My Week: Off to See the Chilluns

Sunday (Note: This post is for the week of 06/06 to 06/12/2010. As I said in my previous update, I wouldn’t be following my routine schedule.)
Spent the day indoors mostly since rain threatened all day but didn’t get around to doing anything until afternoon. I could’ve done laundry and had it dry and in had I known but it looked like it was imminent all day.

The bananas were starting to get very ripe. I don’t care for frozen ones except in ice cream and I rarely get the juicer out so I sliced them up and put them in the dehydrator. They should be ready to take out by the time I have to be getting ready to leave on Tuesday. I need a better dehydrator. This one takes forever.

Oh! I haven’t mentioned that I’m running away from Twinkle! Actually, this trip has been planned since before she got so thoroughly traumatized. I’m going out to see DD, merm and my grandcat! I’ll also see my sister, BIL, nieces, nephews AND Shari, the forum moderator and another of the members. What a treat! I’ve never laid eyes on either one of them. We have big plans, too—especially Shari and me.

Anyway, back to today. I did get the bed changed but no sheets washed.

DD and I had a good visit and I also called DS1 to see if my DIL had found someone to fill in for her at work. He said for me to call her but I’ll just wait until tomorrow. She probably wouldn’t know yet, anyway.

Today was much nicer, weather-wise. I’m taking today off as well as tomorrow then the two weeks I’ll be gone and the rest of the week when I come back. I imagine I could get used to that.

The shredder container was getting pretty full. I had been reading online about composting the paper. The regular paper is okay and the days of toxic inks is mostly gone so I felt safe to take it out to the composting bin. Twinkle was in her “house” and, as I took the big black container by, she saw it and totally freaked. Nothing I could do would calm her down. She hid under things the rest of today and yodeled whenever I went by. It made me even more glad I’ll be far, far away for a whole two weeks.

I did a huge load of laundry and froze ten mangoes. They were starting to get ripe and I didn’t want to try to eat all of them between now and when I leave. I’ve been buying them 20 to 40 at a time. I peeled them (of course) and cut them up. Those little snack size bags are nice for individual portions. Then I put the six bags into a larger freezer bag and there they sit, waiting for hard times or when I want some really really good frozen mango.

Playing in the dirt was on the agenda, too. I put some mushroom dirt in the Topsy Turvy and filled in the bougainvilleas. My neighbors are going to take care of things while I’m gone but I noticed one of the cucumbers was getting rather droopy so I gave everything a good watering. The garden is really growing! I need to take pictures, too.

I’ve started packing. I’d planned to take my smaller suitcase but relented and hauled out the giant one I took to DD’s graduation. When I got it mostly packed, I hauled it to the scale and attempted to weigh it. I think it’s around 40 lubs, the best I could tell. If it’s over 50, I’ll have to pay extra.

My neighbor came over this morning to get instructions. I’d fixed a supply of nectar and bottled it up. I showed her how the feeder comes apart and the little nipples on the underside. She got direction about how many treats and brewers yeast tablets to give Twinkle. I also told her to eat any of the produce that’s ready while I’m gone. This is a bad time of year to leave!. I surely do appreciate good neighbors.

I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures. I was busy Getting Things Done. There’s a lot I had to leave undone and I hope to come home and not have to have someone go into the mess.

DS1 is taking care of my notebook and I told him he could use my car. It’s parked by their house. He said he wouldn’t even try to drive it—that if he wrecked it, I’d say I had to rent a car because of him while it was being fixed. I told him he would be covered by my insurance and my insurance would pay for a rental but I guess there it will sit until they have to move it.

I stopped by the Adventist Book Center and bought a Bible. The one I’ve been carrying is one DH gave me for Christmas in 1980. That’s almost 30 years and it’s tattered and worn. I had my $20 gift certificate from a year ago last Christmas. Since I’d used it once and gotten a refund, I got a 6+ months extension. I wish I’d thought to leave it to have my name put on it but I didn’t.

When I got to the house, my DIL had gone to pick DS1 up from work. Benji greeted me with a lot of barking but he was closed up in their bedroom and I didn’t let him out. The cats were so nice and quiet. It was such a relief from yowling!

I got DS1 to put the suitcase in their car and he’s sure it’s over 50 lubs. Oh, no!!

It was strange to watch TV. Since I’ve been watching what I want when I want, I’ve gotten spoiled. We watched “America’s Got Talent”. The first hour is what was already on Hulu but I hadn’t seen the second one.

