My Week: Time, Distance or Steps?

Here we go! I kept intending to do a daily update so I wouldn’t have it all to do at once but guess what? I diddunt. I’ll just try to hit the high spots but look out! My memory is improving!

Sunday, I did little but veg out all day. I’d called Wally World and talked to one of the produce guys and there were no romaine hearts. At all. Not conventional. Not organic. They were expecting some on Monday so I figured I’d wait.

Oh, I did a few things but none of them were noteworthy. I’d gone through a rough week and figured the next one would be about as bad or worse and I wanted to be rested up for it. Okay, okay. I’ll tell the truth. I was plain lazy.

Monday, I decided I would try out the walking track. People had been urging me to—people other than those who can tell me what to do. I set out half an hour and more early. When I got there, one lone man was out walking with a little dog following him. I had already BodyFlexed and rebounded so I was primed and ready to go. I hit the ground running—er, walking fast. There was a sign beside the track that gave the length all the way around and it stated that six laps equal one mile. I did six laps in the length of time I can do most of three at the hospital. In the meantime, another man came and joined the first. Next, I went and parked at the hospital and did a couple around the buildings. It was definitely easier walking at the track because it’s all level. Not as good for the bod but easier.

The office was fully staffed for the first time in I don’t know how long. At my break time, I went out and did another couple of laps. I figured I’d done my 30 minutes for sure.

After work, it was over the mountain to buy groceries. I got three packages of organic romaine (which I have yet to open) and a head of red leaf lettuce and one of green curly leaf. I’ve used most of the red leaf in smoothies but I have no room for a salad with all the good summertime food I’ve been scarfing down.

That afternoon, my neighbors came home from their trip to harvest the large garden they have well away from here. I was gifted with lots of tomatoes—really yummy ones. I haven’t had to buy a tomato for several weeks. Mine are starting to ripen, too. I’m in Hog Heaven!

Tuesday, I set out early again and this time, I did nine laps before I went to work. The men were walking again and I noticed I took more steps than they did but I didn’t gain on them and they didn’t gain on me. Now, does that mean I’m walking twice as far as they are? They keep up a steady pace but it’s more of a saunter than walking with a purpose. Makes me feel rather righteous. I didn’t have time to walk at the hospital before work but I did go out on my break for a couple of laps.

It was back to just two people most of the day since someone in another department was on vacation and, of course, it fell to me to make sure it was covered. Doesn’t matter that my girls take vacations, too. I don’t see anyone coming into our department to cover. Of course, it would be kind of like asking us to cover as RNs. It takes a lot of training for the girls to do what they do but that isn’t considered when it’s paycheck time. Don’t get me started.

Wednesday, I was determined to do two miles and I did. I think. I lost count but I think I did 12 laps. It may have been only 11. The two men were there again. Guess they go just about every morning. We’d smile and speak but they were there to walk and so was I. The dog hadn’t put in an appearance since Monday. Maybe it thinks I’m an interloper and it doesn’t appreciate me. I’d asked one of the men if it belonged to him but he said no, it is the track dog.

Another day of being short staffed but I got out and walked on my break. I haven’t had time to do any other exercising since that first day, however.

My neighbor had gone and harvested again and brought back MORE tomatoes. Love it!! There was a conjoined twin one. Should it go this way?

Conjoined Tomatoes

Or this way?

Another View

That evening, I hove to and made a batch of yellow tomato salsa. I didn’t like the way it tasted but I figured I’d let it set overnight and adjust the seasonings the next morning. Thursday morning, it was delicious but about the consistency of soup. I got out the colander and strained out 12 ozzies of juice which I put in a jar and took to work. I took the salsa in to share and the girls sent me out to get them some chips. I ate mine either plain or with my fava beans. While I was out, I went by the produce stand in town and bought a cantaloupe and peaches. I have yet to have some really good peaches this summer.

Oh, I did another two miles at the track before work. This time, I figured out a method for counting my laps. First one, I held up my right thumb. Second one, I put my thumb under my forefinger. Third under my middle finger and so on until I was able to flex my hand on the fifth lap. Then it started over and when I got to the 10th, I knew I had only two more laps to go. I didn’t gain on the men and they didn’t gain on me. I did two more laps at work on my break.

