My Week: Car Repairs

I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. Whenever I have to get up to go to the bathroom, I go back to sleep but last night, I went back into a deep sleep. Unusual and very welcome. I hope it continues.

It was a stay-at-home day which is always nice. Twinkle has calmed down some but not completely. She’s still hissed and screamed several times. The weather was rainy so laundry is hung in the house. I didn’t go out on the deck while DD and I had our weekly visit. It’s a little cool along with the rain.

There’s quite a bit of accomplishment to report. I won’t list it. It really doesn’t matter to anyone but me. I did a garden update if you”re interested.

I was watering the hanging plants when a bird startled me by flying out of one of the bougainvilleas. It went so fast, I couldn’t tell what it was but it was small so maybe a hummingbird? That would be handy. The feeders are both right there.

The registrar on duty called and left voice mail that something was wrong with the computer I’d loaned to my nursing home friend. I called and she couldn’t get it to boot into Windows at all. I hunted up the CDs and have them where I won’t forget them in the morning.

Twinkle is parked on my lap. This is the Jeckyll side of her personality.

This was a computer day, for sure. I went over to see about the loaner and we couldn’t even get it to boot from the CD. I brought it back to my office and, I don’t know why, but it did what it was supposed to do. Not completely because she wanted Windows to be repaired if possible but it wouldn’t go into the repair console. I ended up formatting the hard drive and reloading Windows. It didn’t take a lot of attention. The computer did most of the work. Now and then, I had to OK something or click on NEXT but that was the extent of it. I downloaded the updates and several programs and had it ready to go by 3:30. When I took it to her, I was surprised to see her sitting up on the side of the bed! She is making real progress. I decided it was time to let the computer go so it’s hers now. I agreed to be Support.

I was Support for the hospital people, too. Someone hollered at me that her monitor wasn’t working. It would come on, blink, and go off. I had a spare hidden in my office so I got it and plugged it up and she was good to go. That wasn’t until after I’d called IT and reported it, though, as a defective computer. It turned out to be an easy fix.

After crawling around on the floor off and on all day, I had to go grocery shopping. First, I stopped at the cemetery and put the arrangement I’d been hauling around for a week on Mother’s grave.

Mother's Flowers

The Long View

When I got to WW it was gratifying to see the things I needed on the shelves and in the bins. I got most of what I needed and went to the bathroom. On the way back, I met a couple of the produce guys. The one who helps me the most made sure I was okay with what I had and went on. I have to do a veggie tray for the school Thursday evening so I was getting stuff together for that. I spied a sign that said “Autalfo Mangoes 73 cents”. I overlooked the fact that the “u” was misplaced in Ataulfo but couldn’t find any anywhere.

I had to go to the back to get something for the dip for the veggies and when I got back to the front, the produce guys were there. I asked if the sign was to just get my hopes up. No, they had some in the back. One brought out a box of 20 and I said, “I’ll take it!” There were three more boxes so I took another one. They wanted to know what the difference between those and the others was and I said the bigger ones are so stringy, you can eat them and floss your teeth at the same time. Ataulfos are smooth as butter.

At the checkout, it was sorta sad. One of my favorite cashiers had hugged me goodbye last week. She was transferring to Ohio. I found another good one, though. When she ran the Camparis through, they rang up at $2.50. I was surprised and she looked alarmed and asked, “Do you still want them?” YES!! I finished checking out and went back and got three more. One was for my neighbors (I delivered it after I got home) and I knew I could get rid of another at work.

Twinkle is getting better. She didn’t hiss at me as much today. She’s wearing my socks with the giant pills on them.

NICE Twinkle

Oh, I’d cleaned out the car yesterday and she got up in the bedroom window and watched. That’s the first time she’s ventured to do that since the Incident. I talked to my neighbor about building an enclosure around one of the living room windows so Twinkle can go in and out at will. She said she’d draw something up and get with me.

No time to eat a salad this evening. I feel deprived.

I startled the bird again this morning when I watered the plant. I think it has a nest in there. I’m trying not to disturb it but I have to water the bougie.

The IT guy came up today and brought another spare monitor, some keyboards and mousies. It’s good to have some parts around when things go belly up.

Much to my relief, I didn’t have to crawl on the floor and stand on my head today. It was more or less a normal day if there ever are any at a hospital.

