My Week: A Summary

Saturday night
My daily update never came to fruition. That round tuit is so elusive. This post will be much shorter than it would’ve been had I updated daily, anyway. I’ll no doubt leave a lot out but you won’t know the difference. Since it WILL be shorter, you can be thankful.

There was an email from my sister who is the most recently widowed. She’d spent the day getting together things for a church sale including a lot of her husband’s belongings. It was very difficult for her. I could relate. I did the same thing with DH’s belongings when I finally realized he would never be back. Her situation reminded me of something that had happened to me the week before. The person I’d signed the Peugeot over to years ago called me at work to ask my permission to get rid of the car. I told him it was his to do with as he wished but he persisted. I finally told him it would no doubt have to be junked and he agreed. He’d wanted to fix it up and drive it but could never afford it. I assured him it was okay and that I’d put my hand over my heart and shed a tear. Fact is, I shed more than one. I couldn’t let go and “beller and boohoo”, as Mother would have said. I sat quietly in my corner and let the tears come. Then I went in the bathroom and cried some more. That went on off and on all day. It was the end of an era.

DD and merm were at a permaculture convergence last weekend and the days were full. We never did get our visit in. I started to put weekly visit but they are getting to be less weekly and more like twice a month. We do “see” each other on Facebook and I’ll comment on her blog (though she never comments on mine). Then there’s gmail. merm and I chat more often on there than DD and I do. We know we are all alive and well (I hope).

Sunday afternoon, my neighbor and I went to see her aunt and uncle as planned. We found them in better shape than we’d thought they would be from what she’d heard. The uncle was in bed and rarely opened his eyes. The aunt and I went to her room and found her hymnal so she could tell me what songs they want for their funerals. She remembered one but couldn’t think of the other three. My neighbor was visiting with her uncle while I wheeled her aunt back and forth. On the way home, we talked about how sad it was and we both just about broke down.

When I got to work on Monday, I found that a good friend’s granddaughter had been taken to the children’s hospital and was in critical condition. Since then, she has been in pediatric ICU (she’s 2 and 1/2 years old) and was on a ventilator for several days. Her aunt set up a Facebook page for updates. Before that, her dad kept everyone informed. Now, she is back in a regular bed. She has a feeding tube but should make a full recovery. Today was the first day she was out of the room and there was a cute picture of her looking very solemn (which is unusual) on Facebook. There’s no way to know how long she will have to be in the hospital. I can’t even begin to imagine how much her bill will be.

After work, I found my credit card in my mailbox after I’d specifically asked for it to be sent to me at work. It had to be activated so I came in and did that before I went to town to buy groceries. The lady at the produce place had forgotten to order any oranges for me so she had someone get them off the shelf for me. They are better than they look. I didn’t see any of my produce guys at Wally World. The Kent mangoes weren’t quite history. There was some big beautiful ones at WW at a big beautiful price so I didn’t get very many. When I went to BiLo for cucumbers, there were lots of Kents. I found the produce guy there (he and I have had some good discussions) and he told me they were 99 cents each. He had me bag up what I wanted then took them to the back and marked them so the cashier wouldn’t have to find the price. All of them are still waiting to ripen enough to eat.

This whole week has been rather unique because the office was as staffed as it can be with the cut in hours. It’s been really nice but that won’t be true of next week. I’ll have someone out once again. I have to go ‘way back in the schedule to find a three week stretch when someone hasn’t been on vacation, sick or on jury duty.

It was layers for me again for church. Plus I wore slacks. Someone remarked that it has to be kept cool so the men will be comfortable and I informed her that’s why I’m dressing like one of them. Maybe I should buy myself a man’s suit? I had on long john pants under the slacks, pantyhose, a turtle neck with a top over it and a shirt-jacket. I was warm enough. I talked to the pastor after church and he said that maybe someday they’d get it right. I said that would be when I’d start wearing dresses again. His remark? It’s better to not catch a chill and get sick. Right on!

I’d asked for prayer for my friend in the nursing home. She’s been in a lot of pain and has had several tests and is due for more. I’m hoping and praying that it’s nothing serious and I know she would appreciate it if anyone reading this who is a praying person will join in.

This afternoon, I went to the nursing home to see the aunt and uncle. They are sharing a room now. Last week, they were just about at opposite ends of the building. She remembered all of the songs and was glad to see me walk in. She said, “Now I won’t have to call you on the phone because you appeared!” He was up and dressed—because it was Sabbath? He did look better today. Maybe it was because she is in the room with him. Some people from church dropped in, too. I left when their supper was served. A youngish man in a motorized wheelchair saw me in the parking lot and we got into a conversation about my shoes. You can see them here. I have the brown ones. He said he’d like to get some for his mom. Just then, the man who’d come by the room earlier rode up on horseback. We talked for a minute and I came home.

Watermelons are getting rarer. I got two in town on Monday and cut the last one today. I hit the jackpot on both. I’d made some banana/blueberry/cinnamon “ice cream” on Sunday and I had some of that this afternoon, too.

My sister with the fracture went to church for the first time today since her spill. The one in “canyonland” has been getting rain (wish she’d send some this way) and the one in the Great Northwest is still incommunicado. I wrote her the other day but don’t expect to get an answer. It’s hard to keep in touch when it’s a one way street.

Last night, I was already in bed asleep at this time (it’s past 9:30) and I slept in until after 7. If I don’t wind this up soon, I won’t get much quality sleep—the kind before midnight. Good night, y’all!

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  1. Lila September 26, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    Are these the shoes you use for your walks? I have to have something different until the swelling is gone from my ankle, and I want to be able to go walking.

    Sorry about your nursing home friend. Hope she is better soon.

    • Tommie September 26, 2010 at 9:36 am #

      I am walking in them more and more but I wear my original Curves sandals to do my 2.5 – 3 miles. I’ll have to get something like an enclosed walking shoe for this winter, though. I still want to have the “rocker” sole.

      Now, my friend’s computer is dead. I’m campaigning to get her a new one.

  2. Mary Jane September 26, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Sorry about the car!

    • Tommie September 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

      Me, too, Mary Jane, and sometimes even now, I’ll have a stinging in my nose that tells me the tears are close again. I know it’s just a car but it had quite a history.

      Didn’t know that Rockport has rocker soled shoes. These are Rocker RX and I don’t know that they are connected. There are lots of companies that make the curved sole shoes. Skecher is one and, of course, Curves. I got my Curves through Avon but they don’t make the ones I like any more. “If it ain’t broke…”

  3. Lila September 26, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    Is Rockport the only manufacturer of the rocker sole?

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