My Week: Surviving DST

I dreaded it. It’s my springtime nemesis. I welcome the change in the fall because I can get back on track but not in the spring. It’s much more comfortable to fall back than to spring forward. One of my Facebook friends posted “Only the government would cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of the blanket and call the blanket longer.” How true. But They are in control, not me. I have to go along, kicking and screaming.

I didn’t change my clocks Saturday night but I have four that change themselves, drat it! Even if I wanted to ignore Daylight Saving Time, they don’t let me. So…I caved. I changed one of the ones in the bathroom, leaving the other one because it runs so fast, it will probably catch up to DST by the time it changes to Standard Time again. I changed three clocks in the bedroom (would you say I’m clock poor?) and the one on the Wii. My chiming clock my brother-in-law made me years ago was chiming an hour late, anyway, so I just moved the little hand ahead. That leaves one clock, my mother’s faux grandfather clock, that I haven’t touched. Whenever the power goes off, it has the wrong time and it’s a bear to change. I’m considering getting a battery-powered movement for it so it will finally keep the correct time. Oh, I didn’t change the time on the TV and the VCR is forever blank.

The clock in my car is on Central when I spring ahead and Eastern when I fall back. The same with my watch. I’ve quit changing it twice a year, too. I just have to remember which zone it is when I consult either one.

Sunday was my one-in-14 day at home. DD and I finally caught up with each other and we had a long conversation. She said merm was away visiting one of his best friends so she was all alone. Except for Pixel, of course.

I did lots of laundry but it was so cloudy out, I didn’t dare hang anything on the line.

My neighbor is still coddling her injured foot so I went over to visit in the afternoon. On the way, I noticed the arugula had dropped some seed along the outside of the Square Foot box so I sampled some. It is still very mild but that won’t be true long. The weather is quickly warming up.

Our visit lasted for longer than I had intended. Since she’s being a stay-at-home person, she has been watching DIY and getting lots of ideas for when she can get back to her construction business. She just posted on Facebook that she’s been out puttering around in the garage today. She must be getting better.

Monday, it was nice to get home an hour earlier but that was only because I had to go into work an hour earlier. That wasn’t so much fun.

Tuesday, the new victim in the office came in to get started on her online training. I figured she could do all of the modules in a couple of days and be ready to start training on Thursday. When we did ours this last go-round, there were 18 modules. Bless her heart, she had almost twice as many to do. She takes copious notes. At the end of yesterday, she still had two to go. She’s stuck it out and will be back Monday to do those and get started training in the office. She made the mistake of asking me what her training at the Main Campus would be like and I showed her the manual. It’s a 3″ binder with 2″ of manual, itself. I was afraid I was going to have to pick her up off the floor. She was glad, I’m sure, it was time for her to leave for the day.

Yesterday, I woke with my back out of place. I have done everything I know to do to get it where it’s supposed to be but nothing has worked. One of the nurses tried to help me but that didn’t work, either. I didn’t ask my favorite adjuster to take care of it for me today because he’s having problems of his own. It will eventually be okay but that may take most of the week. It would be nice if I could take some days off but that’s impossible at this point.

I dragged myself to church today and was looking forward to the lesson study on nature. I think I must’ve concentrated on the wrong lesson this week because it veered off to Job and stayed there. I had a contribution or two to make on nature but didn’t feel like getting involved with the trials and tribulations of the poor man.

Church was good. It was also short which was nice since I was pretty much worn out with my aching back. It can really make a person tired not to feel up to par.

The day was beautiful and I took advantage of it. I sat in the sun for a full 15 minutes! I even (hide your eyes) took my shirt off when I was satisfied no one could see me. I found out later my neighbor was out and about but she didn’t know I was there.

Tomorrow is (groan) my go to town and buy groceries day. Tonight is the night of the Super Moon. I looked up the time it’s supposed to be rising and it was 11 minutes ago but it hasn’t put in an appearance yet. I’m gonna go put on some warmer clothes than I have on now and check it out again.

Well, it’s more than a half hour later and the Super Moon is hiding behind some clouds. I’ll check again before I go to bed but all I can see of it now is a bright spot in the sky. I alerted my neighbors and we stood out in the cool night air for a long time. The male half decided to go inside but his better half and I stayed and visited while we watched. It’s about as visible from the deck as it is anywhere else I walked so that’s where I’ll be shortly. I stood in the middle of the road and tried several different spots besides. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be not as Super as it’s supposed to be.

When I come back in, it will be to bed. It’s already well past my usual time to fly up so I will say good night now.

2 Responses to My Week: Surviving DST

  1. Lila March 19, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    No moon shining here tonight. I’m consoling myself by figuring it was probably close to maximum last night, and I saw it then. I ‘spect you did, too.

    • Tommie March 20, 2011 at 7:41 am #

      No, I didn’t see it Friday night. I was in bed by 8 o’clock and it was still a little light outside, thanks to the government.

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