DS1 was up about 4:20 to do his walking. He had turned on as few lights as possible but I’d been awakened by his alarm, anyway. We had a good visit. He kissed me goodbye and set out. My DIL had to take him because he still refuses to drive my car.

It took a long time for me to fill the tub. The water would run hot and then cold. I’d thought it would be nice to have “on demand” hot water but now I’m wondering. Once, I thought I would be boiled alive but I made it out. Can you tell?

I asked my DIL what time the ABC opened and she said she thought it was 9 o’clock. I figured that would be cutting it close to leave my Bible there and then go to the airport. She said she would drop it by sometime this week. I’ll have my name on my Bible! I’d paid more than I thought I would but it’s the kind I wanted when DH got me the one he thought was what I wanted. I never told him any different now I have both!

While I was in Chattanooga, I checked Facebook and my neighbor had posted a request for prayer for her husband. He’s having his knee replacement replaced today.

We set out for the airport earlier than necessary but DS1 had warned us about traffic and the perils of construction. She took me the back way and there were no problems. She and my granddaughter stayed with me until I got my bag checked. I’d already checked in electronically yesterday and printed off my boarding pass. I had to pay $25 for checking one bag but that was no surprise. I had the agent weigh it and it came in at 38 lubs! I’d taken a book and a heavy sweater out and didn’t need to. The book is coming in handy to put my netbook on. I’m currently typing this while I wait for my next flight three hours from now.

The flight to Chicago-O’Hare was uneventful. My seatmate was a man who smiled, put the armrest down between us and either played with his Blackberry, read the paper or slept all the way. It was an hour and a half flight, more or less and I typed part of this on the plane. Oh! The airport in Chattanooga has FREE public wireless. The only available wireless here is either Boingo! or something that is miles away between E and F. I’m on H right now. I told merm I’d forget it. I saw wireless notices somewhere and I may wander around since I have plenty of time. My battery indicator says I have two hours. I hope there’s a place where I can plug this in and charge it should it decide to go down sooner. Later…the wireless notices were for Boingo and I refuse to pay $9.95 for a few hours. I’ll be on 25 MB up/25 MB down while I’m in the Seattle area.

Well, I’m back in the air headed for Seattle, or, as a aunt a long time ago called it, “Attlesea”. DH and merm will meet me at the curb after I collect my giant suitcase. I called and talked to DD and asked her what they were going to feed me. She said they’d need to stop at the store on the way home. I requested Mett’s Dip on a salad of romaine hearts, cilantro and arugula. I was determined not to eat anything but dried fruit today but I broke down and bought a banana for $1.15 plus tax. Later I got a bottle of water for $3. It’s amazing how little I need to go to the bathroom when I’m pretty much dehydrated from not eating juicy foods and cutting my water consumption.

I’m in desperate need of a haircut. I didn’t do anything to my head this morning except wash it and blow it dry. I look shaggy and rough. There was a couple boarding first class this afternoon and she was the epitome of perfection. Perfect makeup, a smart haircut (her hair HAS to be naturally curly) and dressed to a “T”. Beside her, I looked like I crawled out of rag bag and it was a difficult extraction.

During boarding, when it got to the cabin passengers, I was able to get on almost first. I made my way to the window seat I was assigned to. The flight was completely booked but I was glad I got almost where I wanted—just a few rows behind the wing. Then a couple came with a baby and wanted all three seats together. I’m a pushover so, even though I wanted the window seat, I agreed to take the aisle seat on the opposite side. Upshot was, the flight attendant found a nice young man who was willing to sit on the aisle so I could be at the window—and it is right behind the wing!

Getting Ready to Take Off

I prayed that the Lord would forgive me for being reluctant to switch, initially. The mother smiled and said I’d be farther away from the baby, too. It was a good baby, though, and didn’t make a fuss.

Speaking of baby, there was a young couple with one sitting across from me in the waiting area. The mother got out a scarf affair with a wide stiff circle, slipped it over her head so it hung down in front and proceeded to nurse the baby. She was completely concealed and could look down through the circle and see the baby and the baby could see her. Neat! I wish I’d had something like that when I was nursing. It was super easy to slip on and off. It was similar to this.

I’ve been reading Stiff off and on today. As for right now, I think I’ll watch the countryside go by. A few minutes ago, the pilot announced we’d just passed south of Dubuque, IA. It’s almost a cloudless sky vs the cumulus clouds that we flew through going from TN to IL.

