My Week: Another Milestone

I didn’t get anything posted last night because I had two lengthy phone calls in the late afternoon. That kind of pushed everything except my supper to the back burner. It was past 8 o’clock before I finished eating my fava beans and I still had to put some more on to cook. And not on the back burner, either. I cook ’em in a crockpot that has never been used for anything else. So there.

Lemme see. Last Sunday, I woke with an idea in my head that would not go away. I’d learned the night before that my nursing home friend’s laptop had quit. I knew that, even if it were fixed, it would only be a matter of time before it did it again. I prayed about it off and on all night between sleeping sessions. She has a lot of Facebook friends (I found out later that most of them are in name only) so I figured it would be a simple thing to raise enough money to get her a new notebook. Long story short, I’ve set up an email address for PayPal. It’s if anyone would feel moved to contribute (and I hope you are). If you aren’t comfortable with PayPal, you can click on Contact at the top of this page and ask how to send it via snail mail. She isn’t able to get up without major assistance so the Internet is her link to the outside world. Otherwise, her world consists of the room she lives in. At the moment, she’s using a borrowed computer but that can’t go on indefinitely. At first, the donations came in at a brisk rate but they have slowed to almost nothing now and it still isn’t enough.

DD and I had a short visit. She and merm were on their way north of Seattle to look at properties. I don’t know if they took any pictures or not. I asked her to so I could see what they were seeing but I haven’t gotten anything. I keep getting invites from merm to join a folder but when I go to Live Sync, I don’t see anything new and I’d have to sit down and figure out how to get any of the existing ones on my desktop. Short story, my brain isn’t up to it. I will go pictureless in the meantime.

Monday, it was back to walking and work, in that order. My desk was stacked with problems, as usual, so I was plenty busy.

I’d planned to shoot myself in the leg on Sunday but it was Tuesday before I took time to. Since my PCP says once a month and my naturopath says once a week, I figured I’d split the difference and do it every two weeks.

When I got to work, I found out there was a sadness. One of the regular walkers had had a death in the family.

Tuesday was also the Milestone. If you take a look at the picture below, you can see what it was.


Now, before I get fussed at for taking the picture while I was driving, the road was clear both in front of me and behind me. I was well past the curves, too.

Wednesday, I went to the Other Side of the Mountain to grocery shop. I’d called the produce place the day before to let them know I’d be there to pick up a box of oranges. The message didn’t get passed along so, once again, the oranges came off the shelf. They’ve been good so it’s no biggie.

At Wally World, one of my favorite produce guys was working. He had the bad news that some of what I regularly buy isn’t on the list to order any more. That’s not good. It’s no longer one-stop shopping. I had to go to BiLo, too, and somewhere along the way, I lost my pedometer. I called both places I’d gone to the bathroom (Never Pass a Pot) but it hadn’t been turned in.

Thursday was the last day of the month and the last time I would be the ongoing bank and mail person. I stopped at Save A Lot and bought 12 lubs of bananas for $3.49 (plus tax, as my mother would say). They still aren’t ripe enough to make anything but smoothies. I like them a little riper for both ice cream and leather.

I had the oil changed in my car. The female half of the ownership and I were talking about her health issues when she stopped and said, “We’ve been talking about me—now what about you?” I was telling her about my own problems that are mostly resolved and she was amazed. It wasn’t long until my car was ready and I came on home.

Friday, I was just about wiped out from the two previous days but I did three miles. That was the first day of the five I’d been able to get it all in. I felt much better after I finished, though. I was energized.

Since it was October 1, I was relieved of the mail and bank duties. I still have to do them tomorrow.

My boss had informed me several days before that I had to get over there and have a training update in Accounts Payable and also learn the new billing system. There was time for AP but not the billing so that’s supposed to be Tuesday if it works out.

After work, I was zoned in on coming home but remembered I had planned to go to visitation so I wheeled around and went back. I signed the book, got and gave a hug, watched the video of the deceased’s life a few minutes and left.

I hit the hay before 9 Friday night and was oh! so glad it was Sabbath.

Yesterday, there was an interesting program for Sabbath School. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the participants to get permission to post their pictures with no results. So…I’ll just briefly say the couple were dressed in period clothing and they both sang while she played the melodeon. Since it can’t object, here’s the picture of it:


The pictures aren’t what I would like them to be but I cannot get Paintshop Pro to install since I’ve done the clean install of Windows 7. It sits there and doesn’t do anything until a long time later, a window will pop up with an error code and a message saying setup can’t be found.

I was warm in the church because, once again, I wore slacks with long john pants over my pantyhose, a turtleneck under a short-sleeved top and I carried a jacket for insurance.

The pastor’s wife had the sermon. She gave a very earnest appeal. The preliminaries had taken up most of the time so she wasn’t able to cover everything she wanted to.

You may recall the couple I went to see a week ago. She had another stroke during the week and has pneumonia on top of that. His cancer has spread to his lungs and brain. If she goes first, the service will just be graveside because he can’t handle the funeral home and that, too. So…if there’s music, someone else will have to play it because I would need to practice. I talked to DS1 last night and he wouldn’t be able to come and sing if it’s on a workday. I’m not disappointed. I want to be at the service but I won’t get my feelings hurt by not providing the music.

I’ve still been eating watermelon but I have to bundle up to do it. The weather has turned from summer to almost winter. We have two seasons now—hot and cold. I walked in my work clothes every day but one and I wore sweats then. I wear socks with my sandals.

My neighbors are back home which is nice. I took them some watermelon yesterday. It was a good one and I would have felt selfish had I not shared it. When I was leaving to come back home, she said, “You know about the power outage, don’t you?” No, I didn’t. Well. It was supposed to be off from 11 last night to 6 this morning but it was past 7:30 when it came back on. She also told me that it’s supposed to frost Monday. There are still lots of tomatoes on the plant between the deck and the compost bin!

Not having electricity encouraged me to stay in bed later which has thoroughly messed up my day. If nothing else, it’s a good excuse.

The last of the sugar water is in the hummingbird feeder. They may have already left. I haven’t seen them around so I may just bring the feeders in and clean ’em up for spring. I don’t like to think about winter coming on but it’s inevitable.

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  1. Lila October 14, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    Sorry about the pedometer! I don’t suppose there is any way for someone who might find it to know to return it to you. Maybe you should check back a time or two where you think it could have been lost. Good luck!

    • Tommie October 14, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

      Thanks. I meant to ask the last time I was down there and was in such a hurry I forgot.

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