I woke an hour later than I should have because the time had “sprung forward” and it shouldn’t have. I’m not the boss of it all. If I were, I would put an end to this twice a year insanity when almost the whole population of the United States and much of the rest of the civilized world are jerked around. It makes no real sense to do it. It doesn’t force the sun to shine an extra hour. A myth. That’s what it is. A myth. And it’s not nice to mess with my circadian rhythm. There is the site,, that merm posted on Facebook. The writer on that site has the best proposal I’ve heard yet. Leave the folks in Eastern time (that’s me) on standard time. Leave the folks in Central time on Daylight Saving Time. Leave the folks in Mountain time on standard time and the folks in the Pacific zone on Daylight Saving Time. The result would be two time zones in the contiguous United States with a two hour difference between the two. That, to (two?) me, would be great. If you are wondering how it would work, click on this link and take a look.

So…my day got started later than I’d planned. As soon as I got up, I stripped the bed and washed the sheets along with some other things. I usually wait until late afternoon to make the bed back up but I went ahead and did it and I was glad at bedtime that I had. No scrambling to get ‘er done.

My run to town for groceries was a good one. I told about my experience at Wally World on my Sunday post. It was a rainy, nasty day all day with no sun for even a few minutes. I must say it’s nice to have the deck out there so I don’t have to balance on the steps, hold my umbrella, juggle my other stuff and lock the door at the same time. What will really be nice is when the roof is on. Then I won’t have to open my umbrella to keep the drips from the NEW roof off. I don’t know when that will be. Every day this week is supposed to be pretty nasty.

I didn’t have time to call DD. I’ll do that tomorrow night. We can’t seem to coordinate since they live where it’s three hours earlier than here. See? The two time zone idea would be ideal in our situation.

Friday, I had tracked my Dish return and it was delivered. Tonight, I got a confirmation from Dish Network. In teeny tiny letters, it said,

“Damaged Equipment Return Information:
Please be advised: If our testing department determines that the damage is the result of improper use of the equipment, the warranty will be voided and charges may be applied.”

I didn’t damage anything so I’ll be very surprised if I get a huge bill from them.

Another nasty day. This is getting to be monotonous. It doesn’t really rain a lot. It’s just cloudy, cold and yuck. I had to wear my coat for the first time in over a week.

My friend in the nursing home wasn’t feeling too well. She hadn’t slept last night and I’m here to tell you that can drain a person.

It was busy at the hospital. There’s only one day that we’ll be fully staffed and that isn’t until Thursday.

DD and I had our visit this afternoon. She’s involved with art classes and was due to go to one this evening.

Today was a red-letter day for my friend. Her son had brought her wheelchair in and she sat up in it for over an hour! A visitor wheeled her up and down the hallways and she visited the birds in the aviary. (A note about the birds—the last time I’d counted the white ones, there were 11. Today, there were three that I could see. Maybe they’ve given some away?) She showed me a couple of pictures someone had taken so I brought them home to scan. She has them posted on Facebook now. I’d put them up here but I don’t know that she wants them out there for the whole world to see (as if the whole world visits my blog). I’ll just say I’ve seen the evidence and her smile tells it all.

That was the big news for today.

We have a baby that was born and another one on the way! The other grandmother told me that her daughter is scheduled to have her little one on Friday. When I was having mine, they decided when they wanted to come out into the world. There was no scheduling then and I think it’s best to let nature take its course. However, it did make it handy for me to be able to arrange for her to be off.

She didn’t ask and I didn’t say anything, either. I’ve rearranged the schedule so part of it will be covered but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to make sure the rest will be, too. I know she thinks that she has to be here with the other granny still out but this is important.

I’ve been concerned about my neighbor. At first, I thought they might be gone somewhere but when I tried to call her cell phone, there was no answer. Later she posted on Facebook, “for Tommie and everyone else who cant seem to get me, I am so sick. going to the doc tomorrow” I called her again and found out she has been coughing until she’d throw up. I made her promise to call me if she needs anything.

I haven’t even been talking about the weather. It’s either been nasty or nastier and I’m tired of it. I’m ready for some sunshine!

The other person I had to shift the schedule for agreed and I was able to tell Grandma that she would be off tomorrow. She protested, “I wasn’t going to ask off!” I said, “It’s up to you. If you want to stay and work, fine, but I’ve made arrangements so you don’t have to.” It didn’t take but a second for her to decide to go. She’d worked half of Sunday so she didn’t even have to turn in any time to make up for it.

Since this was the only day that’s been fully staffed for, seemingly, many a moon, I went to the nursing home to help another resident with her laptop. She doesn’t have a mouse so all she has to use is the touchpad. I mentioned it to a co-worker and she said she thought she has a mouse at home she can bring her. The wireless doesn’t reach to her room so I called IT to request they extend it. I haven’t heard back yet.

Turns out my neighbor has pneumonia. She had two prescriptions and was having trouble getting one of them filled but her husband persevered and got it done. She’s always out doing something so it’s worrisome when she’s not feeling up to par.

I think I’ve won the current Wordscraper game. See what you think. I’ve taken our names off to protect the innocent.

W5 score

Here’s the graph showing our progress (I’m the green line):


And here is the completed board. She says I’m bragging, but I think I have a right to in this instance.


She’s already let me know the next board is ready. It’s the same setup. She’s taken the first turn and scored 170 points. She’s bent on wiping up the floor with me this time.

I wrote a short update on The State of My Bladder and now I’m done for today.

I’m still trailing behind. I hung it up for Sabbath with seven vowels and one consonant. A Vanna White blessing?

