My Week: Do I Have to Remember?

Another one of those “didn’t do a daily update” week. I can’t say I didn’t have time. True, I should have been doing other things if I didn’t do it but I didn’t do it and I didn’t do other things, either. Generally worthless was what I was. Is that anything new? I don’t think so.

Right now, I have a cat on my lap and my legs are getting tired. I had to change position but she’s still there. She’ll probably get tired of my trying to reach over her to get to the keyboard and leave soon. In the meantime, she’s keeping my lap warm. Today, that’s welcome. Yesterday at this time, I had the a/c on. Today, it’s 62 degrees in the valley and I can’t see the thermometer to know what it is outside from here. Quite a switch.

Sunday, I went to an early Mother’s Day celebration put on by the Women’s Ministries from the church. It was at my sometimes raw friend’s house (I don’t know if she’s maintained raw or not) and she had fixed several raw dishes. One was raw pancakes, there was fruit salad and guacamole. I tried to maintain sequential eating with the fruit salad so I could avoid bad combinations but I gave up and just ate it. The pancakes were mostly flax seed and, since I don’t eat stuff like that normally, it didn’t set too well on my stomach. I ate a few bites and shared some with another lady. The guacamole was about gone when I got there so I didn’t get much of it. It was good but I didn’t need it after the pancake. I did have a couple of bites.

We’d played “I need a compliment” and all the people in the hot seat were the ones who were under 25. Later, two of the under-25s washed our feet with foot scrub and gave us each a foot massage. We put prayer requests in a box which was later burned. It was a nice get-together.

Burning the Box

After stopping by the house, I did my regular run to Wally World. My produce friend was there but he couldn’t do me any good with romaine. I got the three packages of organic that were left. There was one package of conventional that was only too bad to even consider buying. He directed me to Bi-Lo where he said his girlfriend was working. She was, according to him, working at the register on the self-check line. I finished my shopping after he gave me his email address so I could send him the link to my blog post that was a lot about him.

I was shocked when I saw the person at the self check register at Bi-Lo. His girlfriend had grown quite a bit, had bushy black hair and the gender was definitely not female. I asked about her and was directed to a familiar face I’d seen in there before. She’s a beautiful woman. Very nice, too. She told one of the fellows to make sure I’d gotten what I needed but I’d already stocked up on romaine and (another) pineapple.

The produce place was my last stop. I got some plants and a quart of homegrown (!) strawberries. I had seen the sign when I first went in but I didn’t think they’d have any left. I was wrong.

Monday, it was back to work. All day, I had to tell people that, no, I hadn’t gotten everything done I wanted to. My desk was stacked with work and my email inbox was so packed I couldn’t send anything. It took me all day just to get my desk and email sorted through. There were a huge number of registrations that kept everyone hopping.

Tuesday, it wasn’t quite as busy. I was thankful for that.

Wednesday, I got a phone call from my neighbor. I’d sent her an email asking her to check the step on the north end of the deck. One of the boards had popped off and needed to be reattached. When she went to that side of the house, she spied Twinkle sitting on top of the meter box outside the bathroom window. As soon as Twinkle saw her, she jumped back inside. My neighbor lowered the window enough she couldn’t get back out and replaced the screen. I got to thinking that she must really not want to be in the house all the time so I ordered an enclosure for the deck. It came Friday. I took a picture of her in it.

Twinkle's House

I’ve rarely made videos with my camera but I decided to do that, too.

You can hear the windchimes. She was doing okay so I came into the house to get something to eat. When I went back out, I was greeted with hissing, yowls and screeching. I came back inside and got the calming spray. The neighbors to the north came down and asked, “IS THAT YOUR CAT??” Well, I guess I wouldn’t have one penned up that wasn’t but I said yes, it is. I remarked that I didn’t know how I was going to get her back in the house and said they should pray for me. They agreed they would and left me to it. I sprayed her several times before she would stop screaming. I know it couldn’t have lasted long but it seemed forever.

I sat down and looked at her until she settled down somewhat. I was waving my foot hypnotically in front of her face. If I moved at all otherwise, it was back to the same ol’ same ol’. All this time, I was trying to figure out how to get her out of there and into the house when it occurred to me there was an opening on the end. I pulled it over to the door with her lunging time after time trying to get out. As soon as I got it close enough, I unzipped the opening and she bolted inside, screeching like all the dogs in the neighborhood were after her.

She cowered under different pieces of furniture for hours and would hiss whenever I walked by. Finally, she came and lay down in the floor beside me but if I looked at her, she’d glare and hiss so I largely ignored her. This evening, I opened the front door and she was peering at me and hissing again. She has eyes that seem to look straight through me. I know I’m bigger than she is but she can be intimidating.

I posted the video on Facebook and DD commented “She just has to get used to it. If you thought that was traumatic, merm took Pixel for a walk outside today on a leash.” I can only imagine…

During the week, the pastor had stopped by the hospital to visit someone. He said he’d been at the church until 11 the night before laying carpet. He warned me the bathrooms were unusable. We’d have to go to the school. This morning, I didn’t have my usual smoothie. I ate a lot of dehydrated fruit—strawberries and persimmons. My stomach hasn’t felt wonderful since.

Church was put on by a choir of senior citizens. They sing beautifully but after so long, I could do with less. I didn’t have any idea what the service was supposed to be. The one in charge came and told me he hadn’t known he was supposed to pick out a scripture and hymns. He had chosen the scripture and it referenced singing so I suggested “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” and also advised him to have the choir director close the service. Everything went okay until the end. The director had closing prayer and then nothing. No choir response and the pianist didn’t play a postlude. Everyone left in silence. I wasn’t going to pop up to the organ and try to recover. Someone needs to apprise the musicians of what’s going on.

There was the first general fellowship meal we’ve had since the renovations began. I took four Clementines and mango for my lunch and marinated cucumbers to put out on the table. The place was packed with all the choir members staying so I slipped out. When I started the car, the check engine light stayed lit. I pulled back around to the church and got out my manual to see what it meant. That’s what happened when the oxygen sensor had to be replaced to the tune of $1500. The car was still under warranty then but it isn’t any more. The manual says it might go off but if it hasn’t after three trips (of what length I don’t know) I should take it in. If it isn’t off by Monday, I’ll see if my mechanic can do anything or if I need to take it to the dealer. I’ve been praying it will go off but it didn’t on the way home.

I won the last two Wordscraper games. My opponent set up a high dollar board yesterday. She played first and got 72 points. My response was to cover two quintuple word score squares and get 1,590 points. Since then, I’ve played two 300+ point words. You never know about her, though. She’s behind at the moment but she can surprise me and pull out ahead yet.

Those are the highlights. It just turned 10 o’clock so I’ll wrap this up. Good night!

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  1. Lila May 8, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    Hope the engine light doesn’t mean major trouble!

    I enjoyed hearing the wind chimes and a few sounds from Twinkle. Hope she learns to love you again! Guess that means “trust”.

    • Tommie May 8, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

      You ‘n me both! On everything you said!

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