My Week: A Milestone

Sunday was another day at home which was a milestone of sorts but not the one mentioned in the title of this post. That comes about later in the week.

DD and I had our visit and I didn’t get the hosta in the ground. No big surprise, that. The weather had turned cold and dreary. I had no desire to go outside and play in the dirt.

Monday, it was still cold and I wasn’t surprised to see that the strawberry lady wasn’t in her usual spot. Strawberries need warm weather, at least, and not a whole lot of rain. The more rain they get, the less flavor they have.

She was back on Tuesday and I got a flat with the intention of taking the whole thing to DS1’s house. According to his calculations, there were four people present who are strawberry eaters and I made the fifth. Before I knew what was happening, one of the girls had helped herself to two of the quarts and laid $5.50 on my desk. Yet another one came wanting to know if I had any to spare. When I said she could go buy her own, she snagged the biggest berry in the bunch and scarfed it down. I figured six quarts minus one huge strawberry would have to do us.

I went to bed Tuesday night with the alarm turned off. The next day, I’d be heading out to DS1’s house and I wasn’t planning to rush. Wednesday morning, I ate a leisurely breakfast for a change and started loading the car. The cool weather had made it possible to leave the berries in the back seat and they still looked fresh and yummy.

After stopping and picking up a half box of navel oranges, some tomatoes and bananas, I was on my way.

Before I went to DS1’s, I drove through what was some of the worst devastation I’ve seen. It was heartbreaking. Driving down the road leading to their house, there was more destruction. I had to thread my way through rows of trucks being loaded up with debris. What had surprised me was the neighborhood where DS2 and family live was largely untouched. I’d understood it had destroyed all the homes there but, thankfully, that wasn’t the case. It was a mile or more down the road which was still too close for comfort.

DS1 helped me unload the car and I set about getting food ready to eat. I had strawberries (of course), bananas and my fava beans with kelp noodles. I’d been assured there would be plenty at the reception that I could have but I had to eat my favas, anyway.

We all got ready to go. My DIL drove her mother, grandfather and my granddaughter and DS1 drove my car with me playing passenger for a change. I don’t get to do that often. Before we left, I was trying out a new camera I’d bought recently. I still have a lot to learn but here are a couple of DS1.


Well, this one is more than a couple.

Playing with the Camera

At the church my niece and her two young adults sat on the row with the parents and grandparents. She’d had to really book it after work to get there for the ceremony.

I had lots of blurry pictures but I got some fairly good ones, too. I didn’t ask permission to use the ones with more than my relatives in them so I do hope I don’t get in trouble. This one is of the graduating class. It was a fine group of young people.

8th Grade Class

My offspring’s offspring was the first to go up to get her diploma.

Receiving the Diploma

She was justifiably happy when she walked back down the aisle.

The Newly Minted Graduate

My niece and her almost grownups had to leave before the reception. It was in the fellowship hall and there was food everywhere. I broke down and had some watermelon (decent), cantaloupe (so-so), a couple of good strawberries but not as good as the locally grown ones, and some really good pineapple. It was a good thing I’d eaten my favas before I went because it was LATE when we got back to the house.

I took up residence on the couch. My granddaughter had gone bowling with her friends and my DIL had gone to wait for her so she wouldn’t have the drive when the time came to pick her up. I barely knew when they came in.

Generally, I sleep pretty well on the couch but getting to bed so late had put me behind the eight ball the next morning. In spite of feeling like something the cat drug in, I prevailed upon my DIL to take a picture of my granddaughter and me.

Granny Sue and the Graduate

My gift certificate for the university market was safely in my purse. I set out to spend it. Spend it, I did. I found things I didn’t know existed like the coconut sugar and the coconut nectar. When I got them home, I opened them for a sample. BIG MISTAKE. They are both so delicious I could eat them plain and have been known to do so.

I dragged around and got the car unloaded. I’d bought at four different places so there was quite a bit to bring in and put away. It was so nice to crawl into my own bed that night.

Yesterday was spent trying to get in gear to clean the place up. I did get some things accomplished but there’s lots more to do. I’d used the last of the Bob’s Red Mill fava beans and opened up the ones from Angelina’s Gourmet. The latter are much better quality. It gets nicer when the price is considerably less than the subscription price of the former.

Church was good today. It was all done by the Singles Ministry. Two sisters sang and it was beautiful. I sat there and thought they should record their music. When I made that suggestion, it was met by a great deal of laughter.

I sat in the car in full sun and visited with a couple of the members. I’d planned to sun when I got home but I figured it would be overdoing it so I didn’t.

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor had given me a poem to scan so she could print it off. She was having problems getting it print without cutting off part of it so I went over and helped her with that this afternoon.

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll be staying home and trying to Get Things Done. In the meantime, I need to Get to Bed.

4 Responses to My Week: A Milestone

  1. Lila May 21, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Wondering if your new camera is a single lens reflex. Good photos!

    • Tommie May 21, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

      Yes. It’s a true SLR. No viewfinder. I still need to learn to use it. It has so many bells and whistles it’s going to take some study.

  2. RawBillyIce May 24, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    keep posting and I will keep reading 🙂

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