My Week: Gone With the Wind

Sunday was overcast with rain off and on. I was caught without clean sheets. I should have washed them two weeks before but I was busy destroying almost all of the garden. The arugula has still been holding on, as has some volunteer dill, and the little tomatoes I picked are ripening. For that I am thankful. Guess that’s appropriate this time of year.

It was also my day to Trade so I set out for town. My first stop was the produce place where I bought some Chiquita bananas and a box of oranges. A lady looked over at me and asked, “Are you getting ready for Christmas?” I told her that, to tell the truth, I hadn’t gotten anything done yet. She remarked, “Well, you’re buying all that fruit!” I told her I always buy a lot of fruit. She said that it’s good for me and I had to agree.

Wally World hasn’t been stocking English cucumbers so I stopped and got a couple at BiLo. Should have waited. This time, WW had them and they were a whole lot less than the others. Too late. My favorite produce guy was at WW and he gave me some news that I didn’t like to hear. He’s moving to automotive. That’s right up his alley, though. He is so car-crazy, he’s had a piston tattooed on his arm. He’ll also be making more and I can’t fault him for that. When I was looking for the software for the Wii, he was able to show me right where it was. I didn’t invest in anything. I just wanted to look.

Scarves are aggravating to me when I’m at the track so I invested in several colors of turtlenecks. I got small and I must be smaller than the patterns they use. I’ve worn one and the others will all go back. They didn’t have any extra smalls or I would have gotten them.

Monday was rainy so no walking. When I got to work, the buzz was we were getting a raise. I went to the Intranet and, sure enough, there was the CEO announcing that there would be an across the board raise of 2%, effective July 1. It will show up on our “checks” (we are all required to have direct deposit) on December 17 and there will be an extra “check” of retro pay. We haven’t gotten a raise since I don’t know when so this is very welcome.

These are some pictures I took on the way home.

Almost to the curves

Going up the mountain

Almost home

When I got to the house, I called DD since I hadn’t had time to call her back on Sunday. The phone rang and rang and finally merm answered. He told me she had gone into town to an appointment. I hadn’t taken a minute to check my email first and there was a message apologizing that she had forgotten to tell me. No biggie. I could call her on Tuesday.

Tuesday dawned with rain again, which isn’t an altogether bad thing. We need it. For the 4th day in a row, I BodyFlexed and rebounded. I’ve been planning to put a camp chair in my car so I can sit in the sun whenever it isn’t hidden by the rain clouds but I haven’t done it yet. There’s no way to sit on the chairs on the patio since they have cushions that soak up whatever moisture there might be. It has to be dry for a couple of days before I don’t get a wet behind if I sit on them.

The balance board for my Wii came and I fielded the usual questions about do I have it set up yet. No. I don’t. When I get home from work, I have so much other stuff to do, I haven’t had time. It will get done. Just not in the immediate future.

I took some more pictures on the way home.

The bypass from work


Looking toward the mountain

I called DD as planned. Our visit was very short–just about 20 minutes. We have more time to talk on Sunday IF I don’t have to go anywhere.

Wednesday was supposed to be severe clear but it was cloudy when I went to the track. I was well-covered. Nothing was bare except from the chin up. I managed to get in 2.5 miles before I had to go to work.

Thursday was overcast AGAIN. At least there was a little sun now and then. I saw my shadow twice during the whole 2.5 miles.

One of the former employees at the hospital died earlier in the week so I called one of my co-workers to see if she planned to go to the funeral on Friday. She was so shocked that I called her at home, she thought something was wrong. She calls me whenever she has computer problems but I rarely to never call her. We agreed to go before the funeral to view and sign the book.

Friday, I was determined to get to the track early enough to do three miles. The best laid plans. It wasn’t raining but it was cold and foggy. I rolled the windows down so I could see to pull out and the passenger side window would not go back up. Before I started down the mountain, I pulled off the highway and left the engine running while I went around the car and tried to raise it by pushing the button on its door. No luck. I continued on with the cold wind whipping around my ears.

To cap the stack, down in the valley, a suicidal squirrel ran out in front of me and started zig-zagging in the road. I couldn’t avoid hitting it and that made a bad situation worse.

I went to the NAPA place because I knew it would be open and waited for 45 minutes and over $27 later for my window to be closed. The door panel had to come off so it could be raised. The owner gave me an estimate of what fixing it will cost and I told him to order the part. So there goes my retro pay. I also asked him about a cabin filter change but it turns out the 2000 Honda Civic isn’t so equipped. To make sure, I checked it out here.

There was wireless available so I used some of the time to play Wordscraper. I’ve been winning lately but the current game we’re playing is probably a loss.

So…no walking on Friday. No BodyFlex or rebounding, either.

I was the bank/post office person for the first time in a couple of weeks. At least I got to walk to the mailbox in front of the nursing home. I also walked over to the clinic and talked to the nurse who is helping to wind up business for my ex-PCP.

My co-worker and I had settled on noon to go to the funeral home. The deceased looked very natural lying there in a nice suit. We talked to his mother and his wife. His wife told me he would talk about me and wonder if I still took my lunch to work. Well, yes! The cafeteria doesn’t serve raw food (not much, anyway) OR fava beans.

It was back to work after we watched the video and signed the book.

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 with the thought that I had failed to refrigerate the fava beans. I got up and, sure enough, there were the six one cup containers lined up like little soldiers on the counter where I’d left them to cool. I put them in the fridge and went back to bed. I didn’t realize when I shut the door that I had company.

As I was drifting off to sleep, Twinkle jumped onto the bed and started walking around. I shooed her off and started drifting off again. Here she came. I figured she would settle down but no. The third time it happened, I gave up and got out of bed. One morning I can sleep and I was up at 6.

One plus was that I got to church a bit early to find the bulletin was full of “TBAs” and had the wrong speaker listed. It was news to me that the Emmanuel Quartet was having the church service. That was good news but I was still in the dark about what would involve me. Everything proceeded as usual except there was no congregational closing hymn, no dismissal response and no postlude.

Another thing I didn’t know was there was a fellowship meal on a week when there usually isn’t. That was okay, too. I came home and had my green smoothie and some mango sorbet.

It’s been a quiet rest of the day. I picked some arugula for my supper salad. The rain has done it good. I should have a nice supply as long as there isn’t a killing freeze.

Well, tomorrow is shopping day again. I’d give a pretty penny if I didn’t have to go anywhere. I run the roads with Something to Do seven days a week now. I get so tired of going. When people ask me if I’m going anywhere for Thanksgiving, I tell them no. I’m going to stay home and be thankful I don’t have to go anywhere.

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  1. Mary Jane November 21, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    I remember those foggy times on the mountain!

    • Tommie November 21, 2010 at 6:08 pm #

      We don’t usually have them on the north side of the mountain but we have been lately.

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