After all the ugly weather, it was a beautiful day. I’m so out of the habit of walking, I didn’t. I surely missed my chance. It was pretty slow, volume-wise and I could have done it if I’d bestirred myself. I was, as my mother would have said, too contrary. And downright lazy.

The fellow from IT called and said they won’t extend the wireless because it’s a separate facility from the hospital and, technically, not affiliated with the system. He advised me to talk to my boss about maybe paying for the installation and a monthly fee. I did and she said she would talk to the head of IT and see if it can’t be worked out. She said there will be more and more residents wanting to use computers. The IT person said he wouldn’t have imagined any resident would be capable of using one. Surprise!! They are intelligent people. They just have problems that put them where they are.

The church renovation doesn’t look a lot different to me than it did last Friday. Maybe that’s because I’m not looking at it with an educated eye?

I checked on my neighbor this afternoon. She’s still in bed but she was able to talk a little without coughing. I asked her if she wanted me to mention her in church tomorrow and she said it didn’t matter. I’ll take that as a yes.

My MP3 player needs to be charged. This is the second time I’ve run it down. merm predicted that I’d enjoy it and I do!

I’m going to bed soon. The way I worked out the schedule, the first person came in an hour early, I came in an hour early and the third person came in six and a half hours early. With the regular 32 hour limit, even that won’t be premium overtime. My body is still protesting that it doesn’t want this time change. I still managed to get up, get around and get to work on time.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! I was tempted to stay home but I’m glad I didn’t. I did go in when I knew song service would be over. I didn’t want to have to refuse to play the piano again.

One of my favorite people in the world had the sermon. He’s a truck driver but he’s a natural born speaker. The subject was being joyful even if we are “in the pit”. It was about Joseph and he weaved some of his own experiences in. Excellent! He’s a songwriter, too, and I’ve encouraged him to get published but he hasn’t yet.

Before I came to the house, I went over to see how the Sick One was doing. She was back in bed but her spouse said she had been up some. That’s progress. I told him to let her know we’d had prayer for her.

When I got home, I listened to Ranger BIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL while I fixed some OJ. I wanted something that would digest quickly so I could take my probiotics. Next week, I think I’ll take a capsule with me. It makes it ‘way too late for me to eat anything else.

After my juice, I went outside to see how it was. It was too too nice to be out there in a sweatshirt so I came in and changed into my Supergirl camisole. I lay on the edge of the deck that was still in the sun and soaked it up. It felt so GOOD! Then a cloud found the sun and that was that. I got a pretty good amount, though.

The rest of the day has been spent eating and watching a nature video plus I surfed Youtube some. I was planning to have a salad for supper but I put some chia seed in my tomato/mango soup and it made it so filling, I was too full for too long. I went to bed and dozed for more than half an hour. Twinkle got between my feet and proceeded to bathe herself. I’d rather it would be her making the bed move rather than a tremor. The latter isn’t an unknown in these parts, though.

I went out and got my MP3 player so it can be charged for my trip to town and back tomorrow. I failed to call and order my oranges. Maybe they’ll have a box. If they don’t, I’ll have to go back down mid-week and get them. I’d wait until Wednesday to do my shopping but I have to get my prescription for my thyroid med filled.

Here’s the latest Wordscraper game. I plan my moves. She got my chosen spot with “LEES” so I had to go to an alternate place that didn’t net me nearly as many points. I’ll have, sometimes, as many as three different tabs open with different words on each so I can go to Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work out.

W6 Plan

Here’s the graph so far. (I’m green again.)

Graph 6

I was told the other day that I could go ahead and take pictures but I’ve decided to wait until it’s done. THEN I’ll really have something to show off!

Well, that’s about it for this week. I could tell more but it wouldn’t even be interesting to me. Good night!

4 Responses to My Week: I WANT MY HOUR BACK!!!

  1. Lila March 20, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    I’m wondering why you would refuse to play the piano.

    • Tommie March 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

      As I explained on last week’s post, it takes an altogether different set of muscles and technique and I haven’t touched a piano in years, literally. I ain’t gonna practice on the congregation when one of the regular pianists is there. Today, there were two.

  2. Genese March 21, 2010 at 2:15 am #

    Red letter day indeed! The last time I sat in that wheelchair (or any chair, for that matter) was October 2006. My next goal is to build up enough stamina to sit comfortably long enough to eat my meals in the dining room with other residents and staff. You may share the photos if you wish.

    Some studies suggest that people who keep an active mind can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The internet would be an excellent tool for them. I think many of my fellow residents would benefit from computers and the internet. Several have good minds trapped in bodies that need nursing care. The “powers that be” might consider adding a computer lab to the budget in the near future.

    As for Wordscraper — may the better wordsmith win!!

    • Tommie March 21, 2010 at 8:55 am #

      I’ll share them on my next weekly post, m’dear. In case people think you are able to type easily, your comment was quite an accomplishment in itself, seeing that you have to use only your right hand. Of course, Roy Exum has several lengthy articles on the Chattanoogan several times a week and he’s a one-handed typist. But…when you can realize your goal of sitting comfortably, you can retrain your left hand,

      I agree with your assessment of the residents and the Internet. Your idea, in my estimation, is an excellent one. I don’t know how it would be accepted by the higher ups since it would take some educating of most of the population who would be interested and it would have to have an overseer. Maybe a part-time job for me when (if) I retire?

      And the gap widens! I want you to know I could have gotten 208 points with AZALEA where you got a measly 168 with AXILLA. I had to settle for 123 with AGAZE. 🙁

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