My Week: Up for Grabs

Saturday night
I did it again. This time, I assure you my update will be short and sweet. I didn’t write anything up until now and it’s getting late. I don’t want to be up until all hours so what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Sunday, I did my usual routine. I was getting ready to walk out the door to restock the pantry when I saw a voice mail from DD. There was no time right then to call her back so I went on and did my shopping. First, I went to the produce place and got my oranges. On the way in, I saw this beautiful bougainvillea and grabbed it. It was the only one that color so they are going to try to get me another one for the next time I go in. I used to have a bright pink one that was so perfect people thought it was silk.


I took the picture tonight. I forgot to do it when it was daylight.

You can see the double daisy better in this one. It was taken tonight as well.

Double Daisy

My neighbor predicted I’d have the deck loaded with plants by now but I’m taking my time and being picky. Besides, they can cost a bundle and I don’t have a bundle.

Wally World had Ataulfo mangos and I got 20! They were 77¢ each. The cashier was surprised when they rang up as mangoes and I was surprised when they rang up at 88¢ each. She corrected the price. I try to watch things like that. If I hadn’t caught it, I would have been out $2.

By the time I got home, unloaded, put things away, ate and did a few things that had to be done, it was 10 o’clock so I made an appointment to call DD on Monday, which I did.

We had a good visit and she told me all about their garden. They have lots more planted than I do. I’m still at onions, romaine and arugula. Oh, I did plant a jicama that has been sprouting for ages. And later in the week I got my seed starting kit planted. It was quite a project. Hopefully, I’ll have some green show soon. Tomatoes, cucumbers, arugula (can’t have too much), basil, dill, I can’t remember what else. There are 72 little dirt-holders. And let me tell you, if one of those little plugs gets sideways in one of them as you’re pouring the water, it’s a pain to get it back upright. It expands in seconds and grows to several times its original size. Talk about tight!

I started griping about work and she informed me I wasn’t supposed to think about it when I’m not at the hospital. That’s a nice concept but hard to follow. I’m trying to train the area doctors to put enough documentation on an order to keep Medicare from taking the payment back. A day or two later, I tangled with one of the doctors who wanted to know WHO made those rules. I told him Medicare did. There wasn’t much he could say then. Believe me, if the staff and I had our way, people could come in and get anything done, no questions asked but we are at the mercy of so many people. We’re between the doctors and the Mother Ship and the MS makes us tow the line where Medicare is concerned. Which is as it should be. We don’t want fraud and/or abuse tacked onto the hospital name.

One of the men came in to tell me he’s planted a fuyu and it’s doing well. He hopes it will cross with the wild persimmons which are very hardy. If it does, I hope it will still have true fuyus. He said maybe he could sell some and I raised my hand that I’d buy.

We’ve had some rainy days this week. Someone saw me when I was out taking this picture. I had pulled off by the Farmers Co-op. I’ve been meaning to go in and get some sweet onion sets and I was right there and didn’t do it.


Thursday, I went by the Pig and got a gift card for a couple for the girls and me to give first time parents at their baby shower. I’ve told the girls I want to have a really big shower with lots of presents when I have my next child. They feel like they’re pretty safe. Friday, everyone but one registrar had gone home so I was nominated to represent all of us. The father was passing out punch (green Hawaiian) but I told him thanks, I was trying to quit. He told me they could grind something up for me. I left before all the presents were opened so I could hold the fort if the ER called.

It’s been raining off and on all day today and sometimes it’s really been coming down hard. Where the deck roof comes up next to the house, there’s a small leak. Yesterday, I opened the front door to take the compost out and was surprised to see my neighbor standing there. I asked him if he’d knocked but he said no, that his wife was on the roof. I looked up and, sure enough, there she was trying to seal the gap. She’d hoped it would do the trick but it didn’t. It’s better than it was but that won’t be enough to satisfy her. Seems there would be some kind of flashing that would work. However, I’m not up on all this.

When I got to the school for church (hopefully we’ll be back in the sanctuary next week), one of the ladies was playing the piano. She does the best she can but, bless her heart, all the notes are quarter notes. She came and asked me why I wasn’t playing and I told her I’d offered before but she’d turned me down. She went back to it. I think she enjoys it and far be it from me to keep her from it. “In Times Like These” was the closing song. She came over again and pleadingly asked if I would play it because she didn’t think she could. I agreed so, for the first time in years, I played the piano.

Coming home was an adventure in itself. I guess I lied about the length of this because here it is, getting longer and longer. But I have to tell about this. During church, there had been some real gully washers and the wind was blowing hard. When I went to the car, I had to skirt water and the pianist had to wade. Going toward the mountain, the car was getting knocked all over the place. There’s still a tornado watch until 3 tomorrow morning.

I was doing fine until I got to the first big curve and I had to make a sudden stop to keep from hitting a car that was stopped in the road. There were a couple of vehicles ahead of it. I looked on up ahead and a big tree was across the road with a sheriff’s car, lights blazing, keeping anyone from going farther. There have been lots of times I’ve come along after a downed tree has been cleared but this is the first one I’ve seen blocking the way.

