My Week: I’m a Troublemaker

Honestly, I don’t set out to be a troublemaker but it seems I’m very good at it. This post actually starts last Monday when I received another coupon for a free Earthbound Farm product. I’d gotten a newsletter from them with a link to get a coupon for 55 cents off but it didn’t work with Windows 7. The next newsletter asked for feedback so I fed back that I would like to see coupons that will actually print. I got a nice email saying if I would send back my full name and address the company would send me a coupon. I expected to get a 55 cent coupon since that’s what was on the site but, no! It was, as I’ve already said, a coupon for a free product. Now, we come to today.

After washing all my non-reactive sheets (I still haven’t heard anything from the manufacturer of the itchy sheets) and hanging them on the line, I got ready and went to buy groceries. I picked up my box of oranges, bought some bananas, walked through Bi-Lo without buying anything and went on to Wally World. When I walked in, one of my favorite cashiers spotted me and waved. I made a note of which line she was checking out and went on.

Gathering up all my stuff, I added some Earthbound Farm iceberg lettuce and some Earthbound Farm cauliflower, intending to use two of my remaining coupons. One was $1 off and the other was a free one. Hokay (to quote DS1 when he was a youngster). I made my way to register 3 and had to wait for quite some time in line.

I got up to the register and had my coupons on the respective items. The cauliflower was $3.37 and the lettuce was a dollar-something. I wanted the free one on the cauliflower and the dollar off on the lettuce. She could NOT get the cauliflower to scan so she finally rang it up as conventional which started the problem. Well, for her, it just compounded it because she thought she was supposed to go in to work at 2 and was supposed to start at 10:30. She was already rattled. When she scanned the coupons, it took the $1 off just fine but it deducted $1.88 for the free one.

We were discussing what to do to correct it. She couldn’t back the coupon out so she had me take it, my sales slip and the cauliflower to Customer Service. Talk about flummoxed! The rep at the desk didn’t know what to do. She had me pay her 96 cents to square away the cauliflower and then she refunded me $3.65 which was more than the cauliflower was to begin with. I asked her what she was going to do about the $1.88 that had already been deducted on the coupon and she had no idea. She conferred with someone else and decided to chalk that up to customer satisfaction. So…I think I came out to the good. Maybe. I’m still confused. She wanted to know who was on register 3 and I told her it was one of my favorite cashiers—that I’m willing to wait for her to check me out. She agreed that was a good thing. I just hope it doesn’t get that poor unfortunate person in trouble. After I left Customer Service, I went over and told her I stood up for her.

I pulled next to the house to unload but had to move the roofing scraps out of the way before I could. The weather is supposed to be dry until Tuesday.

DD and I had our Sunday visit. She’s taking classes two evenings a week and enjoying both of them. One is an art class and the other is ceramics. She wants to get a taste of what she used to do a lot before she decides to spend more money and go to the community college.

I wore shorts and a T-shirt to get the sheets off the line. The bed is made up and ready for occupation.

One of my neighbors took the required pieces off the Dish so I’ll get everything sent back tomorrow. I gave them a package of Camparis, a cucumber and an avocado. It will be up to him to eat the last two but she’ll do her part on the first.

I got my This Week fix. I tried Hulu for it and sure enough, there it was. They’ve done away with the Sunday Funnies, though, and that’s sad. It was one of my favorite segments.

The current Wordscraper game is going pretty slowly. The last word I played was “WINCES” and maybe that’s what my opponent is doing.

This is long enough for a post by itself. Maybe I can behave the rest of the week and not have so much to report. Don’t count on it, though.

When I left for work this morning, my neighbor was out preparing to pressure wash the house. I thought. We talked briefly and I got in the car.

At the hospital, I’d no sooner gotten in the door when I was hit with problems. Big ones. One of them isn’t solved yet and may not be when I go in tomorrow. At one point, I asked if it were snowing. Since it was in the high 60s by then, NO. I figured if it were, I could come home.

It was 4:30 before I managed to get away. I stopped by the church to see what progress had been made and it looks, to me, that it will take longer than this week and next to get everything done. The room looks smaller with all the pews out. I thought it would look bigger.

