My Bladder and Me: The Third Office Visit

(My appointment was yesterday.) As usual, I left well before my appointment time in case there was a delay on the way. There was nothing spectacular that happened. A few slow vehicles but not enough to make me late. In fact, I got to the complex early enough that I got my netbook out and tried to get a signal in the car. I’d parked as close to the building as I could but the signal didn’t reach that far. It’s pretty weak in the waiting room and doesn’t reach, at all, to the exam rooms. I gave up and went inside.

While I signed in and made out the check for my co-pay, the receptionist warned me against going to the bathroom quite yet. Seems there was a stench I wouldn’t appreciate. I could have made use of the facilities but I sat down and got out my netbook again. I only got a few paragraphs written when I was called back.

I told the nurse I needed to stop by the bathroom. She said they needed a specimen anyway, and for me to get her one in a cup and put it behind the little door. I was actually able to stand there and write my name on the cup and do a clean catch. I was so proud of myself!

The exam room was next to the bathroom. I went in and the nurse told me I could sit in the chair. I didn’t need to disrobe. The doctor was busy with another patient so it would be a few minutes. I got out my netbook again but I had to get on Wordpad because there was no signal except on secure networks that wouldn’t give me access. I typed one paragraph and the doctor walked in.

He asked how I’d fared after my procedure and made sure I’d taken my antibiotics. I assured him I had and told him urination was very painful for a few days. Since then, there had been good days and not so good days but, all in all, I felt there had been an improvement.

Moving me to the exam table, he thumped the area over each kidney and asked if it hurt. It didn’t. Then he had my lie back and he pressed on my abdomen over the bladder area. Again no pain. A little tenderness but nothing I would call “pain”.

At that point, he allowed me to sit back down on the chair. Giving me a clean bill of health, he told me he wants to see me in six months, made me promise to call if I had any problems, shook my hand and I walked out to make my next appointment.

It took me by surprise when the receptionist said it would be in October. Six months from now is OCTOBER?? I guess so. So…in October I will be going back.

Today hasn’t been as good as yesterday was. Tomorrow may be better, may be worse. We’ll just have to wait until it gets here. Then I’ll know.

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