My Week: An Embarrassment

Surprise, surprise! Here I am, doing a daily update! It’s been a couple of weeks since this has happened. Life goes on, anyway. And this life is going to be good this week. I’m taking off work until May 3. Woohoo! I’m determined to Get Things Done. The forum members thought I would be on there more but I told them I couldn’t do what I needed to do and post a lot, too. Maybe I’ll check in now and then but I’m planning to spend the time doing other things.

I posted a lot of my activities on a Square Foot Garden update so I won’t repeat that here. My day was spent at home. I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow.

One thing I didn’t tell about—it was so warm, I donned shorts and my camisole/bra to work outside. When my neighbor saw me, he whistled. Now, doesn’t that make an old woman’s day? The result of my near nakedness was somewhat of a sunburn on my back. Not enough to get sore or blister but very pink.

I spent the early part of the day (after my devotions and my breakfast smoothie) working on the living room. I’d planned to do that yesterday but, if you read my garden post, that took up most of the day.

My car has gone past when it was supposed to be serviced (and you know it’s all its fault). The owner/mechanic set the time to do it as 11 a.m. today. I set the timer so I could take a quick shower and get to the station. His wife and I usually visit but she had gone to the doctor. There were three men just lounging around but one got up and I was directed to his chair. I pulled out my netbook and one of them said, “They just get littler and littler, don’t they?” He went on to say he wouldn’t know how to turn one on. I didn’t offer to teach him.

It took a little longer since the owner had to keep stopping to answer the phone and take care of customers but I busied myself computing. There wasn’t a signal close but I don’t have to be online to amuse myself.

When the oil change was complete, I paid my bill and left. I stopped by the house long enough to go to the bathroom and went on to town.

Wally World was the interim destination. One of my favorite produce guys was working. It was the first time in weeks I’d seen him and he was a sight for sore eyes. He caught me up on the happenings. Produce guy #3 was fired the same day another I didn’t know quit. That leaves two that, I understood, swap shifts. He works something like 5a to 2p one week and then afternoons the next. He’s getting tired of being tired. Going back to school for his B.A. is very tempting. He has an associate’s in accounting but he said all the companies want someone with four years. I’d be sorry to see him go. He’s always very helpful. I can see why he would rather do something besides work in produce, though.

I finished up my shopping there and went to Lowe’s. I’d been looking for a cherry tomato plant for the Topsy Turvy and they had some really nice ones. I got a set of wind chimes, too, which is going back because it’s damaged. My neighbor said she’d swap it for me and check the new one to make sure it’s okay.

From there it was on to the produce place. I got some basil and parsley plants plus some bananas. I’d looked around and didn’t see any bougainvilleas. Then here came one of the ladies asking if I still wanted one the same color as the other one I’d gotten last week. Of course! She brought it out. It was a sad sight. Being inside so no one would get it made it drop most of its blossoms. It was still the same price. I knew sunshine and water would bring it back to normal so I took it anyway.

DD had called yesterday. I’d emailed her that I’d call her today so I did. She said the weather hadn’t been good for gardening there, either.

The house has been largely ignored today. I’ll have to do better tomorrow.

I’ve about decided I have AADHD. I haven’t been able to concentrate on one room long enough to get it done. I can’t even concentrate on it long enough to put a good dent in it. I think I’m so used to being at work that being at home is so unfamiliar I don’t know what to do.

There was every excuse to keep from working on the house. I repotted the lemon trees and got the Topsy Turvy planted. I looked around for more to do outside but it rained off and on so it really wasn’t decent weather plus it was very cool.

Topsy Turvy Cherry Tomato Plant

I got an email from my neighbor saying she’d gotten the wind chimes for me. They wouldn’t swap them. The amount had to go back on my card then she had to pay for it with her card. I PayPal’ed the money to her. She mentioned it was supposed to get cold enough to frost tonight so I carried in the bougies and herbs. The lemon trees and plant starter kit were already inside. She offered a sheet to go over the TT but I had one so I shrouded it.

Shrouded Topsy Turvy

Another day of not doing enough. I wore the timer and worked in 15 minute increments. The day was sunny and nice but very cool. It isn’t supposed to get as cold tonight so everything but the lemon trees and the seedlings are outside.

I got to bed much later than planned last night and overslept this morning. My neighbor had remarked the other day that I could sleep in while I’m off. I decidedly told her that I would be getting up at my usual time. HA! I haven’t except for one day.

