My Week: Redbuds, Forsythia and Dogwood—oh my!

Spring has hit in force. It’s amazing. The redbuds are coming out, forsythia is blooming and the dogwoods are just beginning to show some color. Beautiful! This has to be my favorite time of year. There isn’t that much that is different to eat but I can wait on the good fruit. I have a feast for the eyes and that’s great.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I celebrated by doing laundry and then hauling dirt to the upper Square Foot box. You can read about that here. I worked in the house, too, and got quite a bit done. It’s nice to have a day at home for a change.

There isn’t much news except I’ll probably be sore tomorrow.

Surprisingly, I’m not that sore. I figured I would be but I’m not. A twinge here and there but nothing I can’t handle.

Work was intense today. LOTS of registrations. It will be interesting to get the report in the morning. There were 48 already by mid-morning and only two registrars. One of them was fuming because I’d had to shift another one to Friday so there wouldn’t be a lone registrar then. Well, she’s going to have the rest of the week off. She said I should have shifted the Friday one from Thursday to Monday. Then Thursday would have one registrar. I have to go to the urologist Wednesday and that’s the only day it will be fully staffed. I told her next time, she can do the schedule. NO!! No one wants to make it out but when I do the best I can, people fuss.

As soon as I could get out at my regular leaving time, I headed for the other side of the mountain to get groceries. Wally World had four packages of romaine in the salad section and only one was decent. I couldn’t find anyone in produce so I went to the deli and asked for help. The fellow told me he’d do his best and he did. He took the three yucky packages to the back and brought me a good one. He asked it that were okay and I said yes but I needed five more. He got me five more. Woohoo!

I was running short of time and needed to get to the produce place before it closed. I’d have to do my business there and go back to WW. Lo and behold! they hadn’t saved me a box of oranges and I had to wait while the man got what was in the bin plus he had to open several small bags to fill it up. Next time, I’m going to make sure my name is on the box with a big SOLD beside it. I also got a half box of tomatoes but I don’t think they are the same as I bought last week. These are very firm. Kinda like the variety that ships well but has little flavor. We’ll see.

Then it was back to WW. No large packages of wild blueberres. I bought four small ones (domestic) which cost a lot more. I’ve been getting into marinated cucumbers with onion so I stocked up on them.

Tomorrow is The Day for me to go to the urologist. I don’t wanna! I’ll be truthful with him but if he wants me to have something more done than dilation, I’m sorry. Not doin’ it. Well, if he suggested it, I might agree to have my bladder stretched but that’s as far as I would go.

Well, I’m sore today! It was sneaky. I thought I got a reprieve but no! It’s like I’m an old lady when I get up and start walking.

When I checked the registration report this morning, we beat our all time record yesterday. The girls did themselves proud. It wouldn’t have been as impressive if there had been three people registering. I did do some but when I was going to do another, one of them (the one who had complained about the way I’d set up the schedule) grabbed the order and said she’d do it. Then, there was a problem with it and the poor patient had to patiently wait until a corrected one came from the doctor’s office.

My neighbor had some news for me. Gravel has gone up (but hasn’t everything else, too?) but I’m going to have to have it unless I park on their side forever. I was going to show her how I want it placed/poured/spread/whatever, but it was dark so I didn’t.

We were standing in the kitchen talking while her husband was fixing some eggs for their supper. He was shaking the pan to keep them from sticking and I figured he’d get a spatula and turn them soon. He never did. As soon as the whites were set, he gave the pan a flip and they went up and over and lightly back where they were before without even breaking the yolks. I just stood there, dumbfounded. I’d seen Bobby and Mario do that but I’d never seen it in person. I forgot to tell them I had to go for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow and had to email them.

It has been SO HOT this week. I’ve been tempted to turn on the a/c in the house and finally did in the car. The Bradford pears are already shedding their blossoms. This has got to be the shortest spring for them on record.

There was a full staff (though their hours are still trimmed) but I never did get out to walk. It’s the only day this week there will be three people in the office. I missed my chance. Besides, I had to leave early so I could pay $50 for a brief consultation. You can read about that here.

My neighbor has finished filling the boxes with dirt and is going to till the raised bed. I don’t have time to plant when I come home in the afternoon and I won’t have Sunday to do it this time, either. I can’t win for losing.

I woke to the sound of rain. I can hear it with the windows open. It’s noticebly cooler, too. There was some thunder off in the distance.

The adapter for my memory card has never shown up so I ordered one from Amazon that I can just stick in my computer. It came today. Then I happened to think I can use the cable that came with my camera to get the ones off the other card. Now I have two good-sized cards! Here are the pictures I had intended to post last week.

The sun makes stripes on the grid when it shines through the polycarbonate.

Sun Stripes

This would be much prettier “frontllighted” instead of backlighted.

Tulip Poplar

Looking the other direction…

Springing Trees

This afternoon, it got downright cold. There’s a frost warning out for tomorrow night. I’ll have to remember to bring in my gerbera daisy. I read that deadheading them will prolong the life of the plant so I took off all the blooms that were past their prime. I wish they were perrenials and I could plant them outside. Then they could come up year after year.

My taxes are DONE! I hate to do them and put them off until almost the last minute every year. I don’t know why. When I have everything together, it doesn’t take me long to plug the numbers into TaxAct and it does all the calculations for me. I didn’t know until tonight that I could deduct my Part B premiums. I don’t have those this year but I did last. I put that number in but it wasn’t enough since that was my only medical expense. And I do hope that when I do sign back up, it will still be my only medical expense except for a copay here and there.