Well, I settled down to wait. I turned off the engine and was listening to the radio when a woman from a truck ‘way behind me walked past and went to talk to the officer that was with the car. It started raining again before she got back to the rest of us but she doggedly updated everyone at each car. When she got to me, I rolled the window down and said, “You are a brave woman.” She grinned and told me it would be at least an hour before the tree was dispatched. She said it was HUGE. She wanted to know if I were going to the mountain or was I headed to the other side. I said I was going up the mountain. Asking if I knew a different way, I asked her if she meant Pitt’s Gap and she said yes. Well she misunderstood me, I later found out.

I had been up Pitt’s Gap one time and it’s pretty hairy. I wasn’t sure I could find my way again so she told me to watch for that “big black Dodge truck” and I could follow them over the mountain. Some of the others from the church were supposed to follow me and we were to meet at McDonald’s.

Turning around, I went back toward town. By that time it was some 25 minutes since I’d left the church. Normally, I can make it home in 15-20 minutes easy. I’d lost the others so I pulled off to wait for them to come by. A black pickup and a white car came barreling along so I took out after them. They’d gotten a head start and I ended up getting so far behind I lost sight of them. I decided my best bet would be to go to McDonald’s and wait.

I was sitting at the exit when I saw the “big black Dodge truck” circle and come up beside me. The man driving waved at me and here we went. We were going the opposite direction from Pitt’s Gap but I figured they knew better than I did. I knew I was in good hands because I recognized them as being part of a large family on the mountain and they are familiar with all the highways and hedges.

We got partway up the next mountain and turned off on a different road ending in “Gap”. I was relieved that it was a better road than the other one. I found that was premature. It kept getting narrower and narrower and there was curve after curve. I don’t usually like these huge vehicles but I was glad it was clearing the way for me.

THEN the road turned into dirt. It had gravel but not much. We were going up steep inclines and around sharper curves. At one point, we met a Jeep and it respectfully pulled aside to let us by. If it had been just me in my little Honda, it might not have. Providentially, that was the one place on that stretch that was wide enough to allow two vehicles to pass. There were dropoffs with no guardrails anywhere in sight. Small branches of trees were peppering the road in front of us. I was praying as I drove.

By and by, we got back on pavement. The road wasn’t much wider. Then we got to a place where the truck pulled off. I drove up beside it and the woman got out. She came over and said she hoped I was okay. I assured her I was but told her I hoped they had intended to come that way, anyway, and didn’t do it just for me. She indicated no, that they needed to get home, too. The driver wanted to stop at the little store there and she asked if I could make it the rest of the way to the highway on my own. All I had to do was take a right and follow it to the main road. I figured I could do that. Going back to the truck, she stopped long enough to say, “You did good. I was watching you. But I told the others, ‘Oh, my God! I’ll bet she wonders where we’re taking her!'” And I had. I gave her my hearty thanks for letting me follow them.

She cautioned me that the road between there and the highway was curvy. I’d known of many wrecks, some of them fatal, from people driving on it when it was wet. I took it easy on the curves and saw lots of countryside I’d never seen before. I did see the most beautiful wisteria in full bloom and I thanked the Lord for it.

It couldn’t have been very many miles from where I left them but it seemed to take forever. I pulled up to the house with great relief and a full bladder. All told, it was a little over an hour and a half after I left the church that I got here.

When I was eating my salad this evening, I glanced up at the window. There was a brassy glow that reminded me of what I saw when I lived in Birmingham. That kind of sky immediately preceded a tornado. I grabbed my camera and went outside. The color isn’t exactly true on this but it’s close.

Strange Glow

I bought 10 lubs of sugar when I was shopping last Sunday. It made me feel kind of weird and obvious wheeling that around in my cart but no one paid any attention. I have one set of wind chimes and the hummingbird feeders and will hang them as soon as the hooks are put up. My neighbor put one up for the Tiki hut yesterday.

My Tiki Hut

It’s on a cup hook. I’m wondering if that will be big enough to support my Topsy Turvy. I don’t want it to come crashing down. With the dirt in it, it will be pretty heavy. Especially when it gets full of tomatoes. I have faith…

The Wordscraper games have gotten pretty crazy. I’m ahead by one game but the current one is a shoo-in for my opponent.

It’s taken far too long to relate all of this so here’s where I let you (and me) rest.

5 Responses to My Week: Up for Grabs

  1. Lila April 25, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    Tommie, I wonder if you wished you had waited for the tree to be removed. Maybe you’d have been home just as soon, do you suppose?

    • Tommie April 25, 2010 at 9:58 am #

      I might have been home just as soon but it wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting. No, I’m glad it worked out the way it did. I don’t spend a whole lot of time wishing things were different. I do wish I could wiggle my nose and clean up the house in a flash!

  2. Mary Jane April 25, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    What an adventure! Glad you made it home ok.

    What in the world is a fuyu??

    • Tommie April 25, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

      I wuz glad, too. It certainly made for some memories!

      This is the first time since the house in Alabama that I’ve had a place to hang plants. You could have a gazebo put up in the back yard and hang them there! After you get your water problem taken care of…

      Here are fuyus with some wild persimmons:

      Nosy fuyu talking about those wild persimmons

      I like fuyus better than the Hachiya persimmons. They can be eaten at any stage but I prefer them just a little soft.

  3. Mary Jane April 25, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    P.S. Your flowers are beautiful–I don’t have anywhere to hang baskets.

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