And now for a really embarrassing thing. I was going through some old mail and found an unopened Christmas card from 2008. It was from some former church members and there was a check for $14 in it. I used to charge their OneSuite account periodically and they’d sent $10 for that and another $4 for me. That made me feel terrible. I hadn’t talked to them for a long time so I sat down, called and confessed. Neither one of them is much for talking on the phone (I can relate) so our conversation lasted for less than 10 minutes. They told me to cash the check and keep the money but I told them no, I wouldn’t. I’ll mark it VOID and keep it as a reminder not to lay things that matter aside.

This week is going by much too fast. I want it to slow down and last longer.

Another cool day and not much to report. I saw a hummingbird! That’s newsworthy, right?

I was going out to the garden this afternoon to get some onions for my salad when I spied some wrapped in a paper towel and stuffed into the cup holder on the camp chair I put out on the deck. My neighbor had brought me some from her garden she has at another house. I had a couple of them and saved the other for tomorrow. I love spring!!

Today was much warmer. Shorts weather again. I did some laundry in anticipation of going back to WORK Monday. Oh, well. Somebody has to make a living and Twinkle just mostly eats, sleeps and poops.

I was outside when my neighbor came around the house. She said, “No wonder you can’t get nuttin’ done! You’re outside every time I see you!” Yeah, and I’d be out there a lot more if the weather would cooperate. While we were talking, she said, “There’s a hummingbird at the feeder.” I turned around very slowly and saw it just before it darted away. They’re fast little fellers.

A carpenter bee is busily at work trying to make a nest in the wood above the front door. I showed it to my neighbor and she said it would have to be stopped.

Carpenter Bee

I made another batch of marinated cucumbers this morning and posted a picture of them on Facebook. They are soooo good! I put the recipe on the forum, too.

Marinated Cucumbers

Saturday night
I’m actually writing this on Sunday because the server went down last night and I couldn’t get into my admin to update. So here goes.

On the way down the mountain, I saw where last week’s tree had crimped the guardrail. The remains were nowhere in sight.

We were back in the church for services. It looks a lot bigger with the dark paneling off the walls. The carpet isn’t down yet so the organ sounded much louder than it does when there’s something on the floor to soak it up.

The pastor was in fine form and had a good sermon. He told on himself. He was supposed to have a sermon at one of his other churches (he has three). He had the alarm set on his cell phone and when it went off, he answered it. Since no one was there, he figured they’d call back if it were important and went back to sleep. Then, when he DID wake up, he got ready to go and didn’t have the keys to his vehicle. His wife had them. There was more to it but I don’t remember what it was. Anyway, it tied into the subject (Rest) very well.

After church, one of the ladies was talking to me about raw food and said she didn’t think she could sit down and eat six bananas. I told her I didn’t usually do that. She seemed surprised. I only do that if I’m where I can’t fix something else and bananas are easy to transport.

Coming home, I slowed down and let the only vehicle anywhere around pass me. I got my camera out and when I came around the curve, I stopped and took a quick picture of the guardrail.

Tree Damage

It’s more impressive going the other direction but there’s no way I could take a picture from that angle unless I did it through the windshield.

I spent the afternoon eating and watching an online program about earthquakes off and on. I would have liked to have gotten outside but it was (surprise!!) raining again. Later on in the evening, we had some really hard rain—hard enough for me to hear it inside. There were tornado warnings out for the area and a funnel cloud was sighted on the other side of the valley.

The Wordscraper games proceed. We kind of take turns winning.

When I couldn’t get into my blog after trying for most of an hour, I went to bed. What I did today will have to wait until later.

4 Responses to My Week: An Embarrassment

  1. Ivy May 5, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    I really like your blog – you are a great writer and it’s fun to hear about your adventures

  2. ZXT June 8, 2010 at 4:16 am #

    Did you mean Onesuite as the Onesuite long distance service? Geez I wonder what those old folks think happened when suddenly they can not call anymore because they don’t have credits left.

    Anyways, I like your pics and the guard rail seems like saved more than a couple of lives already. I have to tell you one thing though, this blog entry is too long. Maybe you can break it into 2 or 3 parts next time. People seem not to read it all if its too long.

    • Tommie June 8, 2010 at 7:18 am #

      Yes, Onesuite long distance service. I felt really bad about it.

      The guardrail was smashed by a falling tree. Didn’t save the tree. It got cut up and disposed of.

      The post you read is a weekly post about what happened to me and what I did for seven days. Since I only post it on Saturday nights, it’s kind of hard to split it up. That post is mostly for family and personal friends—kind of a letter (or epistle). Those folks read it. They also tend to check up on me if it isn’t there timely.

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