Twinkle hasn’t hissed at me at all during this 24 hours. She started to yowl but stopped when I put my hand out to her. Maybe there’s hope.

Well! I went into the bathroom this morning to find the screen off the window again and Twinkle sitting on the meter box. I ordered her back inside and shut the window far enough she can’t do that. I don’t like the critters being able to get in but the screen is broken beyond repair, I’m afraid. I don’t like to suffocate, either.

Today was D-Day. I was at the service station owner’s son’s place a few minutes early. The damage wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The owner came and sat down across from me and said, “How are you today?” I said, “I don’t know. That’s what I’m wondering. How am I?” He laughed. He was able to get the part plus put a muffler on (which took care of the rattle). It was the oxygen sensor as I’d been afraid it would be but it was a four wire instead of a six so it didn’t cost as much. My rear tires were very worn (the mountain kills tires) so I said I’d go for having them replaced, too. I had to authorize everything they did. Fortunately, I saw a sticker on the door for Discover.

Yes, I know there’s a Monday entry but what I wrote Wednesday was the last for that week. It’s been rough almost ever since. And I can’t blame it all on Twinkle unless dealing with her shenanigans brought it on in the first place.

Thursday was pretty unremarkable. I don’t remember a lot that happened that day so we’ll slide on by with a couple of pictures.

An Antique Truck

The Crumpled Guardrail

Friday is when disaster struck. Mid-morning, I don’t know what I did but my old whiplash injuries flared up and I couldn’t move without having terrible pain. It was the first time in many years I’ve had an episode like that. I was wildly hunting for one of our church members who has helped me before but he was in North Carolina still. He’s a truck driver but he has a real talent for making my back and neck feel better.

It got really busy in the afternoon so there was no way I could leave. I got out of the office a little after 4 and came home after I set the organ up. I fully intended to go to church but finally had to admit I couldn’t.

I posted my problem on Facebook and my neighbor saw it the next morning. The person I needed is her brother-in-law. She wanted to know if she could do anything for me and I said yes—find HIM! Well, she did and the upshot of it was, he and his wife came out in the afternoon and did good on the Sabbath day. I rewarded them with some Campari tomatoes, strawberries and Ataulfo mangoes. I also gave them a couple of cuttings from my Swedish ivy and a head of romaine. I’m afraid the last might be too bitter to eat.

They asked if I had any muscle relaxants and I didn’t. I took a long (for me) soak in the tub and went to bed for over an hour. When I got up, I had a picnic on the deck. Twinkle was at the door watching me eat my salad. When I came in, she hissed. Oh, well.

I took a couple of 3 mg melatonin that night and slept very soundly. I felt enough better yesterday to meet my sisters at Mother’s grave and have a good visit. They insisted on helping to pay for the arrangement. Considering my expenses lately, I didn’t object too loudly. After we parted company, I went to Wally World where my favorite produce guy found me a box of Ataulfos (I’d given my sisters 18 along with a container of Camparis and some marinated cucumbers). From there, I stopped at the produce place and got my oranges. They discounted $3 for all the ones I’d lost this time. There were six to throw away as soon as I got the box home but this one seems okay.

I hauled everything into the house and, while I usually split the box of oranges to carry them in, I did it in fourths. I think I still overdid it, though. Last night, I’d be asleep and try to roll onto my left side and the pain would wake me up. One of my Facebook friends is advising me to go to her chiropractor but he doesn’t take my insurance. I might break down and go, anyway.

BTW, the bird in the bougainvillea is most likely to be a wren.

The Wordscraper games seem to be at a standstill right now. Maybe my opponent is getting tired of my winning so many of them. The stats stand at 30 played, 19 won and 11 lost. We are currently playing one but it’s been hours ‘n hours since my last word. It isn’t often that I get the last word, though, so I guess I should enjoy it.

This is more than a week’s worth of updates. I called in this morning and said I would be taking the day off. I was considering it, anyway, because I didn’t want to push it but last night sealed the deal. I was going to do my computing out in the sun but I couldn’t see the screen in the bright light so here I am in an easy chair in the living room and this is where I’ll stop. If I feel up to it later on, I’ll plant the rest of the garden my neighbor has ready. If I don’t, I won’t.

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