My Week: The Cat House

Another seven days are gone and I haven’t written a single word before now and it’s Sabbath afternoon. Twinkle and I are on the deck. She’s safely ensconced in her cat house and I’m sitting in a Little Debbie camp chair—the only piece of furniture I have outside. It’s comfortable. That’s the main thing, right? And the sun is over far enough that I can see the screen out here.

Queen Twinkle

Every now and then, a hummingbird will fly by and stop long enough to sip some nectar from the feeder. They drink from one and then the other. One ruby throated sat on the feeder I can see best from here and just sat there. It didn’t drink but it stayed for at least a couple of minutes, just scoping out the territory.

According to the thermometer on the front door, it’s 84 degrees. There’s a nice breeze blowing which makes it very pleasant. There was the hummer again! I have my camera but they move so quickly (normally) I can’t get a picture.

And now back to the first of the week. Last Sunday, I played in the dirt just about all morning. I had some tomato plants that hadn’t been planted (still do) so I planted three in the ground beside and in front of the deck. Then I wanted to plant some more cucumbers. My digging the holes for the tomato plants reminded me of how rocky the ground is out here so I got three old flower pots, cut the bottoms out and put them on the ground, filled them with mushroom dirt and planted the cucumber seed. I noticed they’re up now. In the afternoon, I worked on the house and did mundane things like change the bed. It had been two weeks because I was hurting so badly the previous Sunday, I didn’t attempt it.

Memorial Day was spent in more labor. I celebrated by doing a large load of laundry that brought on the rain just as I was taking it out to the line. So much for that. I hung it all over the house—have you ever hung sheets inside? It’s a project, for sure.

Looking like something Twinkle drug in (if she could get outside to drag anything in), I got dressed in something more than shorts and a t-shirt and went shopping. One of the produce guys was telling me about his neighbor who grows several big gardens. He said for me to come out to their place and the man would give me all the tomatoes, etc., I could eat. It was nice of him to think of me but I’d want it straight from the farmer himself before I’d do it. Just as I was getting ready to go check out, the fellow that helps me so much started his shift. We talked for a little while and he figured he’d better get to work or he’d get in trouble.

My neighbor had given me a discount card that includes the produce place in town. I put it to good use there. They had some beautiful corn so I got three ears. There were tomatoes, too, that the lady insisted were really good. Well, her “really good” and my really good are really different. They’re kind of crunchy. The corn made up for it, though. It was sweet and tender and I had it cream style with some basil from the garden.

I blended up a recipe of Matt’s Dip, too, with fresh basil (I still have some frozen left), onions from the garden and fresh dill. Have I ever said I love spring??

The neighbors had been gone since Friday but rolled up in the afternoon. It was good to have them back. I’d kept busy but it’s nice when they’re home.

Tuesday, it was back to work. I had three days’ worth of emails to go through. That took a lot of the time. Since it was the first of the month, everyone was busy registering. They kept it up pretty well. They’re faster at it than I am.

The male half of the neighbor couple messed up his knee replacement and tore some ligaments as well. He’s going to have to have his replacement replaced. Their computer has been losing the connection with the wireless so I went in to see what I could do to get it to connect. It showed it had been connected for over 19 hours. I think it’s the computer. It might need a new one. Anyway, he was showing me how his leg will move and it looks painful to me. He was laughing about it. Better he can laugh than cry, I guess.

The female half had gotten material for Twinkle’s cat house and worked on it the next couple of days. She finished it up Thursday afternoon except for the padlock. I’m afraid if it just has a latch, some critter like a raccoon might figure out how to open it and Twinkle could get out. The door isn’t very big but it’s big enough for that. Yesterday, my neighbor’s construction partner came by to bring me a picture he’d printed off and he said he didn’t see why she used screen. Chicken wire would do just as well. He hadn’t figured on anything small enough to get through the holes could get into the house, too, I guess. I opened the window and waited to see what would happen. Twinkle came out and was skittish at first but she’s pretty well used to it now. She does enjoy being “outside”.

