My Week: Water!

Sunday, I went to Trade (as my mother would say). I know I quote her a lot but she’s the person who made the biggest impression of anyone on me. Her “isms” go through my mind daily. So bear with me. The roads were clear and I was able to get there and back in one piece. Does your produce guy hug you? Mine did, twice—once when he first saw me and again when I left the produce section. Now, THAT’S the personal touch. He’s young enough to be my grandson but he’s sweet and tries to make my visits to Wally World fruitful and vegetable-ful.

After I got everything unloaded, I called DD and we had our now and then visit.

There was a winter storm warning out so I opened the front door several times before I went to bed to see if anything was materializing. Last check, there were a few flakes of snow on the deck railing. I “flew up”, firmly believing that the weather guessers had gotten it wrong once again.

Monday morning dawned with snow blanketing the ground. It was deep enough to convince me I wasn’t going to even try to get to work. I called in. I wasn’t going ANYWHERE.

The snow kept it up all day until there was a goodly amount on the ground. I didn’t measure it but I calculated there was at least 6 or 7″. I remember when I lived where the roads are level and straight and no problem in the winter but snow is something to contend with if you, like I do now, live on top of a mountain. I did venture out on the deck to take a couple of pictures my neighbor requested. She is in Florida working on a renovation but her husband is at home. I took a picture of their house

My neighbors' house

and my car and posted them on Facebook.

A Honda marshmallow

Tuesday, I called and told the person at the switchboard that I’d been spooked by the car sliding sideways down the mountain road. It was still snowing off and on with additional accumulation. Not going anywhere. So sorry.

Wednesday, I got out and started the car. I let it run for something like 20 minutes with no visible sign of the snow clearing off. I took to it with an ice scraper but that was going to be a long process. Then I got one of my occasional bright ideas. I grabbed my push broom and used it to push the snow off the windshield, back window, and the side windows I would need to see out of.

Partially cleaned off

In the meantime, I took a few more pictures.

My driveway

My neighbors' house in the snow

The road I travel

Looking in the other direction

I would be going to work on Thursday. NOT! Thursday morning, I got up and used the bathroom, then turned on the water to wash my hands. Nothing came out. I groaned. The temperature had dipped lower than predicted the night before and the line to the house had frozen. I hadn’t left the water running. It’s said you never miss the water ’til the well runs dry. That’s so true. There’s a technical difference here but the principle is still the same.

The last shower I’d taken was followed by blow-drying my hair and not doing anything to it. After I’d slept on it, the crown had gone flat and the front stood straight up. I looked like an aged Woody Woodpecker. No way was I going anywhere. The only water I had was what I had distilled for cooking my fava beans and drinking. I couldn’t use it to make my hair behave. I was in for another day.

Or sort of. I spent the day scooping up large bowls and pans of snow and melting it. I got enough that I could fill the distiller and make some more drinking water. The pan on the stove was back to humidifying the air and I had a bowl of water in the sink to rinse dishes. Primitive but it worked.

Friday, I had to stifle my pride and sally forth. I had been exercising faithfully every day, even to the point of 21,000+ steps with Walk It Out! the day before. No time to walk. I did my daily body test and that was that. I did need to work on the schedule so I roughed one out with Open Office and emailed it to myself.

I filled a bag with clothes to change into, pulled on my coat and wrapped a scarf around my head. I was on my way.

Stopping at Dollar General, I went in to buy a ‘boggan. The only one that was left was orange and black and had some kind of manly man on it. Nope. Not my style. I just wanted a plain knit hat with no embellishments. When I was leaving, I saw someone I knew. I automatically spoke and she did a double-take. “I didn’t recognize you!” I told her I was in disguise. That without the scarf, my hair was a fright.

I went on to Fred’s and found a wide assortment of headgear for winter. I ended up with a brown chenille set that included the head covering, gloves and a scarf. Back in the car, I took the tags off and donned the cap. I didn’t look beautiful but I wouldn’t scare little children and old people.