Well, I dropped my glasses and couldn’t retrieve them so I couldn’t blog or read, either one. I can read without my glasses if the light’s strong enough but it wasn’t. Because of that, I was a Tourist and took lots of pictures out the window.

"Buttermilk" Sky from Above

Snow Covered Peaks

Smooth Clouds

A Hole in the Clouds

Patchy Clouds

I even videoed some.

I’m at the airport now (my glasses were under the seat) waiting for DD and merm. I called them from the curb as instructed when I had my luggage (after I almost got dragged to who knows where by my suitcase and a woman rescued me) and called merm. DD answered and said they were caught in rush hour traffic. I’m sitting at a little table just off the baggage area. They just called and said they’d be here in five minutes. Oh, guess what!! Seattle has free public wireless!

On the way to their place, I coerced merm into agreeing to make Matt’s Dip. We had to stop and get produce so I’d have something to eat. They’d thoughtfully brought me some bananas, grapes, tomatoes and figs but I was fruited out and ready for something savory.

It was very late when I got to bed but merm is insisting I should be adjusted to the time in three days. I’m not sure I want to be.

Today, we went to see my sister and found no one at home. There was a note on the door that she had been taken to the ER after she fell when my BIL was having a treatment on his foot. We went to the ER and DD and I were given visitor’s passes. When we walked into the room, there was my sister on a gurney. My BIL was sitting beside the door with a clipboard and paper so he could write her notes. He looked up at me and smiled and didn’t recognize me at first but then it dawned on him who I was.

I greeted him and my sister and there were hugs all around. I had my netbook with me so I was able to communicate with my sister by writing on Wordpad.

She was taken to x-ray and it was finally determined she had a hip fracture. Surgery will be tomorrow.

DD and I went into Wally World and, after a LONG time, I got my prescription filled. I couldn’t get it done before I left so it’s nice it could be transferred. merm sat in the car and waited for us. I got some new glasses. The others are bent up and chipped but that’s nothing new.

I’m about shot so I think I’ll go to bed. I’ve updated the other three sisters.

This morning, we went to see the Karate Kid. It was good—it’s the same as the first one but different.

We’ve been hitting lots of markets and taking turns paying. I’ve been coming out to the good because the places I’ve been paying haven’t cost nearly as much.

I called the hospital and my sister was out of surgery and in a room so we headed over there. She was sleeping peacefully. I left a note written on the back of one of my hospital business cards to “Sleeping Beauty”.

Saturday night
We went to church in Edmonds this morning. I thought they had a very slim membership until I found out that campmeeting is going on. Next Sabbath, the Wedgwood Trio will be in concert and I’m campaigning to go.

I started some marinated cucumbers today. The Five Spice smells different and it’s a different kind of olive oil, too. DD has quit using agave nectar because she believes it isn’t any better for her than high fructose corn syrup. So…I had to break down and use “raw” sugar that isn’t really raw. AAAAACKKKK! I’m being corrupted!

Later when we were walking down the corridor in the hospital, we met my niece and her husband. We went back to the waiting area and talked for a while about the situation with my sister. They were on their way to check on my BIL since he hadn’t been in all day.

My sister was sitting up eating a not too inviting salad and soup. When she was through, we started communicating about old times and she’d tell a story and then laugh and laugh. She said it hurt but she hadn’t had a good time laughing like that for ages. If laughter heals, she should be a lot better.

The others got back when we were out of the room so my sister could be put back in bed. We went back in and told her bye and we went to a restaurant in town—Araya’s Place. The others got big plates of cooked food and I got the only raw thing on the menu, #13, a green salad and young coconut to drink. It was so young, there was no meat to eat with the spoon. The water wasn’t at all sweet. Whoever had opened it had split it too far down the side and a lot of the water escaped into the plate it was on. I wasn’t too sorry. The salad was good and I indulged in the vinaigrette that came with it.

It was late when we got back and I feel wilted. Until next time, take care dudes and dudettes!

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  1. Lila June 27, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    What! You don’t have hot water on demand at home?

    I enjoyed taking the trip with you, as well as the visit, especially with our sister.

    • Tommie June 27, 2010 at 7:46 am #

      I have hot water but not on demand. Theirs only heats as it’s being used and it’s rather “iffy”.

      Glad you enjoyed the trip! It was smooth flying!

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