My friend and I are involved in the umpteenth game of Wordscraper. It’s with the same board setup and she started first this time. I finally caught up with her today only to have her pass me by. But you wait! I have a word up my sleeve that will put me back in the lead.

I was supposed to get ready and go to DS1’s this afternoon but there was no way I could do it and arrive at a reasonable hour. My granddaughter has a part in the church service where she goes to school so I’ll go in the morning. I surely don’t want to miss that. When I told the pianist I would be gone on Sabbath, she said it was her husband’s birthday and they’d be going to their daughter’s home to celebrate. I don’t know if there will be someone to take care of the music or not but it isn’t up to me, anyway, until we get back into the church.

My marinated cucumbers are in the fridge waiting to go when I finally get out of here. I had some already but it’s so quick and easy to fix them, I made a fresh batch. I figure people will like them well enough to clean them up.

Well, folks! This is where I want to wish you a happy Sabbath. I’m going to bed.

Saturday night
I didn’t get up when the alarm went off but it wasn’t too long after. I juned around and got things loaded. It was 9:30 when I backed out of what will soon be the driveway.

Since I knew where I was going this time, I got to the church just under an hour from the time I left until I parked. DS1 and family were right inside the door. I was pretty proud of myself. I’d made it all that way after drinking my usual 16 ozzies of water and then a quart of green smoothie without having to stop. I was brought down a notch or two by the fact I went as soon as I got there, then had to go out during the children’s story (it was read by some of the older church school girls—at our church, the church school girls TELL the children’s story) and then again when I left.

Oh, my granddaughter had the call to worship and she did it so well. She was very poised and looked beautiful (of course). Then she sang with a group of three other girls and all the little kids from the school.

The last I’d heard was that we were going to get together for a potluck at my niece’s house so we were both surprised when I went up and knocked on the door. The plans had changed and it had turned into a picnic. It was a nice day for it. Beautiful! Gorgeous! I borrowed a spoon for the cucumbers and a knife so I could slice tomatoes. She suggested I change my clothes so I went in the bathroom and was in the process of doing that when my phone rang. It surprised me because I didn’t realize it was on. It’s a wonder it didn’t go to voice mail because it rang several times before I could get it out of my purse. It was DS1, demanding to know where I was.

It’s just as well I did go to the wrong place because I would have gone to the wrong place for sure otherwise. I followed my niece to the picnic table and I’d never been there via car. We’d always been walking when we’d go by that spot.

The food was taken to the table of choice and spread out. Had I known it was a picnic, I could have taken my camp chair but I occupied a place at the table while most of the others sat in chairs or lounged on blankets. There were seven adults and a assortment of kids of all ages from probably four years old on up to teenagers. The meal was the usual Seventh-day Adventist fast food—haystacks. I didn’t like them when I was eating cooked. I’d throw the contents into a bowl with some Vegenaise and call it taco salad. There was no avocado in sight or I might have indulged in some of it. I put my cucumbers out and sliced up three tomatoes.

I drank my green smoothie (the second one of the day) and one of the mothers commented on it and said it’s good for me. I told her I wished I could convince DS1. No one but my niece and I were eating the cucumbers and only one person besides me ate the tomatoes. My niece really liked the cukes and urged other people to try them but no one would. Finally, the woman sitting close to me gingerly got a piece and ate it after she found out there was agave nectar mixed in. She said they were good but she didn’t eat any more. (My sister emailed me that people thought I had taken them for my lunch. Well, I did and for everyone else, too. They thought I was going to eat two huge English cucumbers by myself??)

The table was in full sun so I’m sure I got quite a bit but when we got back to the house, DS1 and my DIL went in to take a nap and I went out on the deck with my OJ/mixed fruit smoothie. It was so nice and sunny, I took off my shirt and sat there in my camisole. (I’d heard DS1 comment earlier to someone at the picnic that he had kryptonite and wondered what on earth but it turned out he had a trip tonight and needed to sleep. Oh, well! In my defense, there were a lot of people talking and he was standing a good 10 feet away.) Anyway, after I got through with my smoothie, I went in and peeled some tomatoes, chunked them up in a bowl and went out and sat facing the other direction so I could get sun on my back. I may have overdone it.

The Nappers got up and we all ate supper. They had quesadillas and I had my salad. DS1 tried the cucumbers but I don’t think he liked them much because he didn’t finish them.

My granddaughter elected to go to a friend’s house to spend the night so when my DIL took DS1 to work in time for him to be there at 10 o’clock, I got out my computer and started fooling around. I couldn’t get online, which was sort of frustrating. I’d keep thinking of things I wanted to look up and I couldn’t. Oh, well. I lived.

DIL is going to take Benji for a walk so I think I’ll fly up. She got my granddaughter’s bed ready for me to sleep in. I was going to sleep on the couch but since she isn’t here, I’ll see how comfortable her other mattress is. Good night until next week!

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  1. Lila April 12, 2010 at 9:02 am #

    Tommie, the picnickers also thought the tomatoes were part of your lunch.

    • Tommie April 12, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

      If they had been, I wouldn’t have put them in the middle of the table and sent what was left with Ann. Another thing, I don’t slice my tomatoes to eat them. I chunk them up. Guess next time I’ll have to make a general announcement.

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