My Week: Happy Anniversary to Me

Sunday dawned rather dreary and stayed that way. I wasn’t encouraged to go outside. To tell the truth, I had a huge breakfast that I downed too quickly and I crawled into bed long enough to “feel better”. I dropped off to sleep and didn’t wake again until almost noon. The rest of the day was kind of a waste. I got a few things done but not nearly what I’d planned. DD must’ve been out and about because she didn’t call. She had been working 14 hour days to get this ready to launch. I think she can be proud of what she’s done.

Monday was extremely windy and there was lots of rain. Wind some places was up to 60-70 mph. We were lucky it wasn’t like that here. DS2 had called me Sunday night but I never got the message. My DIL called me at work and asked me to call him that evening. When I tried, it was only voice mail with a generic outgoing message. I knew something had to be going on. I got on gmail and saw my DIL was active so I messaged her. She was on her cell phone because they were sitting in the dark. DS2’s house has been burgled twice recently and he was out looking for some of the items that hadn’t been returned as a result of a couple of arrests. They’ve gotten almost everything back from the second break-in but nothing from the first. One of the fellows is 19 and stooped so low as to steal my granddaughter’s piggy bank. Now that’s brave—NOT!

I called DS1 and they were fine. They’d had some rain but nothing like the others had.

March came in like a lamb. Tuesday was beautiful and I wanted so badly to be able to be outside but there was no time. It was the calm after the storm. The first day of the month is very busy because that’s when a lot of the recurring accounts have to be set up along with the other usual business.

Wednesday was “Happy anniversary to me.” It was on that date 24 years before that I started working at the hospital. There were no fireworks. No pealing of bells. No celebration whatsoever but that’s not unusual. There never is. I told one person it was my anniversary but it seems minor to her, I guess, since she is celebrating her 35th year. There have been a lot of changes over the years for me and even more for her.

I stopped at the grocery store and bought 24 lubs of oranges in 8 lub lots. Each lot was $5 and they are some of the best navel oranges I’ve ever had. They are 80 count and I figured I had something like 60 for $15 (plus tax, as my mother would have said).

Thursday saw the wind pick up. It felt more like March. I decided I’d get some more oranges but it wasn’t to be. The store was out. Word had gotten around. The produce lady told me more would be in the next day.

Yesterday was windy and cool. I’d been going without my coat but I had to put it back on to go to the post office and walk to the mailbox at the nursing home. It was overcast and threatening rain but it never materialized until last night. It’s been raining off and on (mostly on) ever since.

When I stopped for oranges, the lady told me the truck was late and she hadn’t gotten to them yet. Afternoon found only three four lub bags left. I left one and bought two.

There are lots of daffodils in bloom. I haven’t picked a bouquet. I should. They are beautiful and abundant. I haven’t even taken a picture. I’m sorta “do-less”. This isn’t my favorite time of year and I can’t get myself motivated. It isn’t that I haven’t tried. My neighbor loaned me an audio book by Dr. Dale Henry. Amazon has the book, itself. He is very inspiring and, if I listened to it at a different time of year, I think it would do more good. The problem is, I keep thinking that, in one week, I’ll be looking down the barrel of Daylight Saving Time and that’s always rather depressing.

Anyway, back to Dr. Henry. I’m sure he’s booked up and too expensive for the Tennessee Association of Healthcare Access Management conference this fall but I’d love to see/hear him in person. I’m going to suggest it to the president and intended to this week but I never got that round tuit.

The Sabbath School lesson this past week was on jealousy. This morning in Sabbath School, I shared that I’ve been guilty of being jealous, envious, whatever you want to call it. I told about the two people, both younger than me, retiring last month and I was jealous of them. Every time I’d see them, it would hit me again. I revisited my budget, trying to see how I could join their ranks but it wasn’t to be. I prayed that the Lord would allow me the privilege of retiring. I prayed that way for days but didn’t get any relief until I started praying that I would wait to retire when God wants me to. And may that day come soon! I used to love my job but it has become so nit-picky and regulation-ridden that it’s no longer a joy to go to work.

The wife of one of the elders had the church service this morning and, as she predicted when we were talking in the ladies’ room, it was short and sweet. It was very good, though. Services don’t have to be long to be inspiring.

Tomorrow is Shopping Day. I need to check on my neighbor, too. She injured her foot a month ago and it isn’t getting any better. She was at the hospital a few days ago and was able to wear her own shoes (for a while, she had to wear her husband’s) but she said it was still painful.

I haven’t been by to see my friend in the nursing home for a long time. She is getting her revenge by soundly whipping me at Wordscraper. One of these days, she’s supposed to get a motorized wheelchair and I expect her to come visit me when that happens.

This is enough to report for now. I could make it twice as long and still not say it all but I won’t. Good night!

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