Not Darwin. My own. It’s been many a moon since I did an update about what condition my condition is in. People have been asking me and I guess it’s about time I let everyone know.

I’m still alive. Of that, I’m very sure. Otherwise, I haven’t had any comprehensive blood work done so I can’t give you numbers. All I can do is tell you how I’m feeling and give a rundown of the changes in my self-prescribed treatment. I’ve taken the regimen the naturopath prescribed and changed/built on it.

The supplements he put me on were drastically draining my bank account. I’d talked him into letting me drop a couple of the daily doses and then, without his knowledge, I started cutting back further. Now, I’m taking all of them but on a reduced schedule. For example, I take three of them just every other day. Two I still take twice a day. The two twice a day are the Coenzyme Q-10 and the vitamin D3. The other three are the LiquiNutrients, evening primrose oil and Zyflamend. I have my doubts that I could continue with all of them, even on the reduced dosage, if I were to retire.

I wish I could afford the essential GSH (glutathione) but it’s very pricey. Instead, I looked up an email from my now-deceased oldest sister regarding the high content of glutathione in asparagus. It suggested blending ::gasp!:: canned ::gasp!:: asparagus and eating 1/4 cup twice a day. The email purported it’s a cure for cancer. I don’t know about that. When I Googled it, Snopes confirmed the presence of glutathione but the jury is still out regarding the cancer-curing properties. So…I got a decent can opener and have been using a Ninja to blend it. A case on Subscribe and Save is much cheaper than anything I can buy around here. It doesn’t have the same effect as the GSH but I’ll continue to use it and see what happens.

The fava beans are still on the menu but I’ve cut them to one meal in the evening rather than twice a day. In looking for a comparatively inexpensive source, I found that the peeled fava beans are aka habas. I can get 25 lubs of habas for considerably less than I pay for Bob’s Red Mill on subscription. That total even includes shipping which I don’t have to pay for Bob’s.

I’m so blessed by the forum. I learn a lot from the members. One has been doing research to help me with my Parkinsonism (you notice I put the “ism” on there). She found that velvet beans have a high percentage of L-dopa, too. I had learned that some time back, but in reading what she had found, I learned something new. The extract is available from several different manufacturers. What I ended up with is marketed as Dopa Mucuna. I took it once the first day at breakfast and made the mistake of washing it down with my OJ. I felt like my brain was buzzing. I could imagine all the little messages flying back and forth that hadn’t had a pathway for a long time. Next day, I took it with my smoothie and with something less acid than OJ at noon. I could still tell I’d taken it but the effect was more controlled. I get free two day shipping with Amazon Prime.

And now on the spinach front—the same person found Ceylon spinach or Malabar spinach. It goes by both names plus the scientific one and two or three others. There are two different varieties, red and green. Neither of them is true spinach and both are easy to grow. The red is pretty but the green is more palatable. It grows well in hot weather and is a climbing plant. I plan to get some seed and put it at each end of the deck so it can climb the posts. It’s so quick-growing that it has to be pinched back often and, as a plus, the young tips are the best part of the plant. I’ll have to wait until warmer weather to sow any seed, though. It’s still getting down in the 30’s some nights.

My NP I was so excited about has abandoned me and all her other area patients. A doctor has offered to set her up in her own clinic and she jumped at the chance. I can’t blame her but now I’m without a PCP again. Everyone likes the New Kid on the Block so I’ll probably go to him. All his patients rave about how much he cares about them. I don’t know that I need one who cares as much as understands that I march to the beat of a different drummer.

The B-12 shots are still on the agenda. I shot myself in the leg this morning, as a matter of fact. The squeamishness has gone away but it isn’t something I would do for fun.

I’m still walking to Walk It Out! but I’m a little disillusioned. I took a hard look at the chips I’d earn and the steps the coach would say I’d taken and there was too wide a difference. I checked with the Konami site and was told that any little movement on the balance board can skew the results. So…I only count the perfects and greats and add a little for missed steps (ones that weren’t on the beat). The total is what I record on the Fit graph. It’s still a neat program to walk to and I’m getting close to having all the buildings built. I wish Konami would come out with a new version that’s more accurate and a lot of people are campaigning for it. Their mistake to begin with was marketing it to children instead of adults but that doesn’t have anything to do with my health.

I’m an early to bed and early to rise person now since I eat breakfast before I exercise. It was rough at first but I’m fairly adjusted to it now. The days of sleeping in until 6 are over. No time for luxury!

That’s about it for the changes. If there are any questions, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

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  1. Out of curiosity, what is the difference between ceylon/malabar spinach vs. regular spinach?

    • Tommie April 11, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

      Regular spinach is true spinach. Ceylon/Malabar is a different family altogether. I’ve read that it is lower in oxalic acid. As for the taste, I’ll have to let you know after I try it, myself, and that will be when I get it to growing. I understand that it has a sort of “slime” when it’s more mature. Oh, and the reason I am interested in it is because I’m allergic to regular spinach.

  2. LaVonne May 12, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Tommie- I am just starting down the path you you started down long ago (from looking in at your blog). I switching to raw for over two years now my body and intuition have been yelling at me that this is the way for me. I being like most hard headed and easily to distract. I have started and stopped and not followed through. I once again feeling strongly committed to the conversion to raw. Can you tell me about Blenders they seem to be the key ingredient to lasting lifestyle of raw. Salads and fruit only go so far before I see something sparkly and forget my purpose. As you know they can be quite pricey and if I am going to fork out the cash I would love to hear from an extraordinary women who chose a different path.


    Thanks a heap


    • Tommie May 13, 2011 at 5:33 am #

      Personally, I am thoroughly pleased with my VitaMix. It comes with a solid seven year warranty. It’s not the most expensive blender but I believe it to be the best for my purpose. If you click on the VitaMix ad to the right and buy through that link, I would appreciate it. I’m proud to say I’m a VitaMix affiliate.

      Good luck and all blessings as you follow your new way of eating and don’t forget the exercise! 🙂

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