My Week: The Walking Track

Before we get to the main subject of this post, we’ll start with Sunday. I got everything done that I set out to do before I went to the gathering at the church for friends and family of the deceased. I saw people there I hadn’t seen for years and it was a most enjoyable time. There was lots of food even though it had been going on for more than an hour when I arrived. The table with the lettuces, etc., had barely been touched so I got a plate and piled it high with romaine and some amazingly good (for this time of year) tomato wedges to have for supper.

From there, we continued on to the cemetery. We (my neighbors and I) had parked our vehicles well away from the grave site so, after some discussion, I got into their van and went the rest of the way with them. Visitation and viewing was supposed to be from 4:30 to 5 but we had gone early. I had on heels which was a bad choice for standing for about an hour and a half.

I had understood that there was to be a keyboard but it turned out to be an accordion. I felt sorry for the poor woman. She was standing, too, and those things can get heavy. I know. DH played the accordion and played it well. I learned to play it pretty decently, myself, but I almost always sat down to do it. Not only did I feel sorry for the accordion player, I felt sorry for the deceased because nothing was going the way she had specified. She didn’t know it, though, and her poor husband had to be considered.

The service started about 10 minutes early. We all joined with the accordion player in singing “A Song of Heaven and Homeland”. Copies were provided—two of them—for a crowd of probably 50 people. I sang when I could and hummed when I didn’t know the words. The life sketch was read by my neighbor’s sister. I couldn’t hear all of it so I’d like to get a copy to read. The woman who sang for Mother’s memorial had been asked to sing “Be Still My Soul” and she did it acappella. By that time, my feet were screaming so I slipped out of my shoes and stood stocking-footed on the grass. I was much more comfortable and survived the rest of the time while hearing snatches of what was going on.

I didn’t leave as soon as it was over. There were several people I visited with, including the songstress. There was no time to really do anything when I got home except eat my fava beans and go to bed.

Monday, it was back to the track. I took these pictures the next day but I’ll go ahead and share them now. I should have put a warning at the beginning that there are lots of them which will be slow to load for the folks still on dialup.

The end of the track closest to the road boasts a gazebo.


Not too much farther along is some playground equipment geared toward older kids. This is looking east toward the mountain that was still hiding the sun.

Big Kids' Playground

Now you can see the track, itself. I’ve put many a mile on my shoes walking on its surface.

More Playground Stuff

Behind the little tree, there are the tower and slides.

Tower and Slides

You can tell this area has a lot of farmers. It isn’t often you can find a John Deere tractor and barn on a playground.

There always have to be swings, don’t there?


The picnic table and benches have seen better days. Maybe that’s why there’s no bathroom available. It might get destroyed, too.

Picnic Shelter

There’s a totem pole-looking post with what appears to be a representation of a woodpecker on top. Maybe it’s supposed to mean the bird is responsible for making it?


The little kids have their own playground

Little Kids' Playground

with the always required swings.

Little Kids' Swings

There’s even a playground for the toddlers.

Toddlers' Playground

It took several rounds to get even close to the sunrise.

Not Quite Sunrise

Once it came up, though…


The color isn’t quite what it was, actually, but I think it makes a pretty picture.

There are some kids who wait for the bus across the street from the track. At first, they would studiously ignore me but now they’ll wave and smile. It’s nice to be acknowledged.

Well, other than that, my week was taken up with work, work, work. I trained some more to be backup at the nursing home. For parts of two days, I worked on billing. That’s familiar stuff since that’s how I made my living for years. It’s a little different but enough alike for me to be fairly comfortable with it. I told my boss I’d canceled going to the fall conference this year. She said I didn’t have to do that but I don’t know who would do the checks to cover payroll if I were gone. Oh, well. Maybe SHE would.

Oh! There were a couple of really good things that happened. My friend who needed a new computer was able to pick one out for me to order Sunday night. It was supposed to get there Wednesday but it surprised her by coming in on Tuesday. I was glad it did. I was very short-staffed the other days. I got to open the box and set it up for her.

She had an MRI on Thursday because the doctor suspected liver cancer. A couple of Christian friends had visited her, anointed her and prayed that she would be healed. There was no evidence of cancer when the results came back. Praise the Lord!

Friday, I took off work early so I could go grocery shopping. People are amazed that it takes me so long but it isn’t like grabbing cans, boxes and bags of prepared foods. I have to inspect everything I pick up. The produce guys were working in the garden area so I didn’t have help. I managed, anyway. I saw one of them when I was on my way out.

When I checked my email, I had word that my sister is back in the hospital. She had been home for less than a week. It would be nice if she had a miraculous healing, too.

Today has been a fall day. The church was cold when I got there. After hearing several complaints from me and some others, the heat was turned on. It got almost too warm, then. I took my jacket off but put it back on when someone opened the doors. I do hope they’ll be able to adjust the temperature so it won’t be so erratic.

This afternoon, I visited with my “big” sister. She’s the oldest and smaller than any of us. Her car has died, her cell phone battery won’t hold a charge, and she was homebound today. We talked for right at half an hour.

I’ve pigged out today. Besides the usual, I had banana/blueberry ice cream and mango sorbet. YUM for both! It’s been long enough and it’s getting late enough to hang this up for tonight and go to bed.

4 Responses to My Week: The Walking Track

  1. Lila October 16, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures – a nice place to walk! Beautiful sunrise, too.

    • Tommie October 16, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

      And I was oil alone. Peaceful.

  2. Mary Jane October 17, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    It really does look like a pleasant place to walk, and a great one for all sizes of kids. The sunrise was beautiful!

    I wish you were here to help me solve my e-mail problems! You could probably do it with no trouble a’tall.

    • Tommie October 17, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

      Wish I could solve every problem any of us has. Especially the sister between us.

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