I have part of a deck!! Woohoo!! The floor is all but done. It still has to be sanded and sealed but it’s there. My neighbor had put the steps around at the side so I could get up on it without making a mighty leap. She’d also put a camp chair at one side so I could sit down so I did. She came over and was telling me about her day’s activities.

It’s well known that I have problems with plumbing in the dead of winter when the exposed pipe running to the septic tank freezes. Bless her heart, my neighbor had gotten under the house and raised the pipe so it will drain freely. The process she described to me sounded anything but pleasant and she said she’d bleached her arm after she was finished. Everything is cleaned out and let the cold weather come on! Well, not really. I’m ready for spring. Anyway, that, I guess, was what the hose was for.

Later, I let Twinkle venture onto the deck. I want to get her something that will let her have a modicum of freedom after it’s finished. She went almost to the edge but turned back when I gave her my “Aa!” sound. I don’t know what that would rhyme with unless it would be “Baa!” and that isn’t “Bah”. I didn’t want her taking a flying leap.

Speaking of words, here’s the first Wordscraper game that my nursing home friend won. The score was 917 to 706. You can tell I’m outclassed.

First Wordscraper Game

The second one veered in my favor because I scored 300 points on the first word, ENZYMES.

Second Wordscraper Game

Even though I won with 873 points to 693, I feel she would have won if it hadn’t been for the luck on the first word.

I woke about 2 this morning and haven’t been to sleep yet. I’ve been to bed but I lay there for more than an hour and never even dozed. I’m going back soon. I took a melatonin and it’s beginning to kick innnnnnnnn. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It was a couple of minutes away from being midnight when I went back to bed last night. I slept through the alarm (supprise, supprise, supprise to quote Gomer) and got up 45 minutes late.

Today wasn’t nearly as stressful as yesterday. It was busy but not as problematic except for the fact that there was an issue with labels not printing. Someone from nursing wanted to know WHAT they were to do and I told her they’d have to write the patients’ names and other info on the chart pages until they WOULD print. She wasn’t happy but I’d done everything I could. I had notified IT. When I called back to see if I could find out anything else, I found it was system-wide and not just us.

I got home to steps on one side of the deck! My neighbor emailed me later that she’d put them up so I wouldn’t have to walk so far in the rain to get to the front door and she’d even put up part of the handrail. It’s still supposed to have a finished board on top of the one that’s there. She cautioned me about splinters but I didn’t have to hold onto it.

She found the source of my hearing critters under the house. There’s a family of groundhogs that is roaming around. She’s going to fix it so they can’t get underneath again and wanted to know if she should live trap them or leave them alone. I told her to leave them alone as long as they were behaving. I’d like to see them and she said she’d let me know when they’re out there. They turned on my outside light a couple of times last night.

Oh, I won the last Wordscraper game. I had my opponent set up the board for the next one rather than use the standard layout and it’s going to be hard to get where the triple, quadruple and quintuple word scores are. I think she planned it that way. This is the standard board:

Third Wordscraper Game

Final score was 439 to 331. The standard board is a bit more like regular Scrabble.

Today was another ordinary day until I got home and found a private message on Facebook. It was from someone asking if she knew me. Well, I didn’t know. Only the first name was familiar and it’s not an uncommon name so it didn’t really give me a concrete clue. Then I reread the message a couple more times and it dawned on me who it was. I’d known her with a different last name which is what had thrown me off. I messaged back that, yes, she knew me and I knew her and it had been many a year since we’d been in touch. She and I were good friends in Alabama and she’d stood by me after DH left. When I moved away, we lost touch but I thought about her time and time again.

I was so excited about her finding me, I got on gmail and chatted with DD and let her know what had happened. She remembered her, too, but she wasn’t as bowled over as I was. That was understandable. She was just a little girl at the time.

My friend and I messaged back and forth and she sent a friend request which I promptly accepted. She had been looking at pictures and had come across some of DH, DD and me and wondered if she would be able to find me on FB and the rest is history. I’m so wired from work and from being back in touch with her after all these years I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. For insurance, I’ve taken a melatonin.

