My Week: Sweltering!

Every Sunday I think, “I’m gonna update every day” and every Saturday night I post something I’ve muddled through and slapped together. Guess there’s an upside to it, too. You don’t have as much to wade through if, in fact, you wade. If you don’t, I understand. Reading about my life isn’t very exciting. Writing about it isn’t, either.

Well, the most recent Sunday was spent draining the waterbed and replacing the heater. It was not as complicated because this heater doesn’t have a separate temperature sensor. When I refilled it, I filled it more than before and it’s better than it was. I also put two layers between the mattress and the bottom sheet. That helps, too.

When the heater came, one of the girls was surprised and asked me if I sleep on a waterbed. Well, YES! But I had to order the replacement heater because I couldn’t find one at Wally World. They don’t even have the sheets any more. She said, no, because waterbeds are behind the times. I beg to differ. I think if people knew just how comfortable one is that’s correctly filled and the temperature regulated, more people would switch.

DD and I had a good visit. Her class is giving her a much needed source of creative outlet. She and merm are getting into camping, too. I think she’s surprising herself by enjoying it. At least it didn’t rain the last time.

DS1 called me one day this week and we had a long conversation. My DIL and granddaughter surprised him with tickets to see the Blue Man Group for his birthday. It won’t be ON his birthday but that’s what his main gift is. When he asked my DIL if they would be sitting in the splash section, she said no—they’d be a little farther back. They took my granddaughter to see “Phantom of the Opera” in Atlanta for her birthday so he’s being repaid.

Monday, it was back to walking and work. The walking this week has varied. There have been times I’ve been the only one on the track and others when there were a half dozen of us plus a baby in a stroller. A couple of days, I had to leave and find a bathroom. I counted my steps again and figured up my 15 laps = roughly 5700 steps. I wore a pedometer part of the day yesterday and added another 1600 steps to that. That was after I’d gone all morning without counting. So…maybe I got in most of the 10,000 steps it’s said I’m supposed to get by the time I go to bed. Today, I’ve not walked to get exercise, BodyFlexed, or rebounded. I kinda ran out of time this morning.

The work week was very different because it was the first time in many a day since the area had been close to fully staffed. I still can’t schedule anyone for more than 32 hours unless there is a dire need.

My neighbor called me on Thursday to tell me she was renovating a place and was having to move a piano around every time she needed to work in a different spot. The piano is hers for the taking. It’s a Huntington upright, serial number 19138. I registered on a piano forum but can’t get in to post anything. It keeps saying my membership is not found. I’ve done some research on the company and found that it went out of business in 1922 because it was destroyed by fire. She wanted to know how much she could sell it for but I have no idea without seeing it and trying it out.

It has been HOT! I was the bank/post office person yesterday and when I took the afternoon mail, the temperature on the bank was 100 degrees. WeatherBug had chirped at me with a heat advisory. Coming up the mountain, I was behind a slowpoke and the air conditioner quit putting out cool air. I thought, OH NO!! NOT THAT!! When I got up on top and was able to pick up some speed, it kicked back in and boy! was I relieved.

My poor little garden is in need of some rain. It did rain a little yesterday but not much. The container under the downspout isn’t even quite full and it doesn’t take much to fill it. I’ve been picking the tomatoes as they turn but they are getting to be fewer and fewer. The ones that are there have been thoroughly attacked by stink bugs.

I put off my grocery shopping until yesterday afternoon. Since I haven’t been eating any/many salads, I can wait longer between sprees. I did spree this time. I’d gotten some mangoes last week that were excellent. I’d only bought three and wished I’d gotten more. Didn’t make that mistake twice. I loaded up 22 and caught the eye of a man who told me he’s from AH-frickah. He had a most delightful accent and shared how they have four varieties where he lives. One must be Tommy Atkins because he talked about how stringy they are and how they get caught in the teeth. He laughed when I asked him if he ate and flossed at the same time.

