My Week: Starting with Labor Day

Labor Day
Well, this won’t be a week’s worth of posts since I’m getting started a day late but I’m determined to update every day and not have it all to do Saturday night. So…here we go!

It’s already past my bedtime and I’m tired. I don’t get tired very often and I’m wondering if it’s a letdown from not having B-12 shots on a regular basis. I did put in a pretty good day so that might have something to do with it. It was time to cook fava beans so I’d need more water. I remembered, at 2:15 a.m., I hadn’t started the distiller so I got up and did that and went back to bed. I slept in until 7:45 which is unheard of for me.

Yesterday, I put the laundry off until today. I figured if I had another day besides Sunday to do it, I should. So…I did a couple of loads and hung them on the line. It was a perfect day for it and they were dry in no time. The flip side of that is we haven’t had any measurable rain for far too long.

I harvested dill seed and “planted” more than I saved. It was full of tiny spiders so I didn’t fool with it too long. I have a spice bottle half full and that should be plenty. Next year, I’ll probably have a thick patch of dill at the end of the deck.

This afternoon, I took the hummingbird feeders down, cleaned and filled them and went back out to hang them up. A hummer was hovering where it knew a feeder should be and when I got them hung, several came to feed. One sat and drank for a long time. That’s when I wish I had my camera in hand and always when I don’t.

DD and I had our visit for the first time in a couple of weeks. We do keep in touch, though, through Google Chat and emails so it isn’t like we ignore each other. I talked to DS1, too. They’d just gotten back last night from taking my DIL’s grandfather home to Florida. They’d stopped in Orlando for the weekend and took in the Blue Man Group concert as planned. DS1 was thrilled. One of the Blue men had sat beside him during some of it. My DIL and my granddaughter had gotten splattered with banana goo. Good times!

Late this evening, I blended up some bananas to make banana leather and put several trays of Peach’s Chia Chips in the dehydrator. Sometime, if they turn out well, I’ll post one of my illustrated recipes. I know they smell delicious! I did one tray of garlic, one of onion, one of Tajin and a small one with Frontier Pizza Seasoning. (Note from much later—they didn’t stick together so they were more flavored chia seed. I’ll try it again sometime when I’m more ambitious than I am right now.)

The bed is ready to occupy, I worked in the kitchen, did numerous other tasks and I’m tired. Did I already say that?

I started to write “Monday” because that’s what it seemed like just like yesterday was like Sunday all day long. It was busy as any Monday we’ve had, too. I neglected a lot of my own work so I could play backup to the others. We are two short this week. It will ease up by Thursday, somewhat, but in the meantime, it’s going to be hard on all of us.

Just as we’d thought, the closing of the emergency room in the next town has made our volume increase. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t like for people to have to come to the ER for any reason, but if they have to, I want them to come to ours. Then the new doctor in town is sending lots of patients for outpatient testing. He has made a big hit. I’ve gathered by talking to some of the people that he is very caring.

My day in the valley started out with 2.5 miles at the track. A couple of regulars came in after I’d gotten started. The son didn’t stay long but the mother walked as much as she usually does. We were both leaving at the same time and exchanged pleasantries. She said she’d stepped in a hole yesterday but I wouldn’t have know by the way she was walking. She’s sped up considerably.

There are some spots reserved by the courthouse for a farmers market. I stopped today and bought some peaches. I’d gotten some from the same man before that were luscious. Hope these are the same.

I’m back to feeding Smokey. My neighbor has a job away from home for a few days. As long as Twinkle doesn’t get winged out, it’s okay. She hasn’t offered to hiss for a long time now.

Once again, it’s past my bedtime. I’m calling it a day.

Sunday, September 12
I’m the only one up in DS1’s household. Today is his birthday and yesterday I failed to tell him that “This is the LAST NIGHT you will ever be 45 years old.” Katoul is sitting on the china cabinet looking for all the world like a regal Egyptian feline. Sophie just came wandering in. Benji sleeps with my granddaughter.

Well, as you can see, my updating lasted for two whole days. We’ll go back to Tuesday and I’ll add a couple of things. When I was going over my daily reports that morning, one showed how busy Monday had been. The record for registrations had been tied. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to be able to schedule more hours. No two ways about it.

Sometime during that day, a strange message was left on my phone. It was something about fraudulent activity and gave a web site (which I couldn’t find) where I could chat with a rep or I could call a phone number and leave a message. The woman leaving the message was kind of stumbling over her words so I wondered whether or not it was on the up and up. I called the number and left a message for a call back.