Well, shoot! I’d failed to plug my waterbed heater in yesterday morning and it was anything but warm when I crawled in. I braved the EMFs and plugged it in to warm it up through the night but it wasn’t working as fast as I would have liked. I turned on the heating pad, too, but it only warmed a small spot at a time and left the rest cold. After an hour and a half, I was chilled to the bone. I got up and started running very warm water into the tub and got in. I soaked until I was as thoroughly warm as I had been thoroughly cold and went back to bed. I still didn’t go to sleep. Along about 1:30 a.m., I dozed off and slept for a little over an hour, waking again at 3. I lay there resting and praying for a couple of hours and then dozed off and on until it was time to get up.

Honestly, I felt so awful that I would have given a lot just to be able to stay home and forget about work. With one person out, I didn’t feel I could leave the other two without backup so I dragged around and got ready. I emailed that I was brain dead and would be in but it would be late. It was about an hour past starting time that I walked in the door.

I put out some fires and manned the fort until the girls had their lunch and, at the insistence of one of them, I came on home. I didn’t pass Go or collect $200. I got undressed and went to bed. Four hours later, I got up (I’d been up now and then for potty breaks but went back to sleep) and had my lunch smoothie for supper. I felt partially restored.

I’ve played my turn on Wordscraper and posted and update on Facebook that got my sister curious. She replied via email rather that to my status. Guess she still doesn’t quite have the hang of communicating on FB. I told her she’d have to wait until Saturday night to find out the answer because I was in the process of blogging and couldn’t go into it tonight.

You might think I wouldn’t be sleepy after a four hour nap but I am. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble tonight. My friend and I have been keeping the private message avenue hot. It’s so nice to catch up! She and I went through a lot of good times, bad times, happy times and sad times together. She knows more about me than most people do and she still calls me her friend. Amazing!

What a difference a good night’s sleep makes! When one of the girls asked me about how I felt today, I told her I felt 1000% better and I wasn’t joking.

I was the bank/post office person today and don’t you know, it was raining cats and dogs. Hitting it just right, though, I didn’t even have to use my umbrella. I still don’t know if I can hear it on my roof.

The church renovation is moving more slowly than originally planned. I went by this afternoon and was given a verbal tour. Yes, they plan to fix the commode in the women’s bathroom so we’ll have a two-holer again. And the men didn’t realize it had been years since we’d had hot water. There’s a tiny heater under the counter that never gets turned on. I don’t even know if it still works. They’ll be putting an outlet in the floor by both the piano and organ so the cords won’t have to be stretched across the walkway. No central heat and air yet. Maybe at a future date. However, they ARE getting rid of the noisy a/c’s and replacing them with a larger unit that will be up high. I wish the money that’s being spent on that old building was being put on a new one but I was outvoted. I’m sure it will look a lot better inside after the work is completed. I’ll leave it at that.

My old (no, she isn’t OLD, but we were friends 25+ years ago) friend emailed me three pictures she’d found and promised to send more when she finds them. We had all flown down to Panama Beach with DH as the pilot and DD the flight attendant. This is when we were relaxing on the beach. DH had on his signature Ray-bans. Once, he had stuck his head out the window when he was in flight and watched a pair as it fell toward the ground. They weren’t cheap but they were replaceable.

DH and Yours Truly

DD and my friend’s son were playing in the surf. Can you tell they’re having fun?

DD and Friend

My friend’s son and I went on the paddle boat. While we were out there, we saw a jellyfish. That was amazing. It was beautiful!

Friend and Me

I’ve started watching a National Geographic program on Science and the Bible regarding the birth of Jesus. I won’t include the link because it will be taken down by the time I publish this. They are trying to explain everything logically and nothing is logical about it. I may or may not finish it up tomorrow.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
I finished watching the birth of Jesus program this morning and wasn’t surprised they couldn’t come to any real conclusions. They tried to take issue with the different accounts of Matthew and Luke and say neither one could have happened but why couldn’t both?

We went to “school” instead of church today and I was pleasantly surprised. The pews were set up with enough room for everyone. We needed more hymnals but I knew most of the words to the songs anyway. The pianist asked me if I were going to play and I told her I’m not a pianist. That takes a whole different set of muscles and technique that I haven’t practiced for years. She reluctantly took her seat and did just fine. However, the piano could use some help. Since her husband is a piano/organ technician, maybe it will be fixed.