The produce guy that was there told me they got half a pallet of mangoes once and they had to mark them ‘way down to sell them. I said let me know when that happens again. He said he’s on Facebook so now we’re friends. It wasn’t easy to find him. He told me his last name but the first name he wears on his badge is different from the one he’s posted. I made a mistake with the two mangoes I ate for supper. I should have just eaten one. The first one I peeled was just right but the second one needed another day or two. I ate both but I would have enjoyed one more. Live and learn.

I stocked up on oranges, too, and got another watermelon. I’ve been eating on one this week that is excellent. I’m so spoiled by all the good food that’s available!

I dressed warmly, I thought, this morning. The central air is a blessing because there’s no more roar in my left ear but the controllers of the thermostat are the men who wear suits and eat primarily cooked food. When I walked in, I realized I could have used another layer. It’s rather distracting to be so cold inside the building when it’s 95+ degrees outside. Can I blame my mess-ups on that? The closing song was “Seeking the Lost” which isn’t easy to play under any circumstances. Of course, we played it through half a dozen times because the postlude every week is the closing song so the piano and trumpet (if he’s there) can join in. I was glad I made it through.

Coming home was a welcome thing to do. They are having a social tonight but I’m getting to bed early. The other day, I decided I really needed something on the deck besides the Little Debbie camp chair DS1 gave me years ago so I ordered this. It came yesterday but I hadn’t done anything when I got home except unload it. This afternoon, I fixed a big bowl of the aforementioned watermelon and went out in the warm (HOT) to eat it. It was just right for eating ice cold melon and I enjoyed every minute and bite! When I was through, I pushed the lounge back and lay there dozing. When I’d go completely out, I’d wake myself up by snoring. I don’t think I usually do that (snore) but I’m not going to try to stay awake to see. When I woke up for sure, I watched the hummingbirds at the feeders. I need to fix some more nectar. Guess I’ll do that before I go to bed. Or maybe in the morning. I did say I want to go to bed early.

My sister is at my niece’s place for a week or two. I’m not sure if/when I’ll get down there to see her. I didn’t have time to fill up the gas tank yesterday and I was watching the light blink at me today coming up the mountain.

Yesterday, I went to check on my friend in the nursing home who is also the creator of all the Wordscraper boards we play. She has been putting Google on overtime trying to find a chair that will allow her to sit upright and still have her legs elevated. A geri chair would be ideal if it she could elect to recline or not when the leg rest is up. If you happen to know of such a piece of equipment, leave me a comment with the link. To refresh your memory, there are pictures of her here.

Wordscraper has seen me consistently losing the past few games. One of the two we’re playing now is unique. The layout is one that I could get a lot of points on IF I could play diagonal words and IF the tiles were worth more than one point each. My opponent passed on the first turn but I said OH NO YOU DON’T!! and I passed. That’s the first time I’ve passed a turn when she gave way to me. Here’s the board:

Game 60

It will be a day or two before I know how it will turn out.

Twinkle is behaving and my nerves are much better. She knows how to stir things up if she’s in the mood. I’m thankful to have a sort of quiet cat now. She can raise the roof when she meows because she’s hungry, though.

A new area has been set up on the forum. It’s “Fun & Games”. I’ve been encouraging Shari to move other fun things to it but she’s only moved one so far. Another one is “just for fun” that Peach started. The latest thing she posted (when I last checked) was this. I finally had to look it up on youtube but I still can’t solve it.

Now, let’s see you solve it on the third try!

The oldest of the five sisters is finally back online. She bought a new computer but it was delivered with a defective hard drive. Her SIL replaced it for her when he and my niece were visiting.

The middle sister has been having water problems. When the weather dried out enough for the wet spot to show with green grass, the leak turned out to be in the neighbor’s yard! She has permission to dig it up and have it repaired. I do hope the water company will be understanding and give her a break on the bill.

Our sister in the Great Northwest is in the nursing home and trying to get strong enough to go home. I wanted to request prayer for her again in church but the prayer and praise time was cut short. God knows anyway.

Well, that’s about it for this time. Hope everyone has a good night’s sleep!

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