The Raw Vegan: Part CXIX, A Happy Birthday

It was edging into July and I had been invited to DS1’s place for the 4th of July. My granddaughter’s birthday is on the 3rd so I went down on the 4th Eve so I could be there for her special celebration—the annual fireworks display at the university. On the way, the odometer in my car turn over to something I thought should be recorded for posterity. The second picture shows that I wasn’t doing anything reckless by taking the pictures. I’d slowed to 40+ MPH, after all.


An Empty Roadway

At the fireworks location, my granddaughter was with her friends and we could easily spot them because they were all decked out with glow necklaces and bracelets. My DIL had gone to the local pizzeria and bought a couple of pizzas for us to have along with our sodas. No longer afraid of the frequent booms, my granddaughter enjoyed the beauty of the night sky along with the rest of us.

I had the balance of the week off and the birthday celebration had been put off until the weekend. In the meantime, my granddaughter wanted to show off her new bed and all of her Disney paraphernalia.

A Disney Bedroom

Personally, I was pretty comfortable in a loose dress that was being filled out more and more as time went on.

Enjoying the Music

I had to ham it up for the camera a little…

Enjoying the Tunes

Sabbath came and the whole family (including me) joined her for Sabbath School. Proud Papa was looking on.

DS1 Observing the Sabbath School

During the program, her favorite teacher had a birthday celebration for her closing it with a prayer beside the tower showing she was six years old now.

Praying for the Birthday Girl

Back at home, we had the celebration with cake, balloons and PRESENTS!

Opening Presents

Her other grandmother had crafted a Teddy bear just for her.

A Teddy Bear!

Her mom cut the cake and I made sure I had my share.

Mommy Cuts the Cake

She loved playing with the birthday balloons.

A Birthday Balloon

That evening, we both changed our clothes and were relaxing when Daddy snapped our picture. I was wearing one of the birthday bows along with part of my supper.

The Birthday Girl and Granny Sue

Sunday, I gathered up all my things and packed the car. It was time to get on the road so I could go home and back to work. First, I went by to check on my pregnant daughter-in-law. Things were not going well with the pregnancy. The doctor was closely monitoring her progress. She was not to exert herself. Neither one of them wanted pictures taken so I complied. I could understand. They both looked pretty rough from the stress and strain.

Leaving them was hard but I had miles to go before I could sleep. Would she be able to carry this baby to term?

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