My Week: Long Johns in August

Might as well get the explanation of the title out there and then you can read the rest if you want. Since the central air has been installed in the church, the Operator of the Thermostat has thought that the efficiency should not go to waste. It’s been cranked up/down/whatever every week. The first week was bearable but, after that, it must’ve been suggested by some hot-blooded person it still wasn’t cool enough. The next several weeks have been almost teeth-chattering cold. Last week, I wore a thermal knit sweater. Today, I had on long johns—top & bottom—underneath my dress. I made no attempt to hide the fact I was wearing them. They are black silky material so maybe someone thought I was being stylish by wearing leggings. I took the thermal sweater along for insurance and it helped to keep me from freezing completely. After the service was well-advanced, I looked to see what the temperature was and it had gotten “up” to 71. Now, that would be pleasant had I been exercising but I was sitting in the pew or sitting on the organ bench. Not much chance of getting my blood pumping. Next week, I may wear slacks. I don’t like wearing them to church but I don’t like being cold, either. When I’m in extreme a/c for long, my nose starts dripping and I made use of the box of tissues someone had left on the seat beside me.

So much for venting about the cold. At present, the a/c here at home has finally kicked on. I cool it down to 70 degrees at night and it takes some time to get up to 80 where the thermostat is set in the daytime. I have a fan directed at my legs and it’s been comfortable while I’ve been sitting in the corner at the computer.

I included Sunday in my post last week, therefore I’ll start with Monday. When I got to work after walking, one of the skeleton crew was waiting for me with a note from her doctor to be off for the next THREE WEEKS. She’d taken a nasty spill and was moving very gingerly. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Well, I guess it could but I wouldn’t want to experience it. The others stepped into the gap, though, and, for the first time in literally years, I’ll have to justify overtime in the department. It was the first time in a LONG time that three of the registrars were there all five weekdays. Strange but I’m glad they are so willing to work.

It was grocery shopping day. I’ve been trying to find the best day to go and it turned out to be the best one for mangoes. I’d bought 22 of them the last time I went and this time, I bought 40. The Kents are my favorites next to Champagne mangoes. When I posted about mangoes on Facebook, I had several people tell me that they had lived/were living where they can pick them right off the trees. I’m jealous!

Two of “my” produce guys were working and they made my shopping a lot easier by volunteering to go back and get me fresh stuff out of storage. They are two in a million! Makes it go a lot smoother when they’re around.

I’d been talking about my mango sorbet on Facebook and happened to think that my Wordscraper opponent might like to try it. I messaged her and she said yes, she would. I kept racking my brain to try to figure out how to get it there still frozen.

Tuesday, I was asked to be the bank/post office person that day and the rest of the week. At least I could get away for a few minutes that way even though it wasn’t long and I had to go back.

It was the day of the funeral for the 97 year old church member who passed away early Sunday morning. I went to the funeral home a little early so I could sign the guest book, etc., etc. When I went up to the casket, the son was standing there visiting with the people going by. When he looked at me all he said was, “You may have to play ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’. They can’t find it on CD.” I asked about music and remarked to a friend standing close by that I’d left my glasses at work. I fervently hoped they would be able to find it. Find it, they did. I was off the hook. I’d remembered to get a card the day before but I’d completely failed at buying anything to contribute to the meal they had after. I did donate three mangoes so I didn’t completely ignore it.

I had an email from my sister earlier wanting me to invite our oldest sister to join Facebook so I did. Then, she emailed again telling about having a nasty spill, herself, and messing up her ankle. She has been off of it as much as possible and didn’t go to church today. As for our middle sister, she’s doing well. The one who resides in the Great Northwest is still away from home trying to get her strength back.