Besides the picture, I took a couple of videos, too. I can’t upload anything to Flickr that’s longer than 90 seconds. Too bad because the quality is better than when I upload to youtube. The first is of Twinkle lounging around and it gives a “tour” of her digs. I really don’t think I sound that sibilant but who knows? Maybe someone can tell me.

The second is a mild reaction to my going in the house and coming back out. I really need to get a video of her hissing and screeching because no one can believe it when I tell them.

Yesterday was a terrible day almost all day long. There were some bright spots. I’d found out via Facebook that my Wordscraper opponent’s birthday is today. I took her a little gift and while I was in the room, she asked me to uncover her feet. Then she demonstrated how she can wiggle her left big toe if she concentrates. It’s the first time in eight years she has been able to do that. And I take such things for granted.

Then, my neighbor’s construction partner brought me a picture he’d printed off. These are actual signs they’d seen when they were going to and from a job. He had to show me he was wearing one of his Hawaiian shirts. However, that’s nothing unusual for him.

Signs Signs

Back to the trials and tribulations. I’d gotten an email from another department about the orders that were being scanned. There was a problem with one whole clinic code which means that every order that came in and was registered with that code was wrong. After emailing back and forth for, literally, hours, I drafted a memo to fax to the offices concerned. When I emailed it for approval, I was told by the main person to have my superior approve it, that she was in a meeting and wasn’t able to review it. My superior said it was fine so I faxed it. THEN the person reviewed it and had a hissy fit and said it would have to be rewritten. I told her via email that I’d already faxed it. It had gone to all the offices. Well, I’d have to fax a revised memo. So…I revised it and that one she approved. I faxed it and was glad that, by then, it was almost time to come home.

Then I got a welcome reprieve. I was alone in the office when the main number rang in. When I answered, it was a call for me. Someone who used to work at the hospital full time was calling me to find out how to cook an artichoke. At first I thought she said “isotope” and we got a laugh out of that. I was telling her how to cook the artichoke and described the different parts. I told her how to eat it by taking each leaf and scraping the “meat” off with her teeth. When I got to the choke, itself, and told her it was the best part, she said, “Uh oh! That’s what I threw away.” She had taken the leaves off one by one and put them in some kind of dish she was making. She hadn’t even done away with the spines. I told her they are very fibrous and the spines are sharp enough they could pierce her intestine. Methinks her dish was a lost cause. I couldn’t help it. I laughed and laughed. I gave her this address and said it would give her step by step instructions for next time.

I’d gone by the church and found that the bathroom still isn’t ready to use. I made up my mind that I was staying home today.

On the way home, it was pouring down rain and the sun was shining brightly. I saw one faint rainbow but kept looking for a more colorful one. It never showed up. I was disappointed. At least there was the washed out one. Maybe it was raining too hard.

This morning, my conscience started hurting me. The only reason I’d have for not going was the lack of facilities. I wasn’t hurting. I could ambulate. My car is all fixed. I got dressed and went after eating only dried fruit for breakfast.

I hadn’t been able to find out who was speaking or what the hymns would be and when I got the bulletin, I found out why. It had TBA on everything. When I DID find out who was speaking, it was the man who had made my neck feel better. He said he was going to make everyone uncomfortable by switching things around and leaving some things completely out. Here’s what he gave me to go by.


The object was to point out how we do things because they are ritual or tradition. It turned out to be a very interesting service and I threw in my own little twist by not playing the prayer response. Everyone stayed on their knees and then started looking around and finally began, one by one, getting up. That even surprised the speaker.

Well, I ATE this afternoon starting with a cantaloupe smoothie. Then I had a blueberry, banana, mango, spinach/mint smoothie. I’ve eaten watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers and a big salad.

The skeeters are starting to come out so I think I’ll go in. I’m going to cut down on some of my posting for the next few weeks but I’ll still be around. I’ll be majoring in LIFE.

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