Another Phone Consult

I didn’t update about the status of my health last week. It’s just as well since I have more news. I’ve been walking faithfully, Monday – Friday, and doing at least 2.5 miles and 3 on the days I get to the track early enough. Weekends, I BodyFlex and rebound on my Cellerciser.

Wednesday, I called to make an appointment for the second official phone consult with my naturopath. That’s when I found out he was overbooked for Friday and would be gone all this week. However, his wife/office manager said he could call me back in 10-15 minutes. It took a little longer than that but he called. He said they had been talking about me the day before and I jokingly asked what they’d said. He answered, “We were saying how delightful you are and we’re so glad you’re doing better.” I thought “Yeah, right” on the first part of the statement. Delightful? That is an adjective that’s never been applied to me ever.

First order of business was finding out how I was doing. Of course, I had to brag about my walking. He was pleased that I am able to walk so far.

I asked him what I could cut back on because I can’t maintain the expense of buying all the supplements indefinitely. Instead of telling me, he wanted to know what I was taking. He indicated that he had my chart in hand but he wanted me to list them for him. I told him I am still taking CoQ10, Zyflamend, Evening Primrose Oil, L-glutamine, and LiquiNutrients. He said he wants me to continue taking the L-glutamine and the CoQ10 both morning and evening but I could cut out the second dose on everything else. That should help some.

Then he asked if I’m getting my B-12 shots. I said since my PCP is closing his practice the end of October, he had taught me to self-inject. Had I done it? Yes, once. He wants me to have them weekly but I’m going to see how I do with every other week. My second shot in the leg was supposed to take place today but I forgot to do it this morning. I’ve read that it isn’t a good idea to do it in the evening because it does energize a person. Tomorrow? We’ll see.

He said he wants me to have a repeat of the lab work done that he ordered for me when I was in Seattle. I’ll have to get an order from my PCP.

I didn’t tell him I’ve been taking Essential GSH. Not that he’d disapprove but I don’t know that I can keep it up, budget-wise. I did fail to tell him I’m still eating my fava beans twice a day. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to fix them. Now I sometimes add some Frontier Indian curry powder but my favorite way is to mix in kelp noodles and chopped avocado. That last could get to be dangerous so I don’t have it every day.

And now a little side note. I’d forgotten to pick up my glasses at work so I’d have them to play the organ. I’ve already told about this on a weekly post but I’ll enlarge on it here. Then, last Monday, I got my glasses out at work (I’d still needed them for working on the computer and reading reports) and started in on my email. A couple hours later, I turned around and there my glasses lay, still folded up, on the part of the desk that’s behind me (the desk is a U shape). I’d been working all that time without wearing them and I didn’t even miss them! That hadn’t happened to me since I’d first started doing eye exercises.

Right now, I’m blogging without any glasses. I had to put them on once in the past week and that was to read teeny tiny print on a package of kelp noodles. The font on WordPress is quite small. I’ve impressed myself. I can even read the smaller font on my netbook.

Now, I don’t know exactly how this turn of events came about. I’m much more aware of focusing since I learned the eye exercises but I haven’t been doing them consistently. I’ve wondered if it’s because of the E GSH. Then again, I started playing the organ without glasses before I started taking it. Every morning when I walk, on the days it isn’t clouded over, the sun is in my eyes on part of every lap. I never wear sunglasses. It used to be, before I started eating raw food, my eyes would hurt in bright sun. They don’t any more. Maybe shutting out the rays isn’t such a good idea after all. I know people with lens implants have to wear shades because they have a little magnifying glass in each eye and you know what happens when you let the sun’s rays shine through a magnifying glass…For me, though, I can do without.

Tomorrow is another 18 laps at the track unless the 90% chance of rain materializes. If it does, I’ll just have to dispense with my walking. Since we are in dire need of the moisture, I’ll be thankful in either instance.

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