My Week: Mii, Myself and I

Sunday was a busy day. I got up that morning with every intention of getting lots of things done before I had to leave for my friend and fellow church member’s memorial. I can’t say I got everything done I’d planned but I did get quite a bit accomplished before I left.

I’d taken a salad because I knew there was going to be a meal following the service. What I didn’t know is that a menu had been crafted and all the food needed was there. I left mine, anyway, along with an extra package of romaine should they run out. That wasn’t likely but I didn’t want to bring it home.

I was supposed to play 15 minutes before the memorial was due to start, accompany one of the soloists and play as the people went out. There was a CD playing when I went in so I cleared it with the mother that it would continue and I went and sat down. One of the men came and asked me if I were going to play and I said no, that we’d decided not at that time. Then the mother came and sat down beside me and kept saying, “Go ahead and play!” Not wanting to compete with the CD, I said no.

The service started maybe five minutes late and was moving right along. Then there were more people sharing and it got longer and longer. All told, it lasted more than two hours. It was a very nice service, all in all.

Inside the first page of the program was a piece I have adapted to fit my sister:

She sleeps, your Daughter, your Mother,
your Sister, she sleeps.
No dreaming, no, nor fitful
tossing in the night.
Nor wakeful hours that
long for day to come.

She sleeps, just sleeps.
The quiet, undisturbed, untroubled sleep.
The short-short sleep that
links the life that was-
with the life eternal soon to come.

And while we labor long, through
days of strife and nights of pain-
She sleeps, just sleeps.

Our loved one sleeps
the short, short sleep
That ushers in Eternal Day.
author unknown

When I got home, I worked out with the Wii. I had done my body test that morning and it had urged me to take the day off since it was Sunday but I didn’t.

Monday, I woke to a world of white. It was whizzin’ cold and the snow was the light, dry, fluffy kind that doesn’t make good snowmen and is impossible for a good snowball fight. My car had been running on fumes the day before and I’d planned to fill the tank on the way to work. That meant getting it up here on the mountain before I tried navigating the road into town. I called the station to make sure they were open and got no answer. I waited a while in my work regalia (I’d had my shower, fixed my hair and gotten dressed) and called again. No answer. I called the home of one of my co-workers who lives on the mountain and talked to her husband. They weren’t going to try it until midday. Finally, I called my office mate and told her my predicament. No one was at the station and I didn’t want to get marooned with very little fuel in the car. I changed clothes and prepared to be In For the Day.

DD and I had our weekly visit that afternoon. There was no hurry because there was nowhere I had to be.

I explored the Chrome Web Store a little and installed Sketchpad. While I was eating Clementines with one hand, I composed this with the other:


There are some neat free things on the Web Store but I think I’ve said that before.

My Mii and I worked out and I did some more work on the island in Walk It Out!. It’s a shame it’s been discontinued. It’s a neat way to get my steps in for the day. I’d like to be able to choose my own music but, all in all, I like it.

Tuesday, I called the station again. No answer. I was just about to give up and go to the valley to get gas when I felt moved to call one more time and that time, BINGO!! I finished up what I had to do and made my way out to the car. I had to be very careful walking. I started it and set the timer for 10 minutes. Then I went on and apologized to the station owner for making him get out in such cold. He said, “I do it for everybody else so I’ll do it for you.” Praise the Lord!

As soon as I got into my office, I was hit with problem after problem. I made it through the day and came home.

Wednesday, it was back to my usual routine. I took some time to set up a profile on the Fit Plus with my Mii. I’d had it under “Guest E” but I didn’t want it that way. I was tempted to delete the profile for Guest E but she and my Mii are so cute interacting that I left it. I did my daily body test, walked with Walk It Out! and got to work when I was supposed to. There was still a lot of snow around and my compost was stacking up. I wasn’t going to chance getting to where I dispose of it. That evening, I did some more doodling while I ate.

Another Masterpiece

I’d posted both works on Facebook. The first got some comments. I guess the second one didn’t appeal to anyone.

