My Week: Getting Rid of STUFF

Last Sabbath, the head deacon got up and said he would come pick up donations for the 127 Yard Sale (billed as the longest yard sale in the world). I’d intended to get rid of some of my things before but a lot were too big for me to load into the car so it never happened. AHA! If he would come get it…I started making a list in my head. There would be that and that and that and, of course, THAT thing. Wednesday, I called and got “Ding ding DING! The number you have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service.” Now, that’s sorta puzzling. Isn’t one scenario the same as the other? At any rate, I didn’t get through. I called the deacon’s parents-in-law and the only answer was voice mail. I left a message for them to pass along that I needed said deacon to call me. I don’t think it got passed along.

I didn’t hear and I didn’t hear. I’d put a bunch of Stuff out on the deck away from the leaks in case it rained. On Thursday, I had the bright idea of looking in the bulletin for the right phone number and there it was! I called and got the wife. Well, the man of the house had to go to Nashville but she would have him call me when he got back. Trouble is, he called my work phone a couple of hours after I left.

Yesterday, I saw his grandfather-in-law and told HIM my plight. He made a couple of phone calls and said it would be that evening but someone would be worked out. He’s the sort of person who Gets Things Done.

Since he hadn’t gotten here on Thursday, I’d added to the stack. Let’s see. Here’s a list of what was Out There.

  1. Nordic Track
  2. Healthrider (limited Sharper Image edition)
  3. TV
  4. Rabbit ears
  5. Converter box (never opened)
  6. Two cordless phones
  7. A regular phone
  8. Waterbed liner
  9. Waterbed mattress
  10. Dirt Devil upright vacuum
  11. Unopened package of bags for same
  12. A pair of Bucky foot warmers

13. was Grandma’s Feather Bed. I’d taken the cover off, washed and dried it and wrangled it back on. It was a project. Then I put a large garbage bag on either end and tied them together in the middle. I was afraid an animal would be attracted by the smell of the feathers and damage it. It’s a nice bed. I just don’t need it any more. I put it in the car in case I had to haul it myself.

I had things to do other than twiddle my thumbs while waiting and it was getting on toward sundown. I’d eaten supper, washed the dishes and was wiping off the table when there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, there was the deacon looking harried. “I finally found you!” And, praise the Lord, he had! He told me about winding around the country roads and trying to get a signal on his cell phone so he could call his wife. She’d tried to call me on the land line I don’t have any more. It was a comedy of errors.

He went to work loading Stuff. When it got down to the smaller things, I handed them to him and he put them in the truck. I got the feather bed out of the car and put it in the cab for safekeeping. He finished up and was out of here right at sundown.

I took some more items in my car this morning. One was the disastrous Outdoor Feline Funhouse. I kept thinking I’d try to sell it but I never got a round tuit. It’s all but gone and that’s fine. If Twinkle could understand, I’m sure she would be happy.

There was a happening of note on Tuesday. I saw a couple of people from the large operation that grows apples and other things. This is the second year for them to be selling peaches (also grown by them). Peaches were in! As a former raw/still a vegan, I eat lots of fruit so I went by and got a basket. Twinkle paused long enough from marking the basket for me to get a picture:

Peaches! (and Twinkle)

BTW, the peaches are extra yummy! I ate seven today.

Today was an early day. I went by the hospital to pick up something I forgot yesterday and dropped off some cherry tomatoes for my Sleeping Beauty friend in the nursing home. She’s getting tired of my beating her at Wordscraper. I’ve been on a roll lately.

Church went overly long this morning. One of the ladies was reading a list of ingredients in prepared foods and it went on and on. She’s supposed to email it to me. I’m sure I could find it online somewhere. It’s quite daunting. Anyway, the church service was very good and I didn’t mind too much sitting there until late. Not too much, anyway.

My neighbor got back a week ago and I’ve been able to see the baby Sugar Baby, finally. First time, it was only its tail but that time it sat in her hand and was very docile. I was able to stroke its head. It’s going to be far more tame than its mom and dad. Tomorrow, I’m going to hire my neighbor to do some things over here that need to be done. In the meantime, I’d better wind this up so I can go to bed. The sale doesn’t start until Thursday so I have a few more days to gather Stuff up.

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