No More B-12?

I was having trouble getting in to my PCP’s office to get my B-12 shots twice weekly. Either no one was there who could give me the shot or they were so swamped, they couldn’t fit me in. Finally, last Friday (August 13—Friday the 13th!) I called on the back line from the hospital to the office and who answered the phone but the doc himself.

He informed me he’d received the records from the naturopath in Seattle and he didn’t agree with what they said or what I’d told him. He said my blood work was good. Nothing was wrong with it or anything else. He was of the opinion that the naturopath was taking advantage with me in order to increase his bottom line. The ND was hoping I would hang around so he could treat me further, yada yada yada.

Well, I know that there had to be something amiss in my body. When I’d gone to see my PCP about my headaches on last November 9, he ordered me to walk 30 minutes a day. I did for a few days—maybe even a few weeks—but it started getting really cold and I quit. I closed the windows in the house because it was frigid outside and decided I would do BodyFlex and rebound every morning instead of walking. That soon went by the wayside because my headaches got increasingly worse and I started feeling weak. I had some confusion, too, and had a sense that, if I stood up, my body would pitch forward. When I’d drive, I’d often have to rest my head against the headrest because it felt like it was too big for my neck to support. I listed the symptoms of chronic carbon monoxide poisoning here and the ones I had.

Rather than go back and be told again that it was stress, I decided to bide my time until I could get to Seattle. Making it through each day took a lot of effort and it wasn’t until June 15 that I had my first appointment with the naturopath. Based on what I told him, he immediately took steps to fill in some of the gaps he felt I had. The rest is history and I won’t go into it here. I will say that he knew I was visiting and that I would be leaving the next week. After I paid the co-pay for that first visit along with the allergy panel that isn’t covered by my insurance and the supplements he put me on, my co-pays for the other two visits were waived. Now, does that sound like he was trying to take advantage of me? Shari had told me he was expensive so I’d prepared for it.

When the naturopath ordered me to walk, he gave me the tools to feel enough better that I’d be able to follow through. Granted, I had to start out slowly and build up to what I can do now. I’m not completely headache-free but the other symptoms have abated. I’ve noticed that stress makes my tremor worse but, at times, it’s hardly there. I’ve thought it would be handy to either be able to switch good ears or the hand the tremor is in but since I can’t do that, I sometimes have to hold the receiver up to my left ear with my right hand.

There’s one thing I haven’t done that the naturopath ordered me to do. I’m not sure I know how any more. The last thing he said to me was, “Go have some FUN!!”

I didn’t argue with my PCP. I agreed that I’d probably had enough B-12 to do me for awhile. He said he was going to have another doctor look at my records and he’d see me on Wednesday. So that’s where it stands for now. I’m still eating fava beans and taking my supplements. I’ll keep on doing that for another month, for sure.

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