My Square Foot Garden: And Then Some

The best laid plans… Today was going to be Get the Living Room Squared Away Day. Ha! Didn’t get done. What did was lots of work outside—hanging out laundry and working on the garden plus plus. I have an idea I’m going to be sore tomorrow. It should be a good kind of sore since it will be the result of Accomplishment.

After I got the laundry on the line, I started in on planting more onions. I kind of overdid it when I bought the sets. There are ‘way more than I really need but I’ll share with my neighbors. (I pulled four this evening, shared two and ate mine—whew! HOT!!) (I think I should have planted them as soon as the ground thawed.) The weather we’ve had makes for hot onions and bitter lettuce. I haven’t tried the romaine yet so I can’t really say for sure it’s bitter.

Onions, Romaine and Arugula

Where I pulled a couple of the onions, I transplanted two of my arugula plants. That’s where the dirt is wet.

I’d stored the soaker hoses inside over the winter. I hauled them out and found that one had broken in two. My neighbor got some tape and put it back together. He said it would leak at that spot but it leaks all over so that’s okay.

Last fall, I got some coir bricks and kept them for the spring. After I put the soaker hose in the box, I started soaking the coir. It took me working on it throughout the day to get it all soaked and spread on the empty (I thought) box. My neighbor has put some potatoes in the end of it, too.

The "Empty" Box with a Layer of Coir

Here’s the potato plant that was barely showing up last week.

One Potato...

My neighbor of the female gender got the pump out and made sure it was working. When we hit a dry spell, it will be all ready.

Her husband came over and put up the hooks for the Topsy Turvy (a big beefy one) and smaller ones for the hummingbird feeders and wind chimes. And here is the first picture of the deck, all decked out! The next project is getting some furniture for it.

The Deck All Decked Out

If you want to get a better look, click on the picture, then All Sizes and choose a larger one.

The big black thing in front is my composter. I’m going to spread what little compost that will be ready on the garden that still has to be tilled.

Not much has been done but it’s a start. There’s lots more to do. My Square Foot Garden 2010.

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  1. Lila April 25, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    Tommie, that’s a beautiful deck. I hope you have time to enjoy it.

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