During the prayer request/praise time, the person I bought most of my tomatoes and melons from last summer said he’d gotten a job in Florida but turned it down. After much prayer, he and his family have decided to make farming a full time occupation. I could have danced in the aisle! I spoke up and said that I’ve been asked on more than one occasion what his plans were and people would be thrilled they aren’t moving.

I requested prayer for my “old” friend (she’s going through some tough times right now) and my sister who is seriously considering a cochlear implant. Prayer was by a man who is most sincere but he tends to pray long and hard. It was a long beautiful long heartfelt long prayer. Did I mention it was long? Not being tied to the organ, I’d gone forward and knelt in what is known as the Garden of Prayer. I was beside one of the deacons and the farmer’s daughter came up and knelt beside me. When the prayer was over (after what seemed like 15 minutes, all I could think of was how Ellen White counseled parents about worship, “When a long chapter is read and a long prayer offered, the service is made wearisome, and at its close a sense of relief is felt.” I know that’s about family worship but I think it could apply anywhere.)

My knees were just about numb at the end and I had knelt at the end of a pew on purpose so I could use it as leverage to get up. Before I could do anything, the deacon got on one side and the little girl on the other and heaved me up to a standing position. I appreciated their thoughtfulness but I would have preferred to do it myself. I’ll stay in the pew next time.

The pastor’s wife had the sermon and it was excellent. She could be a pastor in her own right as far as the services are concerned. I know there’s more to it than that but she’s blessed.

I was blessed to only have to go to the bathroom once between services and just to be on the safe side, I went at the end. Woohoo!! I posted it on my Facebook page but no one has commented on it. Maybe TMI?

Church lasted well past the usual time and I was really hungry when I got home. I took my probiotics and thought I waited long enough to eat but I guess I didn’t. I had a smoothie and got very sleepy. I think it’s the antibiotics sapping my energy. I lay down and went off to sleep for an hour or more. When I got up, I burped a large burp and tasted probiotics. That’s the only thing it could be. I guess I wasted that capsule.

I watched a Science and the Bible about Jesus’ tomb. It didn’t try to disprove anything like the birth one did. It was very interesting. It’s expiring, too, so sorry. No link.

Wordscraper takes a break on Sabbath and I refrain myself from pushing the Play Word button. After sundown, I did my next damage and got 76 points. My opponent is ahead by 35 points (550 to 515) and will probably end up winning. I’ll put up my best fight. Here’s the board as it currently stands.

Current Wordscraper Game

I went by to see her yesterday and informed her she messed me up. If she hadn’t played WHEW, I could have played a word that would have netted me 170 points. That hurt.

She’s been practicing sitting on the side of the bed for 30 minutes at a time. I can tell that because she posted it on Facebook. Next week, she plans to try standing. Pray she’ll be able to do it. She wants, more than anything, to go home. I’d miss seeing her from time to time but she could still come in to say hello.

I’ve been tracking the Dish equipment so I knew it arrived yesterday but I got an email today confirming it. In tiny letters, it says that, if they determine it has been damaged by improper use, I’ll have to pay for it. I know it wasn’t damaged so I hope they don’t try to hold me liable for anything.

One more thing—I haven’t had to wear a coat all week! It’s been so nice!

Well, that’s about it for this week. I may have topped myself in length. If you have made it this far, you are either brave or foolhardy.

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  1. Lila March 13, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    Very interesting week, Tommie! I must protest, however, that I really do communicate on FB; I just preferred doing it by email this time.

    If your church doesn’t have central heat, how is it heated?

    I had to laugh about the deacon and the little girl hoisting you up after prayer. No one even does that for me, as much older as I am. No wonder you felt chagrined.

    • Tommie March 13, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

      When I post something on FB, you’re welcome to comment on FB. I prefer that. Otherwise, I feel ignored.

      We have two gas wall heaters, one on each side of the sanctuary. The thermostats are operated by men wearing heavy suit coats.

      Yes, it made me feel like an auld wooman.

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