My Week(s): Two in One

Sunday (weeks of June 27-July 10)
Since I did my grocery shopping on the way home, I didn’t have to go anywhere today. Yesterday at church, it was announced there would be a business meeting this morning but I have elected not to go. It has been a LONG time since I’ve had a full day without sallying forth. There were questionnaires handed out asking what each person planned to do to support the church school. I filled it out and turned it in.

When will I stop making mistakes with Twinkle? I seem to always have bad judgment where she is concerned. Yesterday, when I opened the front door, she marched out on the deck. I let her roam around and sniff things for a couple of minutes, then I caught her and put her back inside through the little door in the cat house. Well, she had inspected the cat house from the outside and found out there WAS an outside so she was like a tiger pacing back and forth in her cage. After dark, I knew she wasn’t in the house but she wasn’t in HER house, either. I looked down at the steps and there she was, eating grass. I went and got her and took her, kicking and screaming, back to the front door. She was whipping around and trying to bite me and I finally swatted her and put her inside. I emailed my neighbor that Houdini had escaped and I didn’t know how. I shut the window.

This morning, I heard something out on the deck and it was my neighbor stapling the screen back where Twinkle had pushed it loose. She assured me she wouldn’t be able to get out. Guess she didn’t know how determined Twinkle can be. I opened the window—again. Twinkle got out—again. This time it was a different corner. I put her back inside and put a concrete block over the loose place accompanied by her yowling and screeching, hissing and spitting. I was just about at my wit’s end.

When she was in the house, every time I would go by her lair (and she has several) (anything she can get under) she would let off a blood-curdling shriek and hiss. I got a new spray bottle (a Melaleuca Tough & Tender one that had never been used. I thought that was appropriate.) and filled it with water. Whenever she would do her yodeling and other sound effects, I would give her a squirt. It didn’t work.

I finally gave up and took the concrete block away so she could get out if she wanted to. She didn’t take the hint. I opened the front door, going out to sit in the chair to see what she would do. She came out, tentatively, but as soon as I got up to shut the door behind her, she ran back in the house. I sat down again and waited. This time, I didn’t make a move until she was down in the yard. I made a dash for the door and closed it with her outside and me inside. Then I broke down. I had given Twinkle her freedom and I already missed her. I couldn’t live with her and I couldn’t live without her. I spent the rest of the afternoon in tears. My nerves were shot.

When my neighbor came home, I went out on the deck with my fava beans. Between snorts and sobs, I told her I’d put Twinkle out. She suggested I could leave the cat door open with her food and water inside and she could just be an outside cat if she hung around. I had put food and water out for her so I moved it to the cat house. I came back in because it was starting to get late by then and I still had Things to Do.

The phone rang and it was my neighbor calling to tell me Twinkle was at the door. She had been in the cat house trying to get through the closed window. I opened the door and she marched in, hissing. I’m going to bed now. No use to try to do anything. I went out and closed the cat door and opened the window again. I feel like a captive being tortured.

I was on my way out the door to go to work when I discovered Twinkle was outside—again. I’d made yet another mistake of leaving the cat food in the cat house. Here’s what I saw.


A loose spot

What did it?

Well, that was the last of my updates and the last of Twinkle getting into her cat house. From here on, I’ll generalize.

Quick rundown on the Twinkle condition. She went outside and when she came back in, I had a container of water in my hand to take out to the deck for her. She looked up at me and hissed so I doused her. I went for a refill and she hissed again so she was re-baptized. The next couple of days she was docile so I thought I had my calm cat back and thanked the Lord. Then, the beginning of this week (remember this is two weeks in one), she went outside again. When she came back in, she was hissing and screeching. I screeched back until my throat was sore. She took to hiding under things again and yowling whenever I walked by. I got my Tough & Tender bottle and turned it to stream. Whenever she would open her mouth to yowl, I’d shoot her with my Tough & Tender water. After she’d calmed down again, I made another boo-boo. She was sitting in the bedroom window and I went over and scratched on the screen like I used to. Ah!! There was an outside of that window! When I opened the front door, she made for it and here we went again. She’d do her vocalizing and hissing whenever I’d get in spittin’ distance. I was getting desperate. I finally made a decision I should have in the first place. There would be no outside time for Twinkle. Now, if she meets me at the door, I block her way and, for almost a week now, peace has reigned. Pray it will stay that way. This next picture is history.

Twinkle on the Deck

My neighbor is going to take down the cat house. It served its purpose while I was gone. There’s no rush. Whenever she has time will be fine. I told her I’d still pay for it. At first she objected but then she agreed.