Wednesday (I think it was), I finally thought of a way to pack the sorbet in gel freezer packs in a container with the little full container in the middle. I thought, surely, after it had been in the freezer all night that it would stay frozen during the hour that I’d walk/change clothes and on until I got it to her. Not so! I guess that packing the frozen sorbet with the thawed gel packs was what didn’t work. The packs were warmer and the sorbet was more like pudding when I opened it in her room. She enjoyed it, anyway, but I’m going to try it again and let it stay in the freezer longer. She posted on her Facebook page that she LOVES a good juicy mango so…

Thursday, I took her two. They weren’t fully ripe because I didn’t want to get them there smashed but she was thrilled. She said it had been years (I don’t remember for sure but I think she said eight of them) since she had had mango. And I get withdrawal during the winter months!

My neighbor had called me on Monday to see if I wanted any okra. I said yes, then thought better of it because of having to go grocery shopping. She said she’d be picking again on Thursday and she could let me have all she picked. She’d put up all she wanted to put up. I had the idea I would pickle some using my Harsch crock. (I have the 5 liter crock.) (I was going to get a larger one but DD warned me against it and I’m glad she did. They’re HEAVY.) When I got home, there sat a several-gallon bucket 2/3 full of okra of all sizes. I washed it and packed it into the crock and then poured in the liquid. Trying to get the stones in was a headache with all the floating okra but I finally got the idea to dip out some of the brine and then put them in. It was much easier. Then I put in a couple of whole hot peppers, poured the brine back in and it’s sitting on the shelf of the corner cupboard. Now I have to remember to keep water in the trough. I have no idea how it will turn out. I took the rest of the okra to share at work.

When sundown came around yesterday, I was so glad it was Sabbath! The stress of the week had really gotten to me and I was ready to collapse. I was in bed a few minutes after 9 and didn’t get up until 7 this morning.

This afternoon, it was plenty warm when I came out of the church dressed for winter. I was still chilled to the bone, though, and didn’t get warm until I’d BodyFlexed and rebounded for, all together, about 40 minutes. Then I ate. I started off with a green smoothie and progressed to eating lots of different kinds of fruit. I took a break so I could take my l-glutamine and then I went out on the deck and ate some watermelon while I watched the hummingbirds feed and chase each other—mostly the latter. They can be vicious little things. I progressed to more fruit, then marinated cucumbers and finished with my second dose of fava beans with sea tangle.

There was a baptism this afternoon and a social tonight but I didn’t go to either one. The past week was brutal and I was in need of some alone time. The hummingbirds supplied all the company I desired.

My garden is about done for. It hasn’t rained for quite awhile. The one tomato plant that is still doing well I started from seed. It’s planted between the deck and the composter and I think it gets the needed moisture from the vegetable material. It’s huge. I’ve tied it to the railing and again to the roof support. When I’m standing on the deck, it’s taller than I am. The deck is another 18″ or so above the ground there. It’s loaded with little tomatoes. I think they are supposed to be cherry tomatoes but they’re bigger than the usual. I picked one today that’s not ripe yet but it was turning. Figured I’d save it from the stink bugs. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick a lot between now and frost.

As for the Games, my opponent has been coming up with some unique boards. This is her latest.

WS 66

We’ve already played one game on that board where she started first. I won. Then she said she wanted to play it again with ME starting so here we go.

In Play

So far, I’m ahead 254k to 14k. Reckon I’ll win?

This has ended up being longer than I’d planned but it usually does. I have been doing so much other stuff that I haven’t been able to blog much otherwise. Getting up an hour earlier every day makes me want to go to bed earlier, too. That isn’t a bad thing but it does cut into the time I used to write my posts. Tomorrow, I’ll probably be working on freezing mangoes in one way or another. I may make some more sorbet. I still have some left from last Sunday but it would be nice to have a good supply of it. I put the last in one of my Pyrex storage containers. I really do like them. DD & merm got me started when I was out visiting. I had a set waiting for me when I got home and have gotten another set (with different containers) since. My goal is to quit using plastic as much as possible.

Oh! I almost forgot! I did forget my glasses and ended up having to read the music without them. I was amazed that I did okay. Must be my eyes are still reaping the benefits of the exercises. Guess I don’t really need those glasses for organ-izing, after all!

Well, folks, I’m going to have to cut this off here and get some sleep. Good night and sweet dreams!

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