In the evening, I took the cucumbers I’d been gathering and made marinated cucumbers. I should have cut the larger one in two first because it had some almost hard seeds. Not too bad, though, and I’ve been enjoying them.

Friday, it was back to the walking track for 12 laps. My shirt’s been wet the last couple days. It’s been really hot with higher humidity. I started out to walk at the hospital but it was steamy. I sat in the sun for a few minutes instead.

Work has been tense all week and Privacy & Security hasn’t helped. They were, I guess, installing some new tracking software and the girls had to log in multiple times to get to the web based applications they have to use to do their jobs. I complained and complained until it eased some.

Before I left for the day, my Jury Duty Person called to see if she would have to appear Monday and, guess what?!! she does. All the jurors are being called in. I hope it’s to tell them goodbye and thanks for their time. It’s supposed to be over on the 22nd. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. So…we would have been fully staffed Monday but no more.

I toyed with the idea of going to the walking track this morning but when I woke up, I squinted at the clock and thought it said 7:15. Nope. It was really 7:45. I didn’t have time to rebound or anything after I’d done my morning routine.

Church was really good today. We have some outstanding talent and our singer/songwriter had the service. He played and sang several songs he’d written over the years and gave the background for each one. I keep telling him he needs to do something with them. I enjoy hearing them but I’m sure there are other people out there who would like them, too. His problem is a universal one. Money. I wish I were a rich woman but I have more expense looming on the horizon. I’ve paid my car insurance, my homeowners is next month and who knows how much I’m going to have to spend on me and my fava beans?

My neighbor (bless her heart) had told her BIL that my neck was acting up again so he adjusted it following the church service.

After, I saw a couple of the former attendees and had a good visit with them. They are brother and sister, college age. She is pretty as a picture and he’s taking a year out to be a student missionary. He’s into flying and has trained for short takeoff and landing which is necessary for a lot of the strips where he’ll be landing. He’s starting a blog and he promised to send me the URL. If it’s okay with him, I’ll pass it on. He said he’ll either be going to the Philippines or Guyana. I told him to eat lots of fruit for me.

This afternoon has been mostly eating. Still haven’t had a salad. I think I’ll give a lot of my lettuce away. I don’t want it to go to waste.

Through all this, Twinkle has pretty much behaved. The only time she’s gotten upset with me was when she was eating some of her treats after she’d gotten winged out on catnip. I was watching her and that was unacceptable. She’s acted interested in going outside but I’ve played dumb which isn’t a stretch for me. Mostly, though, she’ll meet me at the door like old times and lead me in.

The Wordscraper games are ongoing. I have been beating my opponent consistently but this time she’s out to slaughter me. I don’t play nice. I play to win. Maybe she has the same idea now.

Tomorrow, I wouldn’t have to go to town if I hadn’t used my last two oranges today. I’ll do that in the morning and tomorrow afternoon, I’ve been invited to a family cookout by my neighbor. Remember, she and her siblings are my cousins! She assures me there will be plenty there I can eat so I don’t plan to have a smoothie before I go.

Now, for my original question—which matters most, time, distance or steps? Tell me, please! I don’t know.

Night, all! Sleep well!

6 Responses to My Week: Time, Distance or Steps?

  1. Lila July 18, 2010 at 7:46 am #

    Tommie, how are the neighbors related? Through which branch of the family?

    My understanding is that time is the way to gauge walking.

    • Tommie July 18, 2010 at 7:51 am #

      They are related to the Haggards, I think. Or maybe it’s the Gothards. My neighbor’s sister is into genealogy and she has done a lot of research on the family tree.

      So…if I sauntered along for 30 minutes, it would do as much good for my body as power walking for the same length of time?

  2. Lila July 19, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

    Doesn’t sound reasonable, does it?

  3. Shari July 20, 2010 at 10:41 pm #

    Well, I’ve always heard it’s steps. They keep preaching 10,000 steps a day and it doesn’t matter if it takes you all day!


    • Tommie July 21, 2010 at 6:32 am #

      I’d definitely need to wear my pedometer to keep track of that many.

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