My Week: Wii Wii Wii

Another seven days is down and I lived through every one. It was a long week but I made it. That was an accomplishment in itself.

On Sunday, I geared up to go to Trade, as my mother would say. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but with the time change, it gets dark so early that I can’t make it to town after work and still get home with light still in the sky. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll gladly exchange my one day at home for sunshine in the early morning. Standard time rocks!!

The only place I went was Wally World. All three of the produce guys were there. I took some time to visit. One of them was puny with a cold so I gave him my niece’s recipe for garlic lemonade. I don’t know that he tried it. There aren’t many people outside our family with the nerve to. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Heat water to boiling then remove it from the heat. Add a clove of crushed garlic and let it steep for a few minutes. Squeeze a lemon and stir in the juice along with honey or agave nectar to taste. Sip until it’s gone. Repeat several times during the day. It may not make the cold go away any more quickly but it sure helps a sore throat.

When I got home, I saw that DD had called while I was gone. When I got the groceries put away and blended up a green smoothie, I called her back. We visited until her phone died. We were trying to call each other back but we’d get each other’s voice mail. I finally emailed her that we’d probably said about everything there was to say and she agreed.

It was blue cold Monday with 28 degrees at the local bank. I was a wimp and didn’t walk. Instead, I stayed in and did my BodyFlex and rebounded. My Wordscraper opponent branded me “Wimpy wimpy wimpy” but I didn’t care. I was warm.

There are two Wordscraper games going. These are going to be close. I’m a little ahead in one and somewhat ahead in the other. As sneaky as she is, she can come in and WHOMP! eat up my lead in a heartbeat.

Another WeatherBug user came by the hospital and I learned I wasn’t the only one who had seen the temperature as 140 degrees Sabbath morning. It was a relief to know I wasn’t just seeing things. I called the school yesterday and the person who oversees it said she’d rebooted the system and was waiting for it to show the outside temperature. I told her what had happened over the weekend. She hadn’t been aware of that. The equipment may be toast. It still isn’t back up.

Tuesday through Friday, it was back to the track. Tuesday, I did (as I remember) 2.5 miles. Wednesday, I got there too late to do any more than two miles. HOWEVER, I made it down a few minutes before 7 both Thursday and Friday. Thursday, I did three miles plus one lap and Friday, I did three miles. Had I had my wits about me today, I would have taken my walking shoes with me and done some laps after church. I’ll have to remember to do that on Sabbaths when it isn’t raining and the wind is relatively calm.

On Wednesday, I had a big surprise. I wish someone had been standing there to take a picture of me when I opened an email at work. Some time back, I’d asked the fellow at the local pawn shop to keep an eye out for a Wii for me. I’d never heard from him so I’d started casually looking at new ones. Several weeks ago, I’d filled out my annual commitment for the United Way Campaign. There was a list of prizes that would be given away in a drawing held for all the participants. Two laptops, two Wii systems, two flip video camera and five Ipods. I thought, “If I win anything, I hope it’s a Wii.” Well, guess what?? The email, addressed to me and cc’ed to the administrator said something like, “CONGRATULATIONS! You won a Wii in the United Way drawing! You may pick it up at the desk in the Human Resources building.” Then it gave the hours.

I emailed back, “Woohoo! Can you send it to me via courier?” I heard nothing. Next day, I asked if I needed to go pick it up. No, it would come via courier but probably not until Friday. Well, from what I know about the courier, if it had been dropped off before noon their time, he would have gotten it to me by 2 the same afternoon. Not being in a position to do much about it, I resolved to be patient.

There was another email on Friday. It was being sent by courier but not to me. The box was addressed to the HR coordinator at the hospital and I was to sign the enclosed form that I received it. I called HR. No answer. I emailed the administrator. She emailed back that the coordinator wasn’t at work and I was not to go into her office or open any of her mail. Then she added that, of course, I knew that mail was often misdirected (haha). The last part was the part I liked most. The only person left in administration could give me the package and I was to enjoy it.

Since I have a packet for the courier almost every day, I know his schedule. I waited until I knew he would have run and went to the administration office. The door was locked. I made a dash to the lab because he makes his second stop there but they said he’d been there about 10 minutes before. My heart sank. I went back to my office thinking that it would probably be Monday before I got it.

I paged Receiving and she called me. When I asked her if the courier had been there, she said yes. Had he brought me anything? Well, there were some envelopes. Was there a box to the HR coordinator? No. I don’t think so. Then she started laughing. She’d gotten word to give me the box but she had to give me a hard time first. I told her I’d come get it but she said she’d bring it to me.

She helped me open it and there it was! My very own Wii with Sports and Sports Resort plus an extra—Wii board games. One of the other girls in the office has had experience with the Wii and we opened the board games to see what the 12 are. It didn’t help. The outside of the case gave more information than the booklet inside. Checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, backgammon, Soduko and puzzles are the ones I can remember. That leaves that many more than I have yet to discover.

I brought it home and it’s still in the box. I opened it and took out the manual and it’s going to be quite a project to set it up. I’m going to have to do some major modifications in the living room. Friday afternoon right before sundown wasn’t the time to start it. I may have to take some time off work to get ‘er done. One thing I want to get to go with it is the Fit. Other than that, I doubt I’ll invest in anything extra.

My neighbors got home yesterday. I still haven’t seen either one of them but it’s nice to know they’re there.

This morning, I was skimming through Facebook and found a post by my DIL that their house had been broken into. Her laptop was stolen plus my granddaughter’s $50 in change. There was some damage to the house, too. I’m praying that the thieves will mend their ways and that the family will be able to recover from this blow.

Twinkle has been worrying with her tail for several days. This morning, I dipped a Q-tip in tea tree oil and forcibly applied it to the bare spot. She wasn’t happy but she didn’t hiss at me. This afternoon, she was on my bed so I got another swab and dipped it in the tea tree oil. I expected to have to hold her down again but she lay there and seemed happy to have me doctor her. I’ll put some on it again before I go to bed.

The church was warm today! I still had on my long johns under my skirt and I wore a light jacket but I didn’t need my fingerless gloves.

The pastor preached a sermon about the importance of having the church school operating. Things aren’t looking good for it. It’s in danger of closing. That would be sad if it does. The church has had a school for many years. It was there before DD and I moved up from Alabama and that was in 1986. Twenty-four years. How time does fly.

It’s been an exciting week to end on such a sober note. Hopefully, there will be better news to report next week.

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  1. Mary Jane November 14, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    Congratulations on your prize–I wouldn’t know what to do with it, but glad you do and that you had been wanting one.

    So sorry about the break-in. Hope the culprits are caught and the goods returned, but that wouldn’t restore the peace of mind.

    • Tommie November 14, 2010 at 10:19 am #

      Thanks! From what I’ve heard before, such break-ins are low priority and are almost always never solved. I’m hoping and praying that won’t be the case this time.

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