My Week: I Hate Interviewing

It doesn’t matter which end I’m on, I loathe interviews. I can be the interviewer or the interviewee and it’s all the same feeling. Stress. Pure and simple. I guess, though, if I had my choice, I would rather be the interviewee. That way, if I don’t do well, the ball’s in the other person’s court, anyway. Since I’m the interviewer, I hold the person’s destiny in my hands. Not a good feeling at all, that. I have the power to make many, many people sad and one person glad (until he or she finds out what he/she has gotten into).

The humbling thing about this time around is that, while I had a lot of applicants before, this time there were quite a few more. I thought the one from two and a half hours away took the cake until I started reading and the applicant lives some 1500 miles away—and our job at our location was the only one the person had applied for. Maybe there’s a move in the future? I don’t know, but since the minimum acceptable wage was almost twice what I could offer, it was put aside. The one who applied for 17 positions was topped by another who applied for 36. People are desperate for work.

So…this time next week, I should be able to say, “We have a new employee!” Oh, what a relief! But that’s not even half the battle. A drug screen must be passed. There’s orientation before work can begin. Then the intense training comes the next three weeks and four more days at the Mother Ship with a day of testing following that. Depending on how quickly a person catches on, a couple more months may be spent under close supervision before the little birdie can fly on its own. The other seasoned staff will be ready for some days off and the new hire will be in for the long haul.

HOWEVER, with our history concerning new hires, many times, the person flakes out after the drug screen and before the initial training is over. It’s hard, demanding work. It looks easy from the outside but it isn’t. It takes a person with courage and fortitude to stand up to the challenge. To say I hope one of the people I’ve interviewed is that person is the understatement of the year.

The week has been a dilly. I’m feeling better since I’ve been getting more sleep before midnight. There’s that “early to bed, early to rise” again. A good thing, too. I’ve needed the energy. While I fill in at the front window when needed, I’m much more a support person. I’ve been tackling incomplete orders and working the errors among other things. We think we surely have all the doctors in the system until another one crops up and I have to research the info for that. It’s one thing after another. Since I eat at around 5 a.m. work time, I go to lunch at 11. The bank/mail run keeps me from having a break in the morning but I try to take one in the afternoon. It’s a sanity thing.

I was supposed to go over to see my neighbors on Sunday (which I spent at home) but it got to be too late. Only one night in the past week saw bedtime past 8:45 (that’s 7:45 work time). Monday, my neighbor posted on my Facebook wall to come over if I had a minute. She had moved a freezer from her aunt and uncle’s place and wanted to know if I could use any of the food. I tried a blueberry but it had no flavor. I go on the assumption that no flavor, no nutrition. I may take her up on the offer to put some of my frozen stuff in there, though.

We went into the house where I saw her pets’ new digs. They are really cute sugar babies. They’re nocturnal and didn’t appreciate being awakened at that unearthly hour. One of them would take food from my hand but the other one was more backward. I stayed a lot longer than I should have. In order to exercise and get to bed on time, I cut my meal short and didn’t have a salad. I still have plenty of reserve fat so it didn’t hurt me.

Today, we had an excellent Sabbath School lesson study time and an equally excellent church service. The day was beautiful but I never did get outside. A pity, too. I should have but I was either eating or exercising. I was planning to walk some tonight but the time is slipping away. It’s almost my bedtime.

Tomorrow, it’s my go to buy groceries day. Fortunately, it isn’t supposed to rain until Monday when I won’t have to go to the bank OR the post office because George and Abe were both born in February. So was I so that makes three of us. They ARE more famous, though.

Good night!

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