My Week: DS1’s 46th and After

I was left at DS1’s house to finish up my morning routine, leave and lock the door. My granddaughter had volleyball practice and the Couple was going out for the day to celebrate the anniversary of his nativity. That was fine with me. I could get on the road at a reasonable hour after giving the kitchen a “lick and a promise” and catching up on my blog, somewhat.

My phone was still dead from the long call to the credit card company so I availed myself of DS1’s and called DS2’s house. After playing phone tag a little, I let them know I’d like to go by. That’s what I did and, while I was there, my granddaughter played the piano for me. She is really doing well. Her mom is stressing counting so she is starting out right. Her lessons didn’t begin until just recently. It won’t be long until she will be playing more difficult pieces.

She does well on the pogo stick, too. DS2 said she loves it and it shows. It’s something you can’t do well otherwise.

My visit with that family didn’t last long because they were getting ready to go to a harvest festival at one of the local churches so I was on my way again shortly.

Stopping by the university supermarket was a revelation. They have just about finished remodeling and it doesn’t look like the same place. It’s been completely revamped, for the most part. I noticed the restroom was still in need of some sprucing up.

There was open house at the Adventist Book Center so I stopped and browsed for a few minutes but didn’t buy anything. The lack of a credit card has made me a lot more cautious which might be a good thing.

Wally World had just about everything I needed but I still had to stop by Bi-Lo for cucumbers. From there I went to the produce place and got a watermelon and some peaches.

Once home, I unloaded everything and put away the perishables. I’d gotten some herbs and spices at the university supermarket and when I was putting them away, I realized I hadn’t picked up my prescription. I sailed back down the mountain, got my meds and swooped back up and home again.

DD had left voice mail early this afternoon but my DSL has been yo-yoing again so I didn’t attempt to call her. I’ll be getting off work before she does tomorrow, too, so I can’t have her call me at the hospital. I’ll try it tomorrow, I reckon.

It’s past my bedtime. Tomorrow it’s back to the track so I’d better hang this up for the night.

Saturday Night
I had good intentions but they didn’t last long. The week was more or less a blur so I’ll just list the parts that are in focus.

Staffing was going to be back to “normal” for a day or two until one of the Faithful Ones who had been staying by to fill in the gaps asked for a couple of days off. Under the circumstances, I didn’t have the heart to say no. She’d been going the extra mile for so long she was getting worn out. So it was back to one or two registrars there and being stretched thin. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If someone quits, we’ll all be up a creek because it would be next to impossible to find a person who could learn it all and be up to speed before he/she called the whole thing off. Especially since the pay isn’t very good.

DD and I got together on Monday via phone until my DSL went belly up. She’s back into her pottery class and is enjoying it.

Thursday is a day I remember very well because that was the day I got a postcard from Chadwicks about my (not really) order. I also resolved to get something done about my DSL or have it turned off.

I borrowed my neighbor’s cell phone and brought it in the house to try to call from my bedroom. No signal. I took it in the bathroom and was able to get an iffy one by standing in the bathtub by the open window. Then I took it outside and roamed around the yard. If I held my head to one side and didn’t breathe, it would work. Well, I couldn’t do that for very long so I returned the phone, came home and rebooted the modem AGAIN. It came up with all green lights so I took a deep breath, prayed, rebooted my computer and got on the MagicJack. I was able to get through to a tech and she ran all the required tests that had been being run for two weeks. She reset the port and, even though my Home Summary showed that both my DSL and Internet were down, the phone connection was good. I told her that was a miracle. After a few more tests, she said she had determined that my modem was bad and (I think) she said they’d send me another one. There was one more thing she wanted to do and all was quiet. I figured it was down again so I hung up. Just about then, a voice mail came through from her saying to call Support back. I did and got a different tech. He had to go through all the required tests again and told me my line was clear and everything looked good outside the house so it would have to be something inside. He also suggested the modem was probably the culprit. I told him I thought they were going to send me another one. That was when he informed me that mine was out of warranty and I could either buy one somewhere else or from them. If I bought from them, they would support it. Otherwise, I’d be on my own. I told him this was a replacement for the one I got back in April 2008 and asked if the warranty would still be up. He said it went back to the original date which didn’t sound right to me. He took my work number and said he’d call me yesterday at 10 a.m. and again at home at 6 to check on the status. When I went in to check on the modem again, I noticed it was very hot so I moved it to a different surface. Yesterday, I hung around my desk until 10:30 and gave up. When I got home, I made sure I was close to the phone at 6 but nothing. There hasn’t been a blip or a blink since so maybe it was my fault for putting it where I did. Or maybe the port should have been reset two weeks before. Anyway, it’s working and I’m a happy camper.

Yesterday, I called Chadwicks and couldn’t find out much of anything except the order was supposed to be sent to Brooklyn, NY. They hadn’t filled the order because they wanted to verify it first. I wish I’d thought to find out the contents.

Church wasn’t at the church today and I decided I wouldn’t travel the two plus hours it would take to get to the state park where it was being held and come home. I had a Rest Day.

I’ve caught up on some of the posts on the forum and watched “Gifted Hands” yet again. I sat on the deck and watched the hummingbirds while I listened to the last half of the Sabbath School discussion from Pine Knoll and Ranger Bill. One of the hummingbirds would perch not far from me and just sit there, head moving constantly. Guess it had to keep an eye out for predators. And other hummingbirds.

The tomato plant between the compost bin and the deck has really taken off. I measured it this afternoon and it comes in at almost 9′ tall. I have it tied to the roof support. Here are some pictures of it. BTW, this is one of the plants I started from seed.


Tomato Plant from Seed

Outside View

I’ve been munching down the tomatoes that ripen on the counter (I pick them before they’re ripe to rescue them from the stink bugs) so today, I took the ones that were ready to the neighbors. She said they were good.

There’s a sadness. My neighbor’s aunt and uncle have both been put in a nursing home. Her aunt had a stroke and her memory isn’t what it used to be. She’s asking for the family to come see them so I’ll be going over there with my neighbor tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. I like remembering people at their best. I’ve always thought a lot of the couple, though, and I’d feel worse if I didn’t go.

Wordscraper is still going strong and there’s been a partial victory in another category for my opponent. Some sites have been blocked on the public wireless and it makes no sense for them to be. She appealed to Privacy and Security yet again and she’s been given access to a couple of sites where she can send greeting cards. I’m campaigning for her to be able to access Hulu, too.

I woke up a little after 4 this morning and haven’t been back to sleep. My body is so used to getting up early, I don’t know that it’s possible to stay in bed much longer than that. We’ll see in the morning. As for now, I’m going to hit the hay shortly.

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  1. Lila September 18, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    Those tomatoes look good! Too bad you can’t let time vine-ripen.

    • Tommie September 18, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

      Yes, it is but they are pretty yummy, anyway.

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