possibility of my typing a manuscript for a book. It would involve proofreading, too. I have no idea what to charge. I’ve Googled it and found there are no hard and fast rules on such. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about being bored. I’ll probably still wish there were more hours in the day.

Tuesday afternoon, I went over to say goodbye to my neighbor who was leaving bright and early the next morning to go to California to see his parents. I wished him a safe and enjoyable trip.

On Wednesday, I heard that someone had the new position as my successor. Pretty soon, here came an email congratulating one of the girls in the office. I’ll be spending the next two weeks training her. Another of the staff members came and reminded me that she had asked for time off the second week. I smiled and let her know I wouldn’t be doing that schedule. A replacement will have to be hired to fill the empty spot as registrar, too, but I won’t be doing that, either. I think Someone is going to find out it isn’t an easy job.

Yesterday, I did a lot of cleaning out and going through. I’ve been working on it now and then but I got down to the real nitty-gritty. I’ll have to do more this week and finish up the next, plus sandwich in training. These last two weeks are going to be intense.

My friend in Federal prison emailed wanting to know if I’d decided to turn in my notice. I thought I’d already told him but I guess I hadn’t. I replied that yes, I’d turned in my notice six months to the day before my 25th anniversary. I might have gotten a clock or an umbrella had I stayed.

Today, the church service was presided over by a very competent gentleman. He’s a professor at the university and had a scholarly presentation about creation vs evolution. As I was leaving, I overheard him saying he is considering becoming the pastor where DS1 and family go to church. My DIL is also the church secretary. Interesting…

My friend in the nursing home was dismayed when she read I’d put two cordless phones in with the other stuff for the yard sale to benefit the school. The schoolteacher found one of them that hadn’t sold and I have it charging. If she doesn’t read this before Monday, she will be surprised. If she doesn’t quit setting up board so she wins at Wordscraper, I may surprise her with a shower of paper clips. (Inside joke.)

It’s well past my bedtime so I will say goodnight and sweet dreams.

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