My Week: Another One Down

It’s one thing sure and another thing certain that I won’t ever get the past seven days back. Another sure/certainty is that I wouldn’t want to. I do wish I’d done daily updates, though. I can’t go back and change that, either, so I guess I’ll quit whining.

Sunday, I went on to town fairly early (for me) so I would be back in time to visit with DD and get ready to go to the cookout my neighbor had invited me to. There was very little romaine to be had but I haven’t been eating salad, anyway, so I didn’t miss it a whole lot. I didn’t get any of the red leaf or green curly leaf, either, because it was only too sad-looking. “My” produce guy showed me his arms where he’d been out in the sun the day before. It looked like he’d been scalded. He has porphyria. I’d never actually met anyone with it, I thought. I’d be in bad shape if I were sensitive to the sun. He asked what he could eat to get potassium besides bananas. I told him baked potatoes with the skin. He’d been having a horrible cramp in his leg.

I’d called the produce place and was told they didn’t have any juice oranges. Then the lady said they could take the ones off the shelf and get me a half box. I’ve only been getting halves because of their going bad in this hot weather. I have to buy twice as often but I end up losing less.

When I got home, I hauled everything in and Twinkle was biddable. She did meow a lot because she didn’t have much food left on her plate.

DD and I had our visit. She and merm had been to NYC so she could attend some training sessions. They’d visited friends and “a good time was had by all”. Guess NYC won’t be on my horizon any time soon, if ever. We talked until I had to hang up so I could eat my fava beans and get ready to go.

There were cars everywhere when I got to the cookout. I parked next to the house on the lawn and my neighbor’s construction partner parked right behind me. There were people in the house, people on the deck and people in the back yard. My neighbor had said there were 35 invited and I think they all showed up and brought friends. She’d asked me what I’d like to eat and I told her watermelon! Her sister dished me up a big bowl of it and I went out to the deck to eat. While I was eating that, one of the fellows brought me a plate with tomato slices and cucumber on it so I was well cared for.

The aforementioned construction partner is a real storyteller and was in rare form. He was recounting being on a motorcycle when a bee flew up his pants. He said he was weaving all over the road trying to swat it. It was hilarious when he was telling it and my neighbor said, “You know you’ll be in Tommie’s blog now, don’t you?” He shrugged and said, “I don’t care!” so there you go.

Another storyteller is the male half of the neighbors but he wasn’t feeling too perky. His leg is still swelling from the surgery and sorta puts a damper on things. When I got ready to leave (it was well after 8 at my house), he asked if he could hitch a ride with me. That was fine with me. We were delayed, though, because the vehicle behind me had a dead battery. A bunch of the men pushed it out of the way and we came on home.

Monday, it was back to the walking track. I did 12 laps/two miles. When I got to work, I bummed a bandaid off my office mate to put on my big toe. The back of my shirt was wet with sweat but it doesn’t stink like it did for a few days. I think I was detoxing then.

We were supposed to be fully staffed but it didn’t work out that way. One of the girls was afflicted with jury duty and had to go in so one of the registrars who was scheduled to work during the day had to cover for her. Jury duty surely can mess up things for me. And for the ones who have to rearrange their lives.

I was also the bank/mail person every day. That was okay with me. I don’t mind.

Tuesday, I did another 12 laps at the track and I was looking at the homes around there thinking it would be nice to live so close. I said as much to someone visiting the hospital and was told not to EVER walk before daylight or after dark. So…I guess it isn’t as idyllic as it seems.

It was jury duty time again so we were short staffed. So what else is new? The good news was that it was the last day they had to go in. Jury duty is over for that person but one of the girls in the office seems to be a JD Target and she gets summoned frequently.

Since I’m backup for the turnaround document at the nursing home, I had to go over and sit in on a webinar. It was supposed to start 20 minutes before it actually did and it lasted for two solid hours. The facilitators were going through it so fast, I didn’t get a lot out of it. I took most of three pages of notes but, if I looked back at them, they would probably be Greek to me. I’d taken some Bing and Ranier cherries to munch on and share so they were enjoyable, anyway.

Wednesday, I only did seven laps. It was already hot and steamy when I got there. I did another couple when I got to the hospital. Since I’m walking on a rise behind the hospital for part of the way, there’s usually a nice breeze. That isn’t true of the track.