That evening, DS1 called to make sure I’d made it home okay. I told him I’d had no problem except the rain kept freezing on my windshield. He said he and his driving partner were stranded in Alabama because of icy roads. They’d seen jackknifed trucks and cars in ditches—one was on its top. They were going to stay at a convenience store/truck stop until they could continue on safely. I told him to be sure to call me the next day.

Thursday, I looked out at my car and it was encased in ice. I checked Facebook and one of my friends had posted that cars were stranded on the highway I travel and the troopers couldn’t get to them. That did it. I wasn’t going anywhere. Snow I can handle but not ice. I emailed my office mate and she agreed I should probably stay put.

I talked to my neighbor and she’d called off work for herself and her crew. The weather has to be exceptionally bad for that to happen.

Late that afternoon, I was able to get out (it had warmed up some and was raining) and empty the compost. There was a five gallon bucket and several leftover spinach containers full. All of them had lids so the smell had been contained.

Off and on that day, I walked until my grand total was 17,724 steps. I was determined to see the rainbow on Rhythm Island and I finally completed it that night. Now, it’s highly unlikely to see a rainbow when it’s dark and there are stars in the sky but I did it.

Friday morning, I did my body test and my Wii age came up as 30! Younger than my youngest offspring! Now, that’s a feat in anyone’s book.

It was back to work for the 2.5th time in a week. The routine does help to keep me on track. No one had gone to the post office or bank the day before because my backup was out of town and our backup didn’t make it in to work, either.

My Wordscraper opponent is mopping the place up with me. After I’d won the umpteenth game, I felt like it was time to let her in on my secret—Mr. Wordy. Where’s that potion that wipes out one’s memory when I need it??

This morning, there was more snow on the ground. Not a lot but the power kept going off. I don’t have any idea why but it made me late for Sabbath School. I got there for the last song of song service and the pianist looked very relieved to see me.

The bulletin had “TBA” for the hymns for church so I nabbed the speaker as soon as he came in to find out what they were. “What Child Is This?” and “Joy to the World”. I could handle those. The service was good and wound up with a story from one of my sister’s favorite Christmas books. It was a tearjerker and I didn’t have any tissue.

There was a fellowship meal but I didn’t participate. I wanted some mint for my smoothie but it’s all dormant until it warms up. I thought that maybe some basil would do it. I got smart this winter and have a pot of basil growing along with some dill. The basil is doing pretty well so I took a leaf and threw it in with my blueberries, bananas and red leaf lettuce. It gave it just what I wanted—and it was GOOD!

I’m waiting for the next chapter from my sister’s situation, the one in the Great Northwest. It doesn’t sound good for her. My niece and her husband have moved in to care for her and my brother-in-law. They’ve cleared out some of the furniture in the computer room and will put a hospital bed in there. It’s so sad. The rest of us are able to go and do but she lays there day after day being waited on. I would never have predicted this 10 years ago. Not even five years ago.

Twinkle has commandeered a box close to the register that’s beside me. Guess that’s the next best thing to lying in front of the fireplace. I was going to dispose of the box but I’ll leave it there for her.

I kind of messed up. DD and merm have a wish list on Amazon and I haven’t even looked at it. I mailed them Walk It Out! because it was too good not to share. It got there today and merm emailed me and asked if I’d marked it as purchased on his wish list. Well, no. Didn’t know it was on there. SOMEBODY had bought it for him, though, because he checked and it was marked. I’d written on the package, “This is NOT a Christmas present” so they would go ahead and open it. I told him to let me know how he liked it. He emailed that he loves it though he can’t walk much right now because he’d had part of a pencil removed from his foot recently. I’ll have to wait to find out what DD thinks of it.

I got a couple of Christmas presents in the mail in recent days. One was from DD & merm and the other from my sister who writes for the women’s devotional every year. My other NC sister has had an essay accepted for inclusion for 2012, I think. She can correct me if I’m wrong. My treat this year came in the form of the only one the original writer had included in Sanctuary. It was on November 30 and was excellent, as usual.

That’s about it for this week. There’s more but I’ll spare you. Good night!

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