When I got to the hospital, I pleaded for the chance to take a shower. I was smelling pretty ripe by that time. One of the nurses came to my rescue. He took me to the supply closet and outfitted me with shampoo and soap and then to the linen room and got me a couple of towels and three washcloths. I was directed to the room at the end of the hall where I luxuriated for the better part of a half hour. When I was dried off, I towel-dried my hair and put the hat back on. I was five lubs lighter.

All fresh and dressed, I went to the office. My desk was piled high. I plowed my way through the top layer and did my bank and post office duties. It was well after noon before I signed onto the computer to check my email. In the Sabbath School discussion on Pine Knoll, someone commented, “Sufficient unto the day is the email thereof.” (loosely based on Matthew 6:34) I could agree. I had over 200 new messages in my inbox.

Then there was a miracle. A minor one, but still a miracle. I had cooked my last bag of fava beans. My next shipment from Amazon was, I thought, supposed to be at the post office. It wasn’t. When I was at DS1’s for Christmas, I had found a couple of bugs in the beans. Then the next package had some, too. I contacted Bob’s Red Mill and explained what had happened. An email came back requesting my mailing information. The beans were guaranteed and would be replaced by a free package. I expected a package but the box on my desk contained a case of four packages. On Amazon, I can get those for around $5 a package. The stores that sell them around here have them priced at over $8 a package. Depending on where I might buy them, I had been supplied with over $32 worth of fava beans. If they hadn’t arrived when they did, I would have been without fava beans for several days. I can be thankful for the bugs.

I made it through the day and came home after a quick trip to the Pig for five gallons of water and a few food items I needed/wanted. I took a picture of my sister’s favorite house in town

My sister's favorite house in town

And a couple as I went up the mountain.

Going home

There’s no good place to pull off so this one was taken on the fly.

The valley, sort of

Last night, my eyes were burning and I wasn’t feeling very well. I called and let the pianist know I wouldn’t be going to church.

I had been posting my status on Facebook over the days and said I was praying none of the pipes would burst. One of my friends had posted on my wall “i hate 2 mention it ….but… when water does thaw out it will b running lots of places”. I replied, “I hope you’re wrong. It usually just freezes where the main line goes under the house.” I kept praying as did my sisters.

My neighbor called me from Florida and took me to task for not going to their house to take a shower, get water, etc., etc. Well, there she was in the warm country. Then I found out that, even though she was maybe 50 feet from the ocean, it was cold enough she had to wear a jacket if she went outside. She wished me luck and we signed off.

This morning, I checked all the faucets. Nothing. I kept hoping and praying for the temperature to rise. I posted on my status. “37!” “44!” “45!” then “Still 45 and a trickle of water coming through in the bathtub!” That was about 2 o’clock. It started getting stronger and soon I was able to get water at the other bathtub, then the sinks. I turned off all the water and praised the Lord.

I called my neighbor to let her know. I told her I had good pressure but she said that didn’t necessarily mean I didn’t have a leak somewhere. She told me to make sure everything was off then go and check the meter. After we hung up, I pulled on my hat in case anyone might see me and went to check the meter. Everything was rock solid. Nothing was moving. No leaks. I praised the Lord, came back in and left voice mail to tell her the good news.

It’s my Wordscraper opponent’s turn on the game she’s winning. I’ve had a full week. This is it for an update until next time.

4 Responses to My Week: Water!

  1. Lila January 15, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    I don’t recognize the house, and it’s the favorite of which sister? I’m curious.

    • Tommie January 15, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

      The one in the Great Northwest. She fondly remembers that house and the Methodist church across the street from years and years ago.

  2. Mary Jane January 16, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    I didn’t (and still don’t) recognize it, either.

    • Tommie January 16, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

      That’s cause you aren’t the sister. 😀 She told me on several occasions that you (?) and she went into the Methodist church one very hot day to wait, I guess, for Mother to come pick you up. The house is across the street from the church.

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