I bit the bullet and asked to be allowed to walk 30 minutes in the morning at work before the day got hot. In no uncertain terms, I was made to understand that I could only walk on my break (a 15 minute one) (I don’t take lunch or an afternoon break) and I must be within hearing distance of the paging system. So…after the first few days of walking only 15 minutes, I started going in 15-20 minutes early and walking before making my appearance, then walking another 15 minutes on my morning break. Several have suggested I walk on the walking track before work and I may end up doing that but it’s flat and I do have some up and down and the hospital.

The garden has been growing and I had my first tomato yesterday. It had been chewed on by something else in a couple of spots but I cut them out and ate it anyway. It’s a Rutgers and really yummy. There have been several cucumbers. I took one for the church dinner today along with other stuff for a salad. I should have put in some cilantro, too, but I didn’t. My neighbor has been bringing me lots of tomatoes from her garden and a week ago last Friday, she brought a couple of heads of cabbage I turned into “kraut” Monday evening. I had cabbage everywhere and when I sat down in the bathroom, I looked at my feet and there was cabbage stuck to my toes. I put the quotes because I was supposed to only let it sit for four days and then refrigerate it. That’s what I did and I think it needed longer.

My kelp noodles arrived yesterday so I’ve had fava beans ‘n’ noodles. If I’m going to have to eat the beans, I want to be able to enjoy them. I ordered 24 lubs of beans from a food service company. It said it would take 4-5 weeks for them to get here (they’re a special order item) so I guess I’ll be ordering from Amazon in the meantime. The manager at The Pig ordered some beans for me but they weren’t peeled. He’s sure he can sell them, anyway.

A week ago, my granddaughter had her 15th birthday. I didn’t even attempt to go to help celebrate. I sent her a card and some money so she could do whatever she wanted. At her age, she’d prefer the company of her contemporaries, anyway.

Last Sabbath at church, I was requesting prayer for two of my sisters and Twinkle. Rose spoke up and said I needed to have prayer for myself (I’d seen her at the grocery store the day before). I really did appreciate her remembering. I’m a little hesitant to request it for me. I noticed a marked improvement during the week. Prayer is a powerful thing. I’m sure everything else has something to do with it, too, but I believe God impressed me to make my first appointment with the naturopath, as well.

Guess what awaited me at church today! Last Sabbath, the Ladies was still in the Mens but today, they had theirs and we have a two-holer! The stall doesn’t have the latch installed so I used the handicap accessible one but it was so nice to have facilities. We even have hot water now!! Not that we need it but it will be welcome this winter.

It was almost uncomfortably warm in the sanctuary. All the others were sweltering so they were trying to get people interested in getting another unit to put on the other side. I didn’t contribute. The one we have makes too much noise and that would just add to the din. If people would eat a raw breakfast, they wouldn’t get so hot in church.

My sister has a birthday. She is the only one of my sisters who is active on Facebook. The one in the Great Northwest had me set up one for her but she has never posted. I posted for her and put up a profile picture. Anyway, many many people wished my sister a happy one.

Last night, I started watching “Gifted Hands” and finished it this afternoon. It’s a good movie. I’d been wanting to see it for a long time.

Well, I’ve turned into Twinkle’s self-feeder. She won’t eat much at a time and if she’s eaten the top layer of food, she spurns the rest. I’ve taken to putting a few nuggets at a time on a plate for her and she’ll eat most of them. I’d like to have a setup like Pixel has (it’s an automatic electric feeder) but what I’ve found online is too pricey. I’ll have to find out where merm got it.

Work has been work. The office will be fully staffed for two days in the next three weeks and then there are some taking off in August. ARRGGGHHHHH! I know they deserve their vacations but it surely makes it hard to fill out the schedule to keep everything covered and then it’s hard to work without them there.

There was lots of rain while I was gone but it’s been so dry since I’ve been back, there are big brown spots in the yard. I’ve run the cistern just about to the bottom. The grass had grown up because my neighbor’s mower wouldn’t start so someone came out and started it and mowed for her. She had told him to leave the area around the deck and she’d do it but he scalped everything including my bed of mint and one of my tomato plants. The mint is trying to make a comeback but it’s looking pitiful. Day before yesterday, I took the hose that goes to the soaker hoses and hooked it up to my faucet on the house. I let it run all night until yesterday afternoon. Last night, it rained but I don’t know how much. My rain gauge was under some arugula. My plants on the deck are suffering from the heat. Pray for rain!

I heard a katydid on the 4th of July. I don’t think they are very good predictors of the first frost. I’m hearing cicadas now. Summer! It’s been good watermelon time, too. I need a bigger refrigerator. Or that under-counter one I’d like to have.

The Wordscraper games are still going strong but the last one was touch and go. I did win it by 68 points but I was wondering for a while. Unless my opponent can zap me at the last minute here, I think I have the current one in the bag.

I had my telephone consult with my doctor yesterday but I’ll tell about that on tomorrow night’s post.

This is going to have to be it, folks, and aren’t you glad?

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