My Week: You CAN Train a Cat!

It’s been quite busy the last seven days. Work/eat/sleep. Oh, I forgot walking. I did that, too, though not as much as I’d planned. There was some real winter weather three of the days with a heavy frost one morning. No frost here, though. The lowest it’s gotten at my house is 37 degrees F. I’ve been thankful for that. My tomato plant in front of the deck is still beautiful and green with lots of fruit. I picked a handful this morning that are just starting to ripen. If the warmer weather holds (the high today was 88 in the valley), I should have more to eat.

Sunday, I didn’t get a whole lot done. That isn’t unusual. I need a couple of weeks off so I could recuperate the first week and then spend the next week accomplishing.

Monday, it was back to the track and then to work. It was cool enough I wore layers and donned my gloves for the first time this season. I’m not sure what season it is with all the fluctuations. Just to think, the week before, I was wearing shorts.

There was sufficient staff most of the week but still not enough hours. I don’t know how much the volume has to go up and stay up to get full hours back. I know both the outpatient flow, the ER and the hospital bed counts are all up. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur. I had to go over to the nursing home and train some more to be backup for accounts payable. Billing is supposed to be coming up soon. I guess you could say that’s job security.

My neighbor’s aunt kept getting weaker and weaker and she passed away on Thursday. I got a call from my neighbor at work and from her sister when I got home that evening. The plans for the funeral had changed early on because the deceased’s husband isn’t in good health, either, and can’t handle a full-blown service as had been arranged. So…I’m relieved of my duties as organist which didn’t bother me a bit. I was willing to do it because they wanted me to but playing for funerals is not something I’d choose. There will be a family dinner at the church tomorrow. Since I’m family, I’m invited. I don’t know if I will go for the whole time or not. I will go to visitation and the graveside service.

After work yesterday, I went across the mountain to buy FOOD. I was completely out of bananas and was getting low on blueberries. I’ve been making banana leather out of the very overripe bananas. It reminds me of Tootsie Rolls only better. When I went to the produce section at Wally World, a welcome sight met my eyes. The sign over the bananas was 25¢ a lub! I left with almost 30 lubs of bananas for $7.31 plus tax! Woohoo! More banana leather and ice cream! They were all stages of speckled from barely to ready for smoothies.

The blueberries were a disappointment. I’ve been getting frozen wild ones and they’ve been replaced with conventional Great Value. I’m gonna complain about that, as if it will do any good.

My nursing home friend and I will be discussing options re: a computer purchase on Monday. We’re halfway to the goal and the money has about quit coming in. There was one person who told me to look her up on payday but then she wasn’t working. I’m hoping more will come in because I hate to have to settle. Once again, if there’s anyone out there willing to donate, the email address for PayPal is or click on Contact at the top of this page and email me for info on where to send me a snail mail contribution.

Speaking of nursing home, my sister was discharged home yesterday. They have agreed to six hours a day in-home care and she will be getting an electronic alert system. Mother had one and she would forget and go to bed with the signal thingy (sorry for the technical jargon) in her duster pocket. One night, she woke to flashing lights and she later told me, “There was a BIG MAN standing by my bed!” She’d rolled over and set it off. It did make life interesting.

I was in bed last night by a couple minutes after 9 and woke bright and early this morning. Even so, I had to take my OJ/peach blend with me. I slipped out during class to drink it. The person teaching the class was talking so softly, I couldn’t hear what she was saying from where I was sitting so I guess I didn’t miss much. The a/c wasn’t running and the church would have been comfortable if I’d one less layer of clothes on. I never know how to dress.

My neighbor had put a box of assorted electronics on the deck and pointed them out when I got home. There are some things in there I’ll be able to use and I’ll pass the rest on. She does come across some good stuff when she’s renovating buildings.

Today is my great-niece’s birthday. My sister came over from NC to help celebrate. Tomorrow is my granddaughter’s early birthday celebration but I won’t be going. Grandparents Day is coming up soon. It was either or and Grandparents Day won.

I’m already having to fight to stay awake but I do want to explain my title. Twinkle is very demanding when it comes to food so I decided to make her earn it. Being an inside cat, she doesn’t get a whole lot of exercise. She’d wave her paw at me to let me know she wanted me to put food down for her. I’d shake the container and wait until she would stand on her hind legs and wave both her paws in the air. Then she’d get rewarded. Now, she has to do it at least three times before I’ll feed her. She’s a smart cat and she’s caught on fast.

So…now you know and here’s where I sign off.

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