That evening, I wanted to listen to the message again so I called my phone from home and did just that. Didn’t help any. It wasn’t any clearer with the re-listening than it was before. I figured it was a scam and went to bed.

On Wednesday, I listened to it one more time. It was all just a giant puzzle. I more important things to do and no one had ever called me back so I let it go.

Thursday, I talked to DS1 and we decided that I would wait until Sabbath afternoon to go to his place for his birthday celebration. Since I’d planned to do my grocery shopping for the weekend on the way here, that changed more than just my arrival time. I’d need to make a special trip to town.

Initially, I’d called the produce place and reserved half a box of oranges for Friday. Something kept insisting that I needed to go ahead and get it done Thursday afternoon. I hadn’t changed out of my work clothes so I visited briefly with my neighbor and told him I was going to run to town to get some things.

It was pretty routine at the produce place. I got some bananas in addition to the oranges and was ready to check out. I handed over my credit card and the lady swiped it. She did a double take and said it was declined. She tried it again. It was declined the second time. Then the phone call started to make sense. I wrote a check and went out to the car. My head was spinning.

My cell phone usage is very minimal but it ate up a bunch of minutes that afternoon. I was on hold with the credit card company forever, it seemed. I looked at my watch thinking I would wait for five more minutes and hang up. In three, a representative came on the line. There was unusual activity on my account so a hold had been put on it until they could make sure the purchases were mine. She started listing them and no, I hadn’t ordered anything from Chadwick, Netflix or—get this— There were some other charges I didn’t recognize and then my phone went dead.

I hurried through the produce section at Wally World like a whirlwind, picking things out and then putting them back. It was the first time in I don’t know how long that I ended up not getting anything edible there. I saw one of the people from another produce place and told her what had happened. She was flabbergasted and said to let her know if she could help me in any way. I grabbed a bag of cat litter, picked out a card and a bow for DS1 and checked out, paying with cash. Then I split for home.

Not taking time to unload anythiing, I called the credit card company again. This time the call was actually free. I wasn’t on hold for nearly as long and got (almost) the whole story. The charges had been made both online and via phone over two days. I asked for a total and the rep added up $471.85. She assured me I wouldn’t be responsible for any of them. She was removing the charges, closing the account and I would be sent a new card. I was to destroy the old card (it’s now in many little pieces in the bottom of the shredder bin). She asked if there were anything else she could do for me and I said yes. I don’t want any checks sent to me. They go into the shredder, anyway, and I don’t want them. She explained that I would have to call and request that for the new card. She asked the question again and I told her I was sure she couldn’t answer but I would like to know how someone got my information. Laughing a rueful laugh, she said she wished she could tell me.

I’d been considering switching cards to get a better deal but have decided against it. I pay it off every month so I don’t pay interest, anyway. I may not get as much cash back as I do with the others but that kind of service is worth a lot.
The girls at work were horrified as was my neighbor when she called about the okra I was to bring to DS1. She wanted to know what I was going to do in the meantime. Well, pay with cash and write checks, I guess. Do business the old way. I canceled my next shipment of fava beans from Amazon. It would have been declined, too. I have enough to do me until I can register the new card. If I need something from eBay, I can pay with PayPal. I wish more sites took it. That adds an extra layer of protection.

There was no success getting in touch with the church pianist so I left voice mail that I wouldn’t be at church Sabbath since I was planning to go with DS1 and family. After the plans changed, I decided I would have a true rest morning and not go anywhere until the afternoon. I know I should have gone to church but the stress of the week had worn me out. It wasn’t just the card episode. It was also work-related. All the staff have been having to do more with less people in the same amount of time and it’s been wearing. Tempers are short and there have been a few flare-ups.

When I got here, my granddaughter helped me unload the car and DS1 was birthdayed early. He’d already gotten his gift from my DIL, anyway. We watched “To Save a Life” yesterday afternoon and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” last night. He has the day off today and I asked him if he were planning to walk this morning. He said NO and that was that. I was going to go along but I guess I won’t get any walking in today.

Since this is supposed to be a weekly post, I’ll close this here with an update about Wordscraper. I won the last game and am in line to win the next one, too. There’s a board waiting for me that has only four squares that are worth anything—5W in each corner. Weird!

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