A new doctor is in town and he and the established one came by the office. He’s cute as he can be! Just because I’m an old lady doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the view…

I’d been having problems with my a/c. A couple of weeks ago, I’d cleaned the filters and it helped but it started getting the floor wet. I’d sop it up and then there it would be again. I took the filters out and attempted to clean them a second time. My neighbor’s construction partner fussed at me for keeping some of the windows open so I came in and shut all of them. Didn’t help. I’d take a sponge and soak up the water in the drip pan only to have it fill again. That’s when I started Googling the problem. I found out the drain hose probably had a buildup of algae. I went over and told my problem to my neighbor (the male half). He said he’d tell his wife when she woke. She’d come in late from a job the night before and was catching up on her sleep. Long story short, she came over and went under the house. The drain hose was going down and then up and she said water doesn’t flow uphill very well. She dug around and found the line outside and it was thoroughly clogged with dirt. When she got that cleared, she said it was like a fountain. Now, it’s shorter and rerouted. She got some duct tape and taped the flexible thingy that goes to the duct work (sorry to use such technical terms). Her clothes and body were covered with dirt when she was through but when I asked about how much, she just waved me off. The Bible says the laborer is worthy of his hire and I think that should be true of HER hire, too. I came in and put some bleach down the line to keep algae from growing.

Thursday, I did either 12, 13 or 14 laps. I lost count. I’d put a bandaid on before I left the house so I was in fine form. Another thing, I’d gotten up about 1/2 hour before the alarm went off so I got down there earlier than usual. It was quite a bit cooler but still humid.

My Wordscraper opponent had told me about a board someone had set up and we’ve been playing on it. It’s amazing. I haven’t been showing our games but this one is a must.

First of all, it looks for all the world like part of a quilt.


EVERY square has a value.

Numbered Quilt

Here’s the last word I played

Last Move

and here is what that one word scored.

Braggin' Rights

Let’s see her top that one!

Friday, it was back down to the track early. I’d put a bandaid on my foot (I have one pair of sandals that rubs on the top of my foot next to my toes and another that rubs on my toe) but that was a goof. I should have put it on my toe. Next time, I think I’ll put one on each to be on the safe side. Guess I should put the first aid kit in the car. It’s a good idea to have one along, at any rate. Anyway, I only did six laps before I gave it up. Not many people are getting out and walking. There’s always someone there when I go. The man who always walks when I do didn’t. His walking buddy was only there Monday. I bummed a bandaid at the nurses’ station and walked a lap around the buildings.

There were only two afternoons when I had mail to take this week so I stayed and worked most days until 4. When I went to the post office Friday morning, I bought a watermelon at a stand on Main Street. I cut it today. It isn’t bad but not the best I’ve had this year.

Today, I slept in until well after 6. Since I wasn’t walking, I BodyFlexed and rebounded. If I’d get up an hour early, I could do that every morning and still walk.

I had my OJ and fava beans before I went to church. It was comfortable in there to me but a lot of people were sweating up a storm. It was my day to be humbled, though. I’d brought the organ “cheat sheet” home to rework it since my other one disappeared and forgot to fix it and take it back. I have the new one ready to go and I think I’ll put it in the car tomorrow so I’ll be sure to have it. I was having to flip pages in the hymnal and I punched the wrong preset three times. Embarrassing but I lived.

A singles group is starting up and I’ve been invited to go. I don’t feel single so I don’t think I will. I don’t fit any of the categories listed.

Vespers was this afternoon with pizza and games tonight. I didn’t go to that, either. Am I anti-social? I don’t think so but I’m hoping to get to bed soon and I couldn’t if I’d gone.

It’s been up over 100 degrees today and humid. I’ve been very thankful the a/c is working the way it should. I’ve been getting a few ripe tomatoes off my plants. There are lots and lots of green ones. One plant looks like yellow tomatoes but I’m wondering if the hot sun doesn’t have something to do with that. Maybe they are burning instead of ripening? I may pick one of them tomorrow and see what it’s like on the inside.

I think I’ll put off shopping until Monday. I’m sure I could find something I need if I tried but I’m not gonna try.

There’s lots to tell about my progress, health-wise, and associated problems but I